[Complete explanation] How to earn with Pegaxy’s scholarship and bleeding

In this article, we will explain how to earn money with Pegaxy’s scholarship and bleed for those who have completed the initial setup of Pegaxy.

If you haven’t done so yet, read this article.

P2E Hacks
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Basic knowledge of Pegaxy bleeding

Pegaxy bleeds involve a variety of factors.

  1. Broad cost (VIS and PGX consumption) changes with each bleed count
  2. Horses born by pedigree and breed (dominant and inferior inheritance) change
  3. Bleed cooldown time varies by breed

In order to increase profitability with Pegaxy bleeding, it is necessary to simulate profits while looking at these variables and selling bleeding horses on the marketplace or renting them out by scholarship. increase.

Let’s explain each in detail!

Bleed cost

You can bleed up to 7 times on Pegaxy, and you can bleed across generations (parents and children, children and grandchildren, etc.).

The cost of bleeding (VIS) increases with each passing.

Bleed count (BC)Use VISUse PGX
PGX is fixed no matter how many times it bleeds

Multiplying an individual with a bleed count of 0 and an individual with a bleed count of 2 will cost 2000 + 6000 = 8,000VIS and 30 * 2 = 60PGV.

If you want to find out the real-time price, you can see it in the spreadsheet created by Mr. Hull, the administrator of ” Pegaxy Japanese Community “.

Please note that the number of VIS and PGX required for bleeding is subject to change in the future.

About pedigree

Pedigree shortage comparison table

For racehorses used in Pagaxy (hereinafter referred to as Pega)

  • Zan
  • Klin
  • Campona
  • Hoz

There are four pedigrees, and the rarity of the pedigree increases in order from the top.

Hoz (dark red) is the rarest pedigree, and Zan (light pink) is the least rare pedigree.

These pedigree differences are related to different cool times (the time it takes for a pega to bleed for the first time to be able to bleed for the first time, see below).

Pegaxy bleed has a strong recessive pedigree

Looking at the table above, we can see that the less rare pedigree dominates when bleeding .

For example, if you mate a male with the most rare Hoz and a female with the third most rare Klin, the resulting pega will always be the Klin line.

If you know this, you will be able to bleed the pega of the pedigree you want.

However, just because it’s a sickle doesn’t mean it sells high, and just because it’s a sickle doesn’t mean you can buy it cheaply. How to determine the price of Pega will be described later.

About varieties

Pega is born with a lower rarity of a lower rarity parent

Pega has the concept of varieties (rareness in general games) and is divided into 5 ranks in total.

  1. Founding
  2. Legendary
  3. Epic
  4. Rare
  5. Pacer

There is a rule that “Pega is born with a lower rarity of a parent with a lower rarity”, so if you mate a male Legendary with a female Epic, a Rare pega will always be born.

Given this law,

  • The highest rare Founding cannot be created by bleeding
  • The more bleeding, the more individuals with low rarity, and the higher the rarity value of high rarity.

You will notice that.

Founding is the first 5,000 units created by the operation and is extremely rare and trades at high prices on the marketplace. (3 to 10 times the lowest price)

However, this rarity does not currently have any noticeable in-game perks such as “easier to win in the race” .

It is not known at this time what kind of benefits will be available in the future.

<Bleed key> Let’s understand the cooldown time

As mentioned earlier, Megaxy needs a cooldown from birth to the first bleed, or from bleed to the next bleed.

The cooldown time depends on the pedigree.

  • Hoz: 24 hours
  • Campona: 48 hours
  • Klin: 72 hours
  • Zan: 96 hours

Also, the pega that is born cannot be put into the race immediately, so a cooldown is required there as well, which is the same as the cool time of bleeding.

  • Hoz: 24 hours
  • Campona: 48 hours
  • Klin: 72 hours
  • Zan: 96 hours

In addition, the time from birth to the first bleed is set at 96 hours for all pedigrees .

Therefore, it is very important to rent a pega on a scholarship and run a race to earn VIS in the free time from birth to bleeding .

Specifications subject to change in the near future

* It is being considered that the time until the first race by pedigree will be reversed in the near future.

Currently, only Hoz with good turnover rate and profitability are on the market, and the management side is concerned about it and is considering updating.

This is a big one, but I want you to remove your personal interests and think of the longevity of the game.

If we don’t make a change everyone loses. If we do, there’s a rebalance that temporarily hurts a few.

Please, look at the general data and let me know your opinion ❤️ pic.twitter.com/e8XvnlbKNl — Corey Wilton ☀️ (@RealCoreyWilton) January 26, 2022

In other words, it will be like this.


Hoz will not be able to earn VIS until the race, so it seems that the aim of the operation is to make it more difficult to make a bleed plan.

About gender

The sex of the pega produced by bleed is 50% male and female.

Currently, the element that determines gender by external factors is not implemented.

The white paper also suggests the implementation of items that will affect gender in the future.

How to get 100% monthly profit using scholarship (rental)

First of all, I will explain how to earn money with Scholarship instead of bleeding.

How to find the cheapest pega

If you want to buy Pega cheaply, use the filter function of the marketplace to find it.

Select Fixed Price from the Listing type tab. (* “Auction” is an auction format and cannot be purchased immediately.)

Then go to the “Sort By” tab and go to “Price”[Low-High] “. With this, pega will be lined up in ascending order.

The lowest price on the image is 1227 $, so about 140,000 yen will be the purchase price.

Resource recovery simulation

The simulation when purchasing this horse is performed by the following procedure.

Enter your Pega ID on the https://www.pegaxy.tech/inspector/ site mentioned above.

Then you can see that the average daily earned VIS is 237.8 VIS.

At this point, 1VIS ≒ 19 yen, so you can earn an average of 19 * 237.8 = 4518.2 yen in one day.

Therefore, it can be calculated that the period until the resource repair is 140,000 ÷ 4518.2 ≒ 31 days.

However, please note that this will vary considerably depending on the price of the VIS.

VIS Claim method

It is possible to claim (deposit to MetaMask) the earned VIS once every two weeks.

On the MY PROFIT page of the MY ASEETS tab, you can see the number of days left until the earned VIS and Claim.

The button is blue when Claim is possible, and gray when it is not possible.

If you click when it is blue, VIS will be reflected in MetaMask.

Monetization of VIS / PGX into Japanese Yen

Monetization can be done by doing the opposite of what has been done so far.

  1. Swap from VIS (PGX) to USDT with Kyberswap
  2. Send USDT from Metamask to BINANCE
  3. Convert USDT to JPY in BINANCE

Precautions for scholarship in bleeding

In order to make money with Pegaxy’s bleed, a scholarship that takes advantage of the cooldown time is essential .

Pegaxy is a game that doesn’t require the skill of the current player and, in the extreme, is “just run a horse, win a prize with a probability, and earn virtual currency”.

So like Axie Infinity

  • Recruitment cost of “What kind of scalar do you hire?”
  • Education cost of “how to educate scalars”

Does not cost.

In addition, NFT (= Pega) can be sent and returned with a single click, and profits are automatically distributed at a predetermined rate, so management is very easy.

Three reward schemes for Pegaxy Scholarship

Profit sharing system (Share Profit)

In the case of a profit sharing system, profits are automatically distributed at a rate determined by the lender.

It is often rented at a rate of about 5 %〜10% .

If you look at “SHARE PROFIT” from the “RENTING” tab of the marketplace, you can see a list of the pega that is on sale.

This system is very competitive because the borrower can borrow it for free. Therefore, even if you enter at the moment of listing, the error “It is borrowed by another user” will appear and you can hardly borrow it.

On the other hand, from the lender’s point of view, it is very efficient because it is “borrowed at the moment of listing” .

However, be aware that some accounts are bots (automatically entered by the system), and some accounts are borrowed and do not actually run horses.

If you have such an account, you will lose the opportunity just to lend it.

If you’ve rented it out and haven’t raced for a couple of hours, take it back and give it to another person.

Fixed rent system (rental)

Rental is a mechanism in which the owner sets the period and reward , such as 175PGX for 2 days and 99PGX for 1 day, and rents the pega.

If you look at “PAY RENT FEE” from the “RENTING” tab of the marketplace, you can see a list of the pega that is on sale.

From the perspective of the borrower (scalar), rental is good because you can definitely borrow a pega if you pay, but from the perspective of bleeding, there is not much merit.

The reason is that it is difficult to find a borrower when renting a fixed rental = cool-down time is wasted .

Direct rental (rental to a fixed wallet)

Lending by specifying the wallet address

Direct rental is a method of renting to a specified account without going through the marketplace.

Direct rental is a feature for those who have already hired a fixed scalar or who want to offer an opportunity to a specific scalar .

LGG, which operates this site, is also looking for scalars within Discord.

We are recruiting at 21:00 every day and rent out pega by lottery from those who have entered. (May change)

Many people have adopted this as a measure to increase their engagement with the guild.

In addition, it can also be used for “when you lend with Profit Share, you want to lend it to someone who worked hard by name again”.

It has the advantage of preventing you from encountering sabotage scalars.

If you don’t need to use a fixed scalar, use “SHARE PROFIT” to rent it from the marketplace.

Steps to start a scholarship

To actually start a scholarship, the following steps are required.

Select the pega you want to rent out

Select the pega you want to rent from “MY ASSETS” on the marketplace with “MY PEGAS”.

  • Transfer: Rename
  • Sell: Sell Pega
  • Rent out to Race: Rent out a pega for a race
  • Rent out to Breed: Lend a pega for bleeding

4 tabs will be displayed, so select “Rent out to Race” here.

Select your rental method and rate

Pega rentals include “Pay rent fee” and “Share profit”.

  • “Pay rent fee” is a fixed rent system
  • “Share profit” is a profit sharing system

If you don’t have a fixed scalar, we recommend this because “Share profit” doesn’t have to look for a scalar.

After that, decide the percentage of the reward for the scalar. (10% in the image)

Actually renting it out to the market.

After that, press the “Approve Pega # number” button and press “List to Rent” to publish it on the marketplace.

Confiscate (Takeback) a loaned pega

If you want to confiscate the rented pega, you can do it with the “Take Back” button.

Please note that you cannot confiscate for one hour after renting out.

Once you rent a pega, Scalar will do the gameplay for you, so it’s okay if you leave it alone.

The system will automatically pay for Mr. Scalar, and only your share will remain in your wallet.

Again, after a couple of hours, if you haven’t started the race (if your energy hasn’t dropped from 25), it’s a waste of time and you should confiscate it.

The above is the scholarship method.

Actual bleeding procedure

The actual bleeding method is as follows.

  1. Open the marketplace and select “BREEDING”
  2. The owned pega is lined up on the left and right in a list of males and females, so select the pega you want to bleed.
  3. Click “APPROVE VIS” and “APPROVE PGX” respectively to set the required funds
  4. Decide on a name for Pega and press Bleed to complete

The method itself is very easy.

Bleed can be done with a rented pega, but a “Reantal Fee” will be charged.

If you bleed on a rental, you will see a “Rental Fee”

This “Rental Fee” is so expensive that it is not profitable.

Therefore, it is currently difficult to make a profit with rental bleed .

Bleed notes

There is a 3% commission when selling Pega. It cannot be ignored in the balance calculation, so be sure to include it in the calculation.

In the future, basic ステータス nerfs, gear, and bait boosts will be included.

As a result, the price of bleeding pega can change suddenly due to supply and demand issues.

For example, Pega with a bleed count of 7/7 was previously sold at a fairly low price.

However, the moment the official asked for an opinion on Twitter, “I don’t think the 7/7 pega can be used, so why not use it to buy a stadium?” I woke up.

Please note that the opposite case is quite possible.


The above is an overview of Pegaxy’s scholarships and bleeds.

Every time the specifications of Pegaxy change, this operation method also changes, so this article will be updated as soon as the specifications change.

Also, for those who have a lot of money and want to start bleed operation, this note explains the optimal solution for bleed operation.

Please refer to that as well if you like.

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