[ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW] The walkthrough of Axie Infinity for beginners

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・ How to proceed in the early stages of Axie Infinity
・ What is Daily Quest?
・ Basic rules of battle
・ How to fight in the adventure mode
・ How to fight early in the arena mode
・ What do you do when you think you can’t win?
・ What is the next steps?


This is for you just started playing Axie! \ (‘ω’) /!

In fact, you may be wondering where to start …

Axie doesn’t have a guide like a beginner’s step like a manual. It’s a real hit.

So, I will introduce how to proceed in the early stages when the author who actually tried Axie thinks ” This is efficient! “.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]Those who want to give priority to this method are those who have an Axie level of 15 or less now!

When you reach level 15 or above and it’s easier to get SLP in your adventure, see how to do the next step ![/chat]

I will explain while looking at the actual game screen.

The first thing I want to do in the early stages is to raise the level of Axie . Therefore, follow the procedure below.

  1. Consume 20 stamina a day in adventure mode (If you exceed the upper limit, you will not be able to earn experience points or SLP, reset at 9 am Japan time)
  2. Press daily check-in
  3. Win 5 in the arena
  4. Claim daily rewards

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]There is some basic knowledge that is not written on the game screen, so I will explain it one by one![/chat]


[Daily] Do daily quests without fail

The first thing I want to check is the daily quest.

Daily Quest is a system where you can get a reward (25SLP) on the day you achieve it.
You can check it from the box on the top page.

In Axie Infinity, the following three are set as daily quests.

  1. Daily check in Just tap
  2. Complete 10 Adventure mode levels
  3. Win 5 Arena matchs

It will be reset at 9am Japan time every morning, so if you want to collect SLP (virtual currency) efficiently, play every day .

However, you need to press Claim on the right side of the screen to get SLP.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]If you don’t get used to the Claim button, you forget to press it …
I have forgotten to push it too.[/chat]

If you press Claim properly, you should have more SLPs in your INVENTRY.

It’s OK if this screen is finally displayed!

Let’s check the basic rules of battle!

First, let’s learn the rules of battle.

Axie is a game in which 3 Axies with 4 cards form a team and fight .

The skill cards you can choose are randomly dealt each round, and you can get as many as you can for your energy cost.

The energy cost that can be used depends on the mode.

  1. Adventure mode has more energy replenishment, so many cards will run out
  2. The number of cards in hand and the number of additional cards at the beginning are the same regardless of the mode
Adventure Arena
Initial energy 4 3
Energy replenishment Each round 3 Each round 2
Initial number of cards 6 6
Add card Each round 3 Each round 3

About the number of cards: Initially 24 cards (4 cards per Axie x 3 x 2)

While there are 3 Axies, 2 cards will be randomly added from these 24 cards each time. In other words, if you use two cards with the same parts of the same Axie, you won’t get them back for a while! !!

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]For example, if you say that the attack power is high with the ↑ card and use two Branch Charges consecutively, it will not come back easily after that.[/chat]

Knowing this will help you decide when to use a card with your healing skills or a card that poisons you.

At the same time, if the opponent has the same card, you can read the opponent’s hand and fight with confidence if you use two cards and you will not have it for a while.

Find out the difference between adventure and arena!

As you can see, there are two ways to fight Axie.

① Adventure mode: Fight against computer enemies and gain experience points and SLP

② Arena mode: PVP battle (person-to-person), player rank and SLP can be obtained.

In the early stages, it is recommended that you first get used to the battle in adventure mode and accumulate experience points.

“10 wins” is a requirement for daily quests, so let’s proceed until we win 10 first .

How to fight in adventure mode

Adventure mode is a format that advances by defeating enemies in order from 1 as shown below.

First of all, let’s digest 20 stamina here and earn experience points earnestly .

Before you start, we will tell you the basic information you want to keep in Adventure Mode.

Consume 1 energy when fighting

・ Surrender (give up) is possible if you are about to lose (* If you lose, energy will not be consumed)

・ If you have energy, you will get experience points if you win the adventure, and if you do not have experience points, you will not get experience points.

・ SLP (pink bottle on the left): The maximum number of SLPs that can be obtained in an adventure per day is 50 .

・ You can only get SLP once in stages 1 to 4.

・ As your level goes up, your enemies will become stronger.

・ Stars will be attached under the stage as many as the number of Aixe left when winning

(This seems to be a guideline when clearing. Especially, there is no effect on experience points and SLP)

In other words, let’s clear many stages and collect experience points and SLP.

Since the maximum daily earned SLP is set to 50, we will first accumulate SLP50 here.

By the way, the experience points that can be obtained vary depending on the stage in which you fight. Let’s raise the level of Axie efficiently while using it properly.

(* From stage 1 to 4, you can only get SLP once, so we will proceed quickly)

stage Experience points earned Earn SLP
1 63 1SLP
* Up to once
2 76
3 143
4 151
5 181


6 256
7 329
8 305
9 362
10 383 4SLP
11 440
12 548
13 484 4-7 SLP
14 443
15 457 6-10 SLP
16 515
17 464
18 569 6-14 SLP
19 557
20 511 8-19 SLP
21 644 ( 200 SLP for the first clear)
22 449 10-20 SLP
23 618
24 582
25 618
26 797
27 735
28 759
29 800
30 1209

Markers are placed where it is easy to accumulate experience points.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]After stage 20, the earned SLP doesn’t change much, so you don’t have to forcibly capture it.[/chat]

However, if you capture Stage 21, you will get 200 SLP. Also, if you capture stage 36, you will get 300 SLP, so you can aim for that.

However! Be aware that if you raise the level too much, the level of the enemy in the adventure will also rise .

If the level difference from the stage is 5 or more, the enemy will become stronger, so if you want to defeat it quickly (however, the gained experience value will also increase), it may be good between Axie’s level 14 to 24.

How to read the battle screen

Next, I will explain how to read the battle screen.

Look at the order of the attacks, decide whether you are the first attack or the second attack, and cut the card.

The order of this action depends on the speed of Axie. (For the same speed, the one with lower HP ➡ Higher skill value ➡ Higher morals ➡ The order is decided in ascending order of individual ID.)

The lower left is the amount of energy that can be used in this turn (round).
Initially 4, it will recover 3 every round after that.

The cards you have will be randomly drawn from 24 of Axie’s 4 cards x 3 bodies x 2. At first, 6 cards will be replenished, and then 3 cards will be replenished every round .

I can’t win … What if this happened?

It’s surprisingly easy to clear at first, but I think you’ll have a hard time around stages 5 and 10.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]Let’s raise the experience value / Axie level and try again on the stage in front of you![/chat]

The higher the level of Axie, the higher the attack / defense power of HP and cards, so if you can not win, it is recommended to raise the level in the previous stage.

How to proceed in arena mode

I saved SLP50 in adventure mode! !! I won 10! !! Then Let’s challenge the arena.

Arena mode is a little different from adventure mode.

The point is the amount of energy that can be used.
Start with 3 energies at first, then add 2 each.

In Arena mode, you can earn SLP and increase your player rank by defeating your opponent.

Here’s what you need to remember in the arena battle.

・ 1 energy consumption per battle

If you win, you will get SLP & increase your player rank , if you lose, you will get SLP0 & your player rank will decrease.

・ The higher the player rank, the more SLP you will get.

・ You can still play after consuming 20 stamina, but you cannot get SLP even if you win.
Player rank fluctuates

・ All Axies fight with each other at Lv1 (adventure level does not matter at all)

Anyway, the goal is to win the arena match! !! (That’s how you earn SLP !!)

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]But the winning percentage is about 50-60%, so it’s important not to worry if you lose![/chat]

Everyone is desperately doing Axie, so when you lose, you lose.
If you can learn the opponent’s card and establish your own way of winning, the winning percentage will increase, so let’s learn various things in the actual battle first. It is important not to be too depressed.

Axie Infinityで勝つために知っておくべき○○対策全集 アリーナでバトルしていて勝てなかった時、試合を振り返って敗因の確認をしていますか? ・過去は振り返らない!・振り返るけど、どうすれば良かったか分からない… など...
Player Rank (MMR)

Earn SLP when you win

800-999 1 SLP
1000-1099 3 SLP ~
1100-1299 6 SLP ~
1300 to 1499 9 SLP ~
1500-1799 12 SLP ~
1800-1999 15 SLP ~
2000-2199 18 SLP ~
2200 ~ 21 SLP ~

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]By the way, Axie has a limited period of season, and the rate changes once every time this is switched.[/chat]  

Don’t be surprised if there are sudden fluctuations. In the arena, the more you win and the higher your rank, the more you will earn.

The requirement for the daily quest is “5 arenas wins” . For the time being, if you win 5 times, you can clear the daily requirements, so let’s do it until you win.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]I’m still nervous … but I have to get used to it![/chat]

Things to review when you can’t win easily

Well, I actually tried adventures and arenas, but you might think “I can’t win at all !!”.

Possible factors for not winning are …

  1. You don’t know the effects and skills of the card
  2. You don’t know what to do about special cards
  3. Poor placement of my deck
  4. Bad combination of my deck
  5. Save-minded and lose
  6. Lack of energy and cards to lose

I’ll leave a little advice at the end.

Grasp cards and skills

Basically, if you don’t know your opponent or the cards and skills that you attack / defend, you won’t be able to stand up in battle.

The position of your Axie and whether or not it is compatible with your opponent will be decided depending on the card.

First of all, remember your own card! Remember the card of the opponent you think you shouldn’t lose next.

【基礎知識編】アクシーのパーツとカードの意味の解説 【アクシーのスキルはどう決まる?】 アクシー、目・口・耳・背びれ・角・しっぽの合計6つのパーツをもって構成されています、このうち【口・背びれ・角・しっぽ】で攻...
一発検索】アキシーインフィニティ 全カード総まとめ|強さ・バフデバフ・コンボ情報 アクシーインフィニティでアリーナバトル中、攻撃を受けた後に「あ~、そういえば、そんなアビリティカードだったな・・・」「悔しい思いをすることってありますよね。 ...

Establish measures against special cards

Don’t you think you can’t beat the well-hit team composition and Axie with similar parts?

For example, Axie who has this card as a set … It is called “Terminator”, and it is Axie that many people are struggling with.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]I’m more nervous than usual when I play against each other lol[/chat]


How can I win? You need to find a winning line with your Axie’s card.

Click here for countermeasure articles ⇩

【Axie Infinty】ターミネーターとは?速度や正しい使い方なども解説 Axie Infintyを始めて情報収集しているとあちらこちらで「ターミネーター」という言葉を聞くと思います。 結論からいうとターミネーターとは下の画像のカードが揃ったア...

There are also parties that scatter poison …

Click here for countermeasures ⇩

【アクシー攻略】毒パーティのデッキと対策方法 アクシーのアリーナで戦っていると出くわす、相手にひたすら毒を巻きつけるチーム… 「毒パ」 毒パが厄介なのは、 ✔毒はいくつでも重ねることができ、 ✔どのアクシーでも...

Grasp the cards against the enemies you like best and think about the winners!

Review the placement of your deck.

When you team up with your Axie, don’t you put it in a random place?

This arrangement … is actually very important!

Unless you use a special card, the first Axie will basically be attacked, so it is recommended to put the Axie with less physical strength in the back row as much as possible.

You may be able to increase your winning percentage by looking at the combinations of Axies of top-class players and reviewing your Axie position.

If you want to know more about this formation, please also refer to the following article!

アクシーの隊形・配置の考え方|MMR2,000超えるには [chat face="S__256253954.jpg" name="Mari" align="left" border="gray bg="none" style="maru"]アクシーを購入したら、まず考えるのが隊形ですよね。<br>ただ、...

Overkill without preserving too much energy and cards!

It’s noisy to write like this! Lol

Whether to attack or defend in this round … Read the opponent’s hand and get ready.

When trying to save skill cards, there are times when the opponent is so defensive that he cannot defeat him.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]With this, the situation may be reversed at once. On the other hand, when you protect yourself, it is also a good idea to increase your defence and try to survive.[/chat]


If there is a target that you can defeat by looking at the card, it is also important to think about the defense power of the opponent and fold it all at once!

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]However, if you blindly cut all the cards, you will run out of energy and cards in the second half, so be careful![/chat]

アキシーインフィニティ】最初の3体の選び方|勝てるデッキ完全解説 この記事を監修しているのはZoneです。 プロフィール:P2E Hacks エグゼクティブアドバイザー、初心者に向けて分かりやすくAxieやBCGに関する有益な情報を発信中。Twitt...

Strong when energy and cards can be replenished

I mentioned earlier that you lose because you want to save cards and energy, but you can lose even if you don’t have enough energy or cards.

[chat face=”icon01s-e1632811711499.jpg” name=”NANA” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]This balance is difficult …[/chat]

Stealing or replenishing energy,

Reduce your opponent’s cards, increase your own cards …

This is also part of the strategy, so I want to think about it when combining my decks, as well as

You need to be careful if the enemy has an opponent with such a card.

Don’t forget your daily complaints. What is the flow after the beginning …?

The flow explained so far is basically the flow at the beginning.

As you can see there is a daily quest, people who are doing Axie do it almost every day. It’s a form of stacking up steadily.

At first, it may take 3 to 5 hours to play.

This is because you often analyze unfamiliar enemies and get lost in cards.
It should take less time as you get used to the procedure and play.

Then how long is the beginning? To those who thought

The guideline is until you can clear stages 15 to 20 in the adventure .
If you go this far, you will be able to earn 50 efficiently because the earned SLP will be about 7-12.

If you go to this point, let’s earn 20 stamina a day in the arena! The flow will be changed to the following.

  1. Press daily check-in
  2. Use up 20 stamina in the arena (do it until you win 5)
  3. Earn 50 SLPs in Adventure (10 wins and claim daily quests)
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