Complete guide on SYMBIOGENESIS – Can we make a profit?

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  • What is SYMBIOGENESIS? Its Characteristics
  • What makes SYMBIOGENESIS different from previous NFT projects
  • Basic rules and contents of SYMBIOGENESIS

Square Enix, the company that brought you Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and many other classic games, has just released the NFT Project!



The deepness of this story – you don’t want to miss it!

In this issue, NFT will give an in-depth look at the key project SYMBIOGENESIS!

SYMBIOGENESIS Official Website

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What is SYMBIOGENESIS? Its Characteristics

SYMBIOGENESIS is “a collectible art project that unlocks the stories of 10,000 unique in-game characters, finds items on a floating continent, and unravels the mysteries of the world”.

Click on various places on the floating continent to find items.

In SYMBIOGENESIS, the NFT has an important role!

Traditionally, NFTs are typically priced and traded on the scarcity of digital data.

The way to enjoy it is to buy it and be done with it, such as appreciating it or reselling it for a profit.


From there, projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, and AZUKI were born.

NFT buyers can use the NFT to prove ownership of the actual item, such as gain access to VIP lounges at airports

NFT has evolved from just digital data to practical data.


So what practical utility does NFT have in SYMBIOGENESIS?

In SYMBIOGENESIS, each NFT is given a story with hints to capture and understand this world of SYMBIOGENESIS.

You can enjoy a profound story.

The real joy of this SYMBIOGENESIS is collecting NFTs and using them to advance the project (and enjoy the world and its profound stories)!

In order to read the story of a character NFT, the NFT must be converted into an item in the game.

Project to open up the stories of 10,000 NFTs and solve the mysteries of the world


Every single painting, known as “NFT,” tells a story.

SYMBIOGENESIS offers a profound play experience by enjoying the stories of the 10,000 in-game characters, and by learning key clues to solving the mysteries of the “floating continent” and solving Missions and Quests.

The floating continent of mystery

The setting is the “floating continent,” the last safe haven for human beings that survived and arrived from the contaminated land.

This is a project in which the human race, which had been living peacefully, is attacked by a “dragon” and through the story, we will think together with the main character about the mystery of the creation of this world and what choices we should make in order to reach our ideal future.

These stories can be read with slot release points (points you receive when you log in each day).


There are 10,000 characters in the game! I’m excited to see what kind of foreshadowing there is/will be!

NFTs of SYMBIOGENESIS will be sold on the market (OpenSea).

For more information on how to buy at OpenSea, click here!

How to register for OpenSea and how to purchase NFTs OpenSea is the NO.1 NFT marketplace. From how to register to how to actually purchase NFTs, with images.

The theme of SYMBIOGENESIS is “Monopoly and Share”.


SYMBIOGENESIS is dedicated to the theme of “Monopoly and Share”.
It may not ring a bell for many people.

Monopoly and share” is a challenge for the state of the Internet as technological innovation progresses from Web 2.0 (centralized) to Web 3.0 (decentralized).

The answer to question of whether centralization or decentralization will lead to a better future for the world has yet to be answered.


SYMBIOGENESIS has the intention of “We don’t know where this world is headed, so let’s think together through this project!”

Therefore, “Monopoly or Share” is the key theme of SYMBIOGENESIS.

So, how exactly does “Monopoly or Share” affect this project?

It is involved in situations where you have to choose whether you should monopolize or share important “information” as you play out the project.

As mentioned earlier, information is critical to “how much NFT (information) you have” in order to proceed with the story in an advantageous manner, since each of the 10,000 in-game characters has a different story to tell.

Whether you team up with a small group of elites to gather and monopolize information, or use social networking services to cooperate with others, the strategy is up to you!


If you want to gather information in cooperation with other players, but don’t know where to start, then the guild is the place for you!

Among those who play blockchain games, there are associations called “guilds”.


The game guild operates mainly within Discord, where you can connect with other players who are also in SYMBIOGENESIS.

If you are not good at playing, you can join a game guild and find friends.


Depending on whether you choose to “monopolize” or “share” the action as you play the project, the story you experience will change!

A free blockbuster to get started

We explained that in SYMBIOGENESIS, you can purchase NFTs to obtain hints for completing Missions and Quests.

Of course, owning NFT will give you an advantage, but also F2P players can enjoy the story to the end.


That’s a nice element to have, even if you don’t pay for it!

If you want to get a higher ranking or win prizes, purchasing NFT will give you an advantage, allowing you to proceed the story with advantage, etc.

Information warfare in which you never know what will happen


SYMBIOGENESIS has a ranking system where players compete against each other for points.

If you want to be high in the rankings, you need to gather NFT = information to get a hint of the stories

It will inevitably be an information war! What strategies we’ll use to gather information is something to consider!


In SYMBIOGENESIS, while players with assets can buy up NFT (information) and monopolize it, some players may share that information thinking “I want to enjoy the world of SYMBIOGENESIS with everyone!” – that’s the fun of this project!

The project design let people decide whether it’s a cooperative effort or a small team of elites trying to clear the field… just figuring out how to do that is interesting!

And, as we’ll discuss later, you can also get rare items and honors at SYMBIOGENESIS!


It is important to note that the number of NFTs sold per chapter will increase, so forming a team would be more beneficial.

[table id=199/]

It is important to explore various strategies on how to collect NFTs and how to use slot release points.

SYMBIOGENESIS Official Website


In SYMBIOGENESIS, there are three major phases of the strategy.

1. Complete all 6 chapters by proceeding through the main story and missions
2. Complete the Quest to find items hidden on the floating continent
3. Challenge to World Mission


I’ll explain in detail!

Unlock all the stories of the characters in the game

How to proceed the project

Here is the detail!

【Great Mission】
So-called boss battles, which can be challenged after completing a Mission.
In addition, if you own a character NFT of each chapter and clear Great Mission, you will get “Dragon NFT”.
*The Dragon NFT can be obtained if you own the character NFT been if it was after completing Great Mission.

If you conquer Missions/Quests based on the information provided by the NFTs, you will gain member rank experience (EXP) and slot release points.
It features a low difficulty level and allows the player to enjoy the world and the main storyline. The story unfolds in six chapters, and if you clear chapter 1, you can play chapter 2…and so on.

Cooperation with other players is recommended, as it is mandatory to conquer Missions/Quests based on the information provided by the NFT.
NFT will be awarded as a reward for completing the chapter, and Quest will be added as chapters are added.
*The difficulty level is high, but a player can proceed stories without clearing Quests.


The flow of gameplay is;
・Read all main stories consisting of 6 chapters
・Complete missions with unlocking stories the characters possess
・Challenge quests if you would like to enjoy more

The main story of each chapter can be proceeded by completing the missions. Quests can be completed by clicking on specific locations based on hints to obtain items.

The main storyline can be read all the way through, even by players who have not purchased NFT.

World Mission to determine the future of the story

World Mission is a special mission that you can participate in when you fulfill certain conditions in SYMBIOGENESIS.

Amazingly, you can decide the future of this story when you participate in World Mission.


However, only three of all players can participate, and the others can only watch their future.

There are requirements to participate in World Mission; you must complete Great Missions and Quests and earn exclusive items.


Obtaining the items that are proof of participation is very challenging, and players who succeed in obtaining these items are sure to be admired by the other players!

There are three conditions for participation

・Complete all Missions and stories from 1 to 6
・Collect Quest items and fulfill “certain conditions”
・Holds participation certificate items


It’s so exciting to think that I get to decide for myself the future of that Square Enix project/story!

The Key to the Strategy! An in-depth explanation of the character NFT

We explained that SYMBIOGENESIS will feature 10,000 in-game characters.

This section will specifically discuss the character NFT, which is an important element in understanding and capturing this project.

The key of character NFTs and their characteristics

There are three important elements to understand about character NFTs.

・There are four types of NFTs
・It possesses stories and you can read it once you own it
・Character NFTs can issue “replica NFTs”


I’ll explain about in-game characters!

Characters possess stories

In-game characters are divided into four types (like rarities when expressed in traditional games).


There are six different types of information you can get from in-game characters, and the information you get is different!

Types of stories that in-game characters possess


We explained that there are six different types of stories that characters in the game possess.
Specifics are as follows!

[table id=201/]

Each slot is locked and must be ” unlocked” by cooperating with all players and spending slot release points.

It features information from a different perspective than the main storyline, allowing for a deeper understanding of this world.


In SYMBIOGENESIS, you will collect various character NFTs or exchange information in order to read different stories.

Some information on character NFTs is directly related to the strategy, while others are fragmentary and unintelligible in one, but can only be understood by collecting multiple NFTs and multiple types of information.

No two stories are the same, and as you read through the stories, you will connect the dots and find out what really happened, such as “I didn’t know that was the history…” or “I guessed from this story that there might be an item here!”

As you read the stories, you will be able to connect the dots and find out what really happened.


Whether you want to know the history, the current situation (what’s going on in the world right now), or what you want to know out of the Mission and Quest clues, collect NFTs according to each player’s objectives!

You can buy a character NFT that you like the look of, or you can buy a character NFT that has information about the Quests to help you conquer it more efficiently, and so on, and you are free to proceed with your play.


It’s hard to tell from the text alone, so we’ve prepared an image for you!
What we want to focus on here is the appearance and job of the character NFT.

Traditional NFT and blockchain games have the following characteristics


There is a downside to this system…

In the past blockchain games, NFTs have sometimes remained unsold or traded at low prices due to the uniqueness of their appearance and the difference in demand based on rarity and performance.

To solve this problem, SYMBIOGENESIS is designed as follows, referring to the NFT of Point Character and Facet Character.


In SYMBIOGENESIS, the value is distributed so that all NFTs are in demand and are meant to be utility/owned.
So, there is no “useless NFTs”!

For example, depending on the player’s objectives, the required NFTs are as follows

・Players who want to collect NFTs
Point Character and Line Character with attractive “appearance”

・Players who want to collect items
Mesh Character which rarely obtains multiple items

・QuPlayers who want to complete quests
Facet Character which has quest information

In addition, the high difficulty of Quest requires a variety of perspectives and requires combining information from multiple character NFTs.

Those who want to take advantage of the situation can actively collect character NFTs or monopolize information… It is assumed that there will be different strategies for obtaining NFTs.


In addition, other advantages of having a character NFT are set.

We explained that there are two types of stories that the characters in the game have:
①Stories about the history of this world and the current situation
②Stories that provide hints for conquering Missions and Quests.

In light of these points, there are five advantages to purchasing a character NFT

1. Can read information that is advantageous to your strategy
2. Easier to gain member rank experience (EXP)
3. Easier to get the reward NFT
4. Can issue replica NFTs (duplicated NFTs)
5. Easier participation in World Mission


To put it simply, it would look something like this!


It can be said that the design of the game reduces the selling pressure on NFTs because of the various benefits of holding character NFTs.

Can issue replica NFTs


We mentioned above that character NFTs can issue replica NFTs.
We’ll explain exactly what that entails!


A character NFT can be duplicated, which is called a “Replica NFT (character-replica)”.
See below for the difference between a Character NFT and a Replica NFT.

[table id=203/]

Replica NFTs have the same information as character NFTs.

Actual operation screen may differ

*In other words, it’s an interesting design that allows you to keep your character NFTs and sell the information you need for your strategy to other players as replica NFTs!

SYMBIOGENESIS’ revenue points

This section explains how people can earn money while enjoying the world of SYMBIOGENESIS


In conclusion, if you play it right, you can make some money!
Mainly there are four ways to do that!

1. Own character NFTs and sell replica NFTs

We explained that a character NFT can issue a replica.

You can sell it on markets.


However, there are key points you need to care about.
The detail is as follows;

・There is a maximum issuance limit per player, and the issuance limit increases in higher member rank
・TPrimary purchasers will receive 5 Replica NFT issuance points for the purchased Character NFT as a bonus at the first game login.
・Secondary purchasers cannot be issued replica NFTs unless their member rank is increased.

You can enjoy the strategy of monopolizing or sharing information.


Those who want to earn money are the ones who will be required to play strategically – such as buying character NFTs to advance the stories, and getting higher member rank to increase the maximum number of Replica NFTs issued, etc.

2. Increase your member rank and earn rare NFTs and Allow Lists for the next chapter

Owning an Allow List (a.k.a. AL) allows you to purchase character NFTs for the next chapter at a discount.


It is important to note that in order to obtain the Allow List, you must be ranked high in the member rankings in each chapter.
It’s going to be a fierce battle to win the Allow List…!

【What is member ranking? Basic rule】
Members compete for member rank for each season, which begins with the release of each chapter of the main story.
The duration of the season is approximately two months. You will receive rewards according to your ranking.
*Member ranks and rankings will be reset at the start of the next chapter.


There are three ways to increase your member rank.
・Comlete Quest and Mission
・Unlock slots
・Login with holding character/campaign NFTs
Provided once per day

If you want to be a higher-ranking member, you need to complete Quests and Missions faster than other players and unlock slots for your character NFT!


Since the number of characters in each chapter is fixed, there is a limit to the number of slots that can be unlocked. So the sooner you spend your slot release points, the better!

ChapterNumber of NFTs sold
Chapter 1500
Chapter 21,500
Chapter 32,000
Chapter 42,000
Chapter 52,000
Chapter 62,000

You’ll have to play it right, but here’s the benefit!

・Can resale character NFTs purchased at a discount and earn money
・Use the information on the purchased character NFTs to complete Quests with an advantage
・Sell Replica NFTs and earn money
・Obtain NFTs of the background art of the story used in the chapter


Those who play the project well and contribute to the project are entitled to advantage and to earn money!

3. Convert items for completing quests to NFT and sell them

Quests are challenging and require various items (hints) to clear.


There are 4 types of items.

・You can only get one per account
・Items that can be obtained multiple times from the same location.
・Randomly obtained from multiple items (can be tried multiple times)
・Items only a few people in the game can get.

Therefore, in some cases, you will obtain the same item.


If you get a lot, you can convert the excess to NFT and sell it on the market!
It is one source of revenue to acquire and sell as many as you dare.

*On the contrary, NFTs purchased on the market can be converted into items that can be used in the game.

4. Convert world Mission participation items to NFT and sell them

Earn World Mission participation certificate items by completing Missions and Quests to obtain the top member ranking, and by completing Great Missions and high difficulty Quests.


And wow, this item can be converted to NFT and traded!

You can sell it to someone who says, “I suck at playing, but I want the right to decide the future of SYMBIOGENESIS!”


This NFT is only available to a limited number of people, so it could be expensive…!


Finally, we will explain how SYMBIOGENESIS differs from other projects.

It’s designed to eliminate the disadvantages of previous projects, and the outcome of this project will impact a whole host of future projects!

New project that adds gameplay and storytelling to NFT

He explained that the NFT has the information necessary to move the project forward.


Why is SYMBIOGENESIS designed this way?

In addition, in traditional NFT projects, many of the players are interested in earning profits, and project growth has not been stable.


In contrast, SYMBIOGENESIS can set up a design that promotes slow play and the benefits of holding NFTs for a long time to ensure playes who play projects for a long time!

SYMBIOGENESIS can aim to stabilize the number of active players by selling NFTs for profit and no longer being involved in the project.


Because it makes sense to continue to own NFTs, the design makes it easier to continue the project without NFTs remaining unsold or ending up playing a role simply by selling and buying, as has been the case in the past.

Could it become an IP on par with Final Fantasy and Dragon quests?

IP refers to game titles and characters in the video game industry.


If SYMBIOGENESIS becomes a popular project in the future, it could become a series or even an IP, anime, or manga like the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series!

As I mentioned, the possibility of being given the right to decide the future of such a major title… that’s exciting!

The more you enjoy this project, the more you can grow such a well-known title–an interesting element!

SYMBIOGENESIS Revolutionizes Web3 Project

In this issue, we have provided an overview of the project SYMBIOGENESIS, which is offered by Square Enix, the company that has created a number of popular games.

With its unique characters and deep storyline, you can expect this project to be different from other NFT projects.

The fact that it is free to start makes it possible for anyone to enjoy it.


As P2E Hacks, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for future developments!