How to register for OpenSea and how to purchase NFTs

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  • How to register for OpenSea
  • Steps to Buy NFT at OpenSea
  • OpenSea’s two NFT purchase options
  • How to obtain the “WETH” required for auction purchases

This article explains how to register with OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, and how to purchase NFTs.

Recently, NFTs used for blockchain gaming may also be sold using OpenSea.


Take this opportunity to learn how to buy NFTs at OpenSea so you can play the game smoothly!


How to register for OpenSea


I will introduce how to register Opensea!
The OpenSea registration process is a two-step process

2 Steps to OpenSea Registration

(1) Prepare a Metamask wallet.

(2) Connect Metamask and Opensea

*You can also register with wallets other than MetaMask.


Let’s get right to it and explain how to register for OpenSea!

Prepare a Metamask wallet


To register in OpenSea, you must first prepare a digital wallet.

In this article, we use Metamask, the most widely used digital wallet in the world.

Be sure to download Metamask from the official page ( App Store/GooglePlay ) (Please download on Google Chrome browser)


Please be aware that there are scam apps!
The safest way is to download Metamask from the official website onto your computer’s browser!

Please refer to the following article for specific instructions on creating an account in Metamask.


If you’re already registered with MetaMask, you’re ready to take the next step!

Connecting MetaMask and Opensea

Once you set account on Metamask, let’s connect the account to Opensea.


It is like you register your credit/debit card to shopping website such as amazon.

From this point on, we will explain the specific steps for connecting OpenSea with MetaMask.

Connecting OpenSea to MetaMask
❶ Go to the official page of OpenSea
❷ Tap the account and select “Metamask”
❸ Tap “Accept and sign”
❹ Tap “Signature”
❺ Edit account “Profile”


Now let’s get OpenSea connected to Metamask!

First, let’s take a look at the OpenSea’s official page and tap the account in ①.


Tap on your account, you will see “Connect Wallet”, tap on “MetaMask”!


When “Welcome to OpenSea” appears, tap “Accept and sign”.


You will then be presented with a “Signature Request”, tap on “Signature”!

Tap “Signature” and the following screen will appear, connecting OpenSea and Metamask.


You can use it as is, but if you have time, edit your profile too!


Once you’ve completed this step, your OpenSea registration is complete!

Steps to Buy NFT at OpenSea

Once you have registered with OpenSea and have linked your meta mask, you will be able to purchase NFTs.

However, to purchase NFTs, you need ETH (Ethereum), a crypto asset that matches the price of NFTs.


From here, we’ll walk you through the process of transferring ETH to Metamask and buying NFTs!

There are following 3 steps to purchase an NFT.


Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps!

STEP①Open a crypto asset exchange account

In order to purchase NFTs at Onpensea, you must have crypto assets.

Crypto assets are bought on dedicated exchanges, so first open an account on an exchange.

STEP②Purchase ETH & MetaMask remittance

Once you have opened an account, you can purchase Ethereum (ETH) and send it to Metamask.


Be very careful when transferring crypto assets, you can lose them if you send them to the wrong wallet address!

STEP③ Search NFTs in OpenSea

Once the transfer of crypto assets is completed, you will finally be able to purchase NFTs.


Enter a keyword (KW), such as the name of a work or project you are interested in, and search!


Did you find the NFT you wanted?
In the next section, we’ll explain how to buy NFTs!

OpenSea’s two NFT purchase options

Once you have registered with OpenSea and have enough money to buy into MetaMask, you can purchase NFTs at any time.


Here’s how exactly to buy NFTs!
There are two main types of NFT purchases.

How to purchase NFTs at Opensea

(1) Regular purchase (fixed price sales)
L Purchase on the spot
 L Offer and purchase

(2) Auction purchase
 L English Auction
 L Dutch Auction


This method varies depending on the seller of the NFT.

Let us explain in detail about “regular purchases” and “auction purchases”.

(1) Regular purchase

First, let us explain how to make a regular purchase.

The regular purchase is to buy the NFT at the price quoted, but you will need to pay the NFT price and a fee called the “gas fee” when you make your purchase.


Therefore, be mindful to keep more funds in your wallet than the NFT price.

We have indicated that there are two ways to make a regular purchase, and the main ways are as follows

In addition, a regular purchase can be accompanied by an “offer order,” in which the buyer offers the amount at which he/she wants to buy.

Regular Purchase Method

❶ Buy on the spot
・Add the NFT you want to buy to the shopping cart
・Tap “Buy Now
❷ Buy with offers
・Tap “Make Offer” on the screen of the NFT you want to buy
・Enter your asking price


I’ll explain each one with pictures!

*Offer orders and auction purchases use WETH (Wrapped Etherium) instead of regular ETH.
How to exchange WETH will be explained later.

❶ Buy on the spot


Buying on the spot is pretty simple!

First, tap “Add to Cart” on the NFT you want to buy, then check the cart in the upper right corner.

When you tap the cart, you will see the picture below. Please make sure that the NFT you want is the correct one and tap “Complete Purchase”.


Tap “Complete Purchase” and you will be connected to Metamask for authorization.
At that time, also check the gas cost of the fee, and if it is correct, tap “Approve” and “Sign” to complete the purchase.

You can also “Buy Now” by hovering over the ⚡ next to “Add to Cart”.


Tapping “Buy Now” immediately connects you to Metamask, so if you only want to buy one NFT, or if you want to buy quickly, this is a quicker way to buy.

❷ When offering the asking price


Then we’ll show you how to “Make an offer” to buy!

First, tap “Make Offer”.

When the following screen appears, enter the desired amount (WETH) and tap “Make Offer”.

After an offer is made, the transaction is concluded if the seller accepts the amount requested.


Note that purchases will be in WETH (Wrapped Ether), so convert your ETH to WETH in advance. (The conversion method will be described later.)

These are the descriptions of “regular purchases”.

(2) Auction Purchase

There are two main types of auction purchases: English Auction and Dutch Auction.

Difference between “English Auction” and “Dutch Auction

What is English Auction?
An auction format where the highest bidder gets the right to buy, with the price going up.

What is Dutch Auction?
An auction format in which the price goes down until a bidder appears.


This is a particularly good time to remember that English auction purchases tend to get adopted!

Here we will explain “English Auction” in which the person who submits the highest order by the bidding deadline wins (purchases) the auction.

Don’t worry, auction purchases are not difficult.


The NFT of “SYMBIOGENESIS” by Square Enix will be traded at this English auction!

First, tap “Bid” on the screen below.

Next, when you get to the “Bid” screen below, enter the desired amount and tap “Bid”.


Tap “Bid” and you will be connected to Metamask for approval.
If you are sure, tap “Approve” and “Signature” to complete your participation in the auction.

By the way, you can check if you are able to participate on the screen below.


Tap “Offers” to see the bidders’ information, and make sure your bid reflects theirs!

The above is the “Auction Purchase” process.


Once you know how to buy NFTs at OpenSea, it will be easier for you to participate in the blockchain game as well as the NFTs you are interested in, so please master it!

How to obtain the “WETH” needed for the English Auction

Finally, we will show you the procedure for exchanging ETH for “WETH” (also known as Wrapped Ether / “Red Ether”), which is required for OpenSea auction bidding.

Note here that there is a fee known as the “gas fee”.

The exchange rate for WETH is “1 ETH = 1 WETH”, but this gas fee will require extra ETH.


Therefore when converting to WETH, send more ETH than you want to convert!

Now, let us show you how to actually exchange the money into “WETH”.

How to exchange to WETH

First, open Metamask, and make sure that the wallet contains ETH.


Refer to images ① through ⑨ below!

After confirming that you have the required amount of ETH, tap “Swap”, enter the amount to be exchanged, and select “WETH” as the swap destination.

When you have entered the amount and “WETH”, tap “Check Swap”, confirm the fees, and then tap “Swap”.

When you see the screen on the lower left, the swap is complete. Please return to your meta mask and confirm that “WETH” is reflected.


There are ways to exchange your “WETH” on the spot when you place your auction or offer order, but if you’re not familiar with it, we recommend you prepare in advance!

Things to keep in mind when using Opensea

Were you able to find & purchase the NFT you were looking for?

Finally, here is a summary of what you need to keep in mind when purchasing NFTs at Opensea.

Watch your ETH gas fee!

Ethereum (ETH) is notorious for its high gas fees.


A fee is charged for every transaction, including crypto assets transfer to Metamask and purchases on Opensea.

The gas bill is not fixed and depends on the volume of ETH transactions at the time, so you need to check your balance every step of the way to make sure you don’t run short! You need to check your balance every step of the way to make sure that you don’t run out!


The busier the ETH network line, the slower and more expensive it is!

If you want to adjust the gas cost yourself, turn on “Advanced Settings” in the meta mask.

When you actually purchase the NFT, Metamask will pop up to confirm the gas fee, at which point you will press the “EDIT” button.

Image from Metamask help website

Max priority fee is mainly changed. (Max fee is automatically converted when Max priority is changed.)

To find out how much you should pay for gas fee, let’s use ETHgas fee checker.


If you set your gas fee too high, you may not have to worry too much because the unnecessary portion will be refunded.

On the other hand, setting the gas price too low can delay the transaction and make it more likely to fail, and can also result in unnecessary costs due to gas alone, so it is recommended that gas price adjustments be made only after you are familiar with the gas price.

Beware of stranger NFT!

When you register with Onpensea, you will be able to view the collections you have purchased.

You can actually see the NFTs you have by accessing your profile page…


You may have received an NFT that you don’t remember purchasing… basically don’t touch it!

Especially for NFTs that are in the “hidden” category, be aware that other NFTs may also be stolen if they are set to “visible”.

How to register for OpenSea and purchase NFTs Summary

This article has explained everything from how to register for OpenSea to how to purchase NFTs.

2 Steps to OpenSea Registration

(1) Prepare a Metamask wallet.

(2) Connect Metamask and Opensea

*You can also register with wallets other than MetaMask.


Before you can register for Openpensea, you must first prepare your wallet!

We have told you that there are two types of NFT purchase methods: “regular purchase” and “auction purchase”.

How to purchase NFTs at Opensea

(1) Regular purchase (fixed price sales)
L Purchase on the spot
 L Offer and purchase

(2) Auction purchase
 L English Auction
 L Dutch Auction


Auction purchases require converting ETH to WETH, so it’s a bit of a hassle.

Metamask and OpenSea can be used repeatedly to familiarize yourself with their operation.

Please use this article to master how to buy at OpenSea.


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