[Super Easy! ] A complete Guide how to start JobTribes

How to get started with JobTribes
What you can learn from this article
  • What is JobTribes?
  • How to earn money in JobTribes
  • How much you can actually earn with Job Tribes
  • How to start playing JobTribes from zero

What is JobTribes?

JobTribes is a occupation-themed trading card battle game.

The actual occupation is characterized as a god by the gorgeous creators and becomes a card (called an amulet in the game) used for battle.

In addition, collaboration cards with other works are also appearing one after another.

Gorgeous creators and their representative works (some of them)
  • Shin Kibayashi (Drops of God, The Kindaichi Case Files, Psychometrer EIJI)
  • Haruhiko Mikimoto (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080)
  • Kazushi Hagiwara (BASTARD !! -Dark Destruction God-)
  • Ryoji Minagawa (Spriggan, ARMS)
  • Takayuki Doi (Momotaro Dentetsu)
  • Rando Ayamine (GetBackers-GetBackers-, Holy Talker)
  • Hiroshi Motomiya (Salary Man Kintaro, My Sky)
  • Buichi Terasawa (Cobra)
  • Kaoru Shintani (Area 88, Futari Hawk)
  • Kamui Fujiwara (Dragon Quest Retsuden Rot’s Crest)
  • Ebihara Etsuji (Chuka Ichiban !, Angel’s Frypan)

Many other creators also participated!

The player has a simple system of using the card to defeat the opponent, and anyone can easily enjoy playing.

Officially launched on January 29, 2021, the number of users has exceeded 1 million as of April 2021 and continues to grow steadily.

Also, scholarships had begun in December 2021.

How to earn Money in JobTribes

Why can you earn by playing games?

The question “Why can you earn money by playing games?” is easy.

This is because the currency that can be earned in the game (DEAP coin) can be exchanged for real money as a cryptocurrency.

They were also aiming to be listed on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange.
And now, it became true.

How can you earn money in the game?

There are many ways to earn money in JobTribes.

Receive salary on payday

You can exchange the coins (PaleCoin) that you get by winning the battle for the cryptocurrency(DEAP coin).

If you play games every day, you can earn DEAP coins on your payday every month.

The rate changes each time, but as of December 2021, 120DEAP = 50,000PaleCoin.

It is paid approximately twice a month, and you can receive up to 1,200 DEP each time, so it will be about $96 a month. ( calculated at 1DEP = $0.04)

PlayMining TV AirDrop (free distribution)

It is an air drop that is often done on “Play Mining TV” (Youtube) from 12:00 UTC on Wednesday.

You can apply by filling out the application form during the broadcast time for simple themes that are given each time in the broadcast.

The amount DEAP coin you can get is change each time, but in the past had a chance to get 3,000 DEAP coin.

And not only airdrops but also various campaign information will be announced, check it every week if possible!

Buy and sell NFTs

You can also create a wallet and buy and sell NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Marketplace to make a profit.

What is NFT?

NFTs are digital assets that cannot be duplicated using blockchain technology.

In JobTribes, creators are in charge of drawing the card (amulet) of the god, and each is sold as an NFT with a serial number in it and only one in the world.

Famous writers are also drawing NFTs, and it is expected that the price will increase significantly in the future depending on the development.

Win prizes at lottery events

If you win in the lottery event in this game, you will receive a prize.

The first prize is 100,000 DEP.

It will be about $4,000. (calculated at 1DEP = $0.04)

Win prize in ranking battles

You can get a big prize if you reach the top in the ranking battle that is held every month.

In the ranking match held in December 2021, 2 million DEP will be given if the player is ranked 1st.

It became about $80,000. (calculated at 1DEP = $0.04)

Complete the NFT quest

You can also get DEAP coins by clearing the NFT quest started in December 2021.

The NFT quest is a special quest that only those who have purchased NFT can participate, and the reward amount changes depending on the rarity (Rare / Epic / Legendary) of the NFT you have.

The DEAP coins you can get will change from season to season, but the rewards for the first season (2021/12/14 to 2022/1/18) are as follows.

・ Rare15 stage clear ・ ・ ・ 169 DEAP / day
・ Epic15 stage clear ・ ・ ・ 826 DEAP / day
・ Legendary 15 stage clear ・ ・ ・ 6700 DEAP / day
※In the second season, reward became half

The game itself can be cleared in 30 minutes, so it doesn’t take much time.

In the case of the highest rank Legendary, if you clear it every day for a month, you will earn about $8,000. (converted at the rate in December)

“The world where you can play and earn” has become “the world where you can play and earn extremely” at once.

What you need to play JobTribes

All you need to play JobTribes is below.

Only smartphones or computers that can connect to the Internet

Basically, you can play without any problem on any device that can use internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

System Requiment
  • iOS: iOS 11 or above(iPhone 7 or later)
  • Android: Android 5.0 and above
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome, safari
  • Communication speed: 10 Mbps or more
  • Memory: 2GB or more is required for both iOS and Android
  • It may not work properly depending on the communication environment, browser version and model specifications, application usage status, etc.

* JobTribes is a browser game, so there is no need to install an app.

Steps to play JobTribes

JobTribes is a game you can start for free, but it’s different from usual game and it requires few steps.

Here are the steps to play JobTribes.

Step for playing JobTribes
  • Creating a PlayMining ID
  • log in

In this article, I will explain on the screen of a smartphone that many people will use.

Basically, the procedure and screen are the same on a personal computer.

Creating a PlayMining ID

First of all, you need to create a PlayMining ID.

“Play Mining ID” is the ID required to play games on the Play Mining platform such as JobTribes.

* One person can only have 1 ID.

Access to Official Page

First, go to the Jobtribes home page and select “Play Now”.

Select Language

Next, the language selection screen will be displayed, so select “English(or whichever you like)”.

The Jobtribes game top screen is displayed.

Register to the Home Screen of your Smartphone
It’d make you easy access to game to register on your smartphone’ home screen.

Select the mark in the center at the bottom of the screen.

Select “Add to Home Screen”.

Select “Add”.

It is now added to your smartphone’s home screen.

Start New Registration

Select “New to the Game”.

Accept Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

Check the terms of service and privacy policy, check “Accept”, and select “OK”.

* The terms of use and privacy policy will be displayed in a separate window, so you can exit after reading.

If the terms of use are not English, you can change the language.

Select “Choose a language” and select your language from the list, and tap “Finish”.

Proceed to the Tutrial

The tutorial starts first ,so follow the instructions on the screen to operate the game.

Enter your E-Mail Address

When the tutorial is over, the input screen you can enter your e-mail address will appear.

The email address you enter will be used as the login ID.

Accept Terms of Service

On this screen like below, check “Accept the Terms of Service” and select “OK”.

* If you do not check it, you cannot select the “OK” button.

If you select “OK”, the following screen will be displayed.

There’s no problem to close this screen.

Sign Up

You will receive a new registration email from JobTribes to the email address you entered.

Check the contents of the email and select “Sign up to JobTribes (PlayMining)”.

* If you are using an iPhone, you may not be able to start the game if you tap the link as it is.

This happens because the browser that applied for the ID and the browser that is trying to open the link are different.

If such a problem occurs, press and hold “Sign up to Job Tribes” to copy the URL.

Select “Copy Link”.

Paste the copied URL into the URL field of your browser to display the page.

Log in

It’s easy to log in.
No password is required!

When you tap the link in the email, the JobTribes game screen will appear.

Then, select “Continue Playing”.

The prologue begins and you can proceed into the game.

When the prologue is over, we will proceed to the demo battle and story.

* The content consists of demo battle → manga → story.

You may be wondering, “Is it okay to proceed as it is?”.
But since it is a straight road, let’s proceed without worrying about it.

When the story is over, you will be officially logged in to the game and the input screen will be displayed.

Enter the player name in the game and select “OK”.

Then, let’s get ready to receive rewards in the next step.

Ready to Receive Rewards

Next step is getting ready to receive rewards.
Basically, it’s OK if you follow the instruction displayed on the screen.

Create a Wallet

The first step is making your own wallet.
Send a Log in Link to “NFT Marketplace by DEP”

If you proceed with the story of the game as it is, the phone number registration screen will appear as shown below.

Select “Authenticate phone number”.

Then, tap “OK”.

You will move to the “NFT Marketplace by DEP” page, enter your email address and select “LOG IN”.

The following screen will appear, so select “Close”.

Check your Authentication Mail and Log in

An authentication email will be sent to your email address, so select “Sign up to NFT Marketplace by DEP” in the email.

* For iPhone, you will not be able to log in successfully.

Press and hold the URL.

Select “Copy Link”.

Paste the copied URL into the URL field of your browser to display the page.

The login success screen will be displayed, so select “Close”.

* If you access from 18:00 to 10:00, the following message will be displayed, but no problem to tap “Close”.

Register Information in NFT Marketplace by DEP

We’ll register our information in the next step.
Register you Phone Number/Country and send a Authentication Code

Select the mark at the top right of the screen.

Select “My Page”-> “Profile”.

Select “Create Wallet”

Enter your phone number, select your country and select “I Agree to Privacy Policy and send”.

Input Authentication Code

A 6-digit verification code will be sent to your phone.

Enter the code and select “Authentication”.

The message “You have been promoted to Auctioneer” is displayed.

You can now deposit DEAP coins and purchase NFTs.

Register Personal Information

You will also need to register personal information such as “name” and “date of birth” and submit an ID card in order to transfer DEAP coins and sell NFTs.
Display Application Screne

Scroll down the registration completion screen and select “Apply”.

Register Personal Information

Scroll down the application screen and select “Go to STEP1”.

Enter the required information and select “Go to STEP2”.

* “ID NUMBER” is the number of your ID card (passport, driver’s license, etc.).

Submit your ID

Follow the onscreen instructions to upload your ID and select “Go to STEP 3”.

Confirm the input details and select “Apply” to complete the registration.


So far, I have explained the procedure to starting JobTribes.

After that, let’s actually play the game and get rewards!

We encourage you to try the experience of earning money through games.

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