[Job Tribes] What is “payday” system? | How much you can earn?

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What you can learn from this article
  • About JobTribes payday system
  • How much you can earn on a payday

In this article, I will explain the “payday” system, which is also a feature of JobTribes.

Payday is a system to get virtual currency “DEAP coin (hereinafter DEP)” by playing JobTribes .

You may think, “I don’t have enough money to buy NFTs …”, but if you play JobTribes for a certain period of time, even non-charged users can get virtual currency.


I will also explain how much you can actually earn!

Due to the volatile price movements of virtual currencies, you may not be able to make profits as expected.
In the worst case, it can be 0, so play within the range that is commensurate with your own assets.


About payday system


The payday in JobTribes is a system that allows you to exchange the in-game currency PALE coin for the virtual currency DEP.

You can earn PALE coin when you win a PvE(computer battle) or when you play PvP(an interpersonal battle).

Payday procedure 1

It’s interesting that Job Tribes, whose theme is occupation, distributes virtual currency to users as a “payday”.

The payday is held twice a month, and conversion rate between Pale Coin and DEP will change.

It’s depending on the DEP price and the relationship with other event / game rewards.

Most recently, the rate is 50,000 PALE coin → 150 DEP , the upper limit you can change on one payday is 500,000 PALE coin.

* From January, the rate will be 50,000 PALE coin → 100DEP, and exchange limit is 250,000 PALE coin


As the DEP price rises, the amount of DEP you can earn on payday is gradually decreasing.
Shortly after the service started, the rate was 50,000 PALE coin → 260 DEP.

PALE coins can also be used to level up players (increase stamina limit), so it’s hard to decide which to prioritize.

The criterias I consider are as follows.

・ If you think it is a waste to have extra stamina during sleep
→ Priority is given to raising the player’s level (raising stamina)
・ If you think the price of DEP will rise quickly
→ Priority is Salary


However, we recommend using PALE coin to increase the upper limit of stamina.

How much you can earn on a payday?

At December 2021 rate, you can earn 3,000 DEP per month.

50,000 PALE coin → 150 DEAP, twice a month, upper limit (500,000 per time)

Since 1 DEP is about $0.5 (December 16, 2021), it will be $150 a month.


It’s like a dream that you can earn $150 a month just by playing games …

By the way, if you raised stamina to the upper limit, and consume your stamina without any waste, you will earn about 20,000 PALE coin a day.

Until now, billing has been the general theory for games, but on the contrary, the concept of “Play to Earn” is to earn money.

In addition to payday, there are many events such as lottery tickets, ranking battles, and NFT quests where you can earn DEP in JobTribes.

Salary receiving procedure

On payday, you don’t get DEP right away just the pushing a button.

You need to follow the steps below.

Payday step

In addition, it is necessary to link the game and the wallet (wallet for virtual currency) to receive salary.

Click here for the detailed procedure to link your wallet to JobTribes.


I will explain using the actual screen!

Make a Reservation during the Period
Payday step1

First, make a reservation during the period to receive your salary.

Before the time of booking, you have to prepare PALE coin to exchange.


Don’t forget to applicate payday.
Because reservation period is as short as 2 days!

Receive DEAP check sent in Present Box
Payday step2

When the payment date comes, you will receive the DEAP check in the present box.

As with other items, there is a fixed period for which you can receive them .

Payday procedure 3

However, this DEAP check is not a DEP just by receiving it.

Let’s exchange for DEP in the next step.

Exchange for DEAP check
Payday step3

The received DEAP check can be exchanged for DEP from [DEAP CHECK] at the bottom center of the Job Tribes home screen.

Payday procedure 4

The DEAP check has expire date, so don’t forget to exchange it!


If you forget to exchange, your PALE coin would be waste.

Precautions for payday

As I have explained so far, there are some points to note on payday.

・ You need to create a wallet to receive your salary.
・ The application period is as short as 2 days.
・ The maximum amount that can be exchanged on one payday is 500,000 PALE coin.
→ From January, the upper limit is 250,000 PALE coin.
・ DEAP check will be send in the present box.
・ DEAP check has expire date.


Especially, be careful not to forget to exchange the DEAP check!

The payday information is also posted on the official website news, so you should check it regularly.


In this article, I explained the payday system that is characteristic of JobTribes.


You never imagined that you could earn $150 a month from a game.