Why can “P2E Hacks” provide “real” NFT game strategy information?

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On this page, we will explain in detail what kind of background we “P2E Hacks” have and what is important in disseminating NFT game strategy information.

Why ”P2E Hacks” can provide real game info and tricks
  1. NFT game walkthrough site is operated by Japan’s largest game guild “LGG”
  2. The game guild consists of professional human resources from various industries
  3. Information dissemination based on the play record of more than 1000 guild members
  4. There is know-how of top players who monopolized the top 1 to 6 of the world championships in a game
  5. Industry influencers appointed as exclusive advisors
  6. Expand information globally with the online community Discord
  7. Total investment NFT: around 30 million doller or more

Play to Earn = New common sense of “making money with games”

In 2022, Play to Earn = “earn by games” is becoming a new culture in Japan.

You might think it’s a lie to “play games and make money”, but it’s a real story.

Play to Earn (abbreviated as “P2E”) is becoming a new culture in Japan.

  • Private life
  • How to work
  • Source of income

However, it can change significantly depending on the NFT game.

In developing countries such as the Philippines, it has “already” changed significantly, and the situation is reported in the Nikkei newspaper.

The following YouTube video introduces an example of Japan where life and how life has changed significantly with Play to Earn. Please take a look.

* Click here for more information on why the “Play to Earn” industry is booming.

“P2E Hacks” is a “NFT game” capture site operated by Japan’s largest game guild.

Play to Earn requires “real” strategy information

However, in order to realize Play to Earn = “earn in the game”, information is absolutely necessary.

That is also “real” information.

Because NFT games are more “information warfare” than you can imagine.

So in “P2E Hacks”

  • Over 100 members including the world’s top players
  • Over 100 scalar members from Japan and overseas

We research and analyze NFT games with “many elite” such as, and summarize “real” strategy information.

Why “P2E Hacks” can provide “real” strategy information

We “P2E Hacks” is a capture site operated by Japan’s largest game guild “LGG”.

“LGG” has predicted that Play to Earn will become a new common sense in Japan for more than three years, and has left an overwhelming track record through games, business, and philanthropy.

LGGの「Play To Earn」領域での実績
  • Dominate TOP1-6th place in the world competition of P2E game “Job Tribes”
  • The world’s three largest TOP players belong to it, and deploy know-how * 1 to guild members.
  • There is a members who earned assets of 20,000 doller * 2 from games alone
  • Realize a sharing system with our unique scholarship system
  • Efforts to resolve poverty * 3 , etc.

* 1: In addition to JobTribes, in multiple titles such as Axie Infinity
* 2: As of 2022.1, the conversion rate of DEAP coin ⇔ doller
* 3: In the event of typhoon damage in the Philippines, we donated $ 20,000 in virtual currency.

Now, I will explain in detail the reason why “P2E Hacks” can provide “real” strategy information based on the data.

5 Reasons Why “P2E Hacks” Can Provide “Genuine” Information

“P2E Hacks” has the know-how and mechanism to achieve great results by the top-notch management team.

This is why we can provide “trustful” information.

5 Reasons why P2E Hacks provides ‘real’ information.
  1. A group of experts in various fields of the industry
  2. The world’s top player group that captures P2E games
  3. Inviting the No. 1 advisors for each game title, such as Axie Infinity
  4. “Super-class player” develops and educates guild members with know-how
  5. [Most important] Research on the next popular NFT game

Reason 1. A group of experts in various fields of the industry

One of the unique features of “LGG” that other game guilds do not have is the fact that experts from various fields in the industry belong to it.

“Why is the existence other than the game player important?” Will be clarified in Reason 5, but first, I would like to introduce the core members of the “LGG” operation.

In this way, “LGG” is composed of experts in each field, from management strategy to marketing, media construction, and game strategy.

Therefore, “P2E Hacks” can provide essential information that cannot be provided only by “being familiar with the game”.

In addition to the core members introduced here, hundreds of guild members cooperate to operate the guild.

Members of “LGG” management twitters are below. By following, you can receive information that captures the flow and essence of the block-chain industry from an expert’s perspective.

・ Tsuneki Hosogane: @Hosogane_LGG
・ Tatsunori Sumita: @masanorikakuta
・ Yoshiki Kawaguchi: @kawaguchi_AAA

Reason 2. The world’s top player group that captures P2E games

However, what proves the power of the game guild is, needless to say , the level of understanding the game.

LGG belongs to the world’s top players who have achieved great achievements such as winning the world championships by capturing P2E games.

It should be noted here that they are not so-called “professional gamers”. They work as office workers and entrepreneurs while earning money in games.

Here, we would like to introduce three of the world’s top players representing LGG.

The world’s top player representing “LGG” twitter are below;

By following, you can receive the latest game strategy information and game information that is likely to be earned.

・ Shinkei: @shinkei_pm
・ Ajihurai: @ajihurai_DAA
・ Neoneow: @ neoneow_P2E

LGG’s world’s top players , LGG members dominated 1st to 6th place in the “PvP” championship “CHAMPION SHIP” of “Job Tribes” .

8th place was also an LGG member

In addition, a hot player “MUKAKIN_G” who wanted to join LGG from outside the guild also belongs.

He is a player who has never been in LGG to capture NFT games without investing any money !

At LGG, we highly valued Muka King’s passion, strategy, and ability to communicate, and joined hands as an “NFT game strategy partner .”

Below is Muka King’s Twitter. By following, you will receive a way to play Play to Earn with free and a challenge mind.

・ Muka King Twitter: @MUKAKIN_G

If you are an expert or player / manager who wants to work at LGG, please appeal to the above members on Twitter and Discord !

・ Discord “LGG Discord”

Reason 3. Inviting the No. 1 advisor for each game title, such as Axie Infinity

At LGG, we have invited influencers of the representative NFT game “Axie Infinity” to be appointed as executive advisors.

“Zone” and “Tofu” introduced here are influencers that no one knows about Axie players.

“Zone” is famous as “a person who makes a living only from Axie Infinity” and has about 7,000 followers (as of February 2022).

  1. Prize money earned as a player
  2. Sales of bleeding (mating / nurturing) Axies
  3. Income from scholars
  4. Income from writing a blog

Through Axie Infinity, Zone created a number of cash points and applied Play to Earn to realize “living only with games.”

“Tofu” is one of Japan’s leading Axie breeders who sells Axie at “Soy’s Axie Shop”.

Axies sold in the Soy’s Axie Shop are matched with the game environment and user expectation, therefore it is so popular among managers and scholars.

・ “Zone” Twitter: @Zone_Axie
・ “Tofu” Twitter: @soy_omamental

Reason 4. “Super-class player” develops and educates guild members with know-how

At LGG, we are also focusing on training TOP players .

By deploying the strategy know-how and tactics of the world’s top players such as Shinkei and Ajihurai to guild members, we have been able to efficiently realize “earning in the game”.

In addition, at the “Job Tribes” world competition “PvP” * , even members other than the world’s top players were able to monopolize the top ranks .
* 2021.12, Scholarship implementation commemorative tournament

LGG also has its own scholarship system .

Scholarship is a system *unique to NFT games that lends NFTs from NFT owners and shares profits for members who want to start P2E games but cannot start without funds .
* A game version of the so-called scholarship, where scalars (scholarship students) are lent out the NFTs needed for gameplay, not money.

LGG is also focusing on poverty issues and support for developing countries through the scholarship system.

We have supported about 600,000 SLP (US $ 20,000) as a donation to the guild members who were damaged by the typhoon in the Philippines, their families, and the people around them.

Reason 5. [Most important] Research on the next popular NFT game

With Play to Earn, it’s paramount to start playing the next popular P2E game first .
There are two reasons.

One is that the more time you spend in the game, the easier it is to capture .

By capturing whole game system first, you can take advantage of quests, interpersonal battles, and title battles.
Then you can earn more prizes more efficiently.

The other is that the cryptocurrency earned in P2E games will increase in value as the game becomes popular .

If you make a lot of money when the price of virtual currency is low, you will make more profit if the price rises later.

Some “LGG” members have built an asset of 200 million doller just for games by riding the big wave of Play to Earn.

However, it is not easy to guess the next popular game, and it involves very complicated elements.

For example, the following elements.

・ Domestic and foreign economies
・ Understanding of blockchain technology
・ Trends in the NFT game industry
・ Cryptocurrency price movements
・ Career and achievements of management members

At “LGG,” we are researching and analyzing “what is the next popular P2E game?” On a daily basis.

This is also the reason why not only players but also entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in various fields belong to “LGG”.

In fact, in “LGG”, it is possible to capture “Job Tribes” first and make the world’s top achievement in both name and reality , and “DEAP coin” issued by its operating company “DEA” is also the first P2E brand. Listed in Japan .

Play to Earn = The big wave of “earning in games” is “still in the future” !

The latest information on “LGG” is sent from Discord “LGG Discord” .

Here, not only experts such as the representative of “LGG” and the world’s top players, but also domestic and foreign players and scalars participate in exchange and information exchange.

Please join us and experience the charm and potential of Play to Earn ^^

In this way, being able to reproduce the world’s top achievements many times is the greatest value of “LGG”, and the game capture site is us “P2E Hacks” !

What is Japan’s largest game guild “LGG”?

The mission of “LGG” is to “increase the number of adults trying everything”

“LGG (LCA Game Guild)” is one of the largest game guilds in Japan with the mission of “increasing the number of adults challenging” .

・ Number of participants in “LGG”: 1,000 or more
・ Discord * 1 Number of participants: 2,000 or more
・ Axie Infinity Scalar number: 500 or more
・ Monthly average earned SLP * 2 Number: 6000 or more
・ JobTribes scholars number: 100 or more
・ Operation NFT amount: 300 million dollers or more

* 1: Game guild communication tool
* 2: Virtual currency that can be earned with Axie Infinity

At “LGG”, we believe that each adult needs “money, time, and self-confidence” to fulfill this mission.

As a business that can support the challenge of adults = “exciting excitement” , we focused on Play to Earn = “earning with games” .

“LGG” disseminates the appeal and potential of Play to Earn on various web media.

Play to Earn is becoming a culture centered on poor countries such as Southeast Asia, but the reality is that it is far behind * in Japan.
* The reason why Japan is behind is that legal regulations are strong and it is thought that the national character that fears risks has an influence.

Therefore, “LGG” manages web media such as YouTube, Twitter, and Discord.
We continue to convey the appeal and potential of Play to Earn .

Information is basically shared free of charge, so please register and use it to collect information.

・ Game capture site “P2E Hacks” (this site)
・ YouTube Yun&Aki「NFT Game Channel」
・ Twitter Hosogane_LGG
・ Discord LGG Discord

Yun&Aki “NFT Game Channel”

On Yun&Aki「Axie Channel」 , two gamer girls “Yun & Aki” loosely deliver live games and commentary almost every day.

Yun & Aki are super cute ♡, but they are not just cute!
Since the world’s top player of LGG is coaching, he is familiar with strategy information and is quite strong as a player!

I’m doing my best every day to make Play to Earn enjoyable for many people! ♡

・ YouTube Yun&Aki「NFT Game Channel」

Twitter “Hosogane_LGG”

This is the official Twitter account of Hosogane Koki, the founder of LGG .

As I will explain in detail later, Hosogane is a person who participates in and succeeds in various projects as an entrepreneur / investor.
Focusing on Play to Earn for over 3 years, we founded the game guild “LGG”.

Hosogane’s official Twitter account explains the world of Play to Earn in an easy-to-understand manner from a managerial and business perspective .

・ Twitter ” Hosogane_LGG
* Note contains information on Twitter and include detail information.

Discord “LGG Discord”

Discord is a place where game guilds (LGG operators) send out the latest information, and players exchange and communicate with each other .

Discord has more than 2,000 participants, approximately 40% of whom are Filipinos.

NFT games were all the rage in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

One of the strengths of LG G is that you can pick up the voices of the names of the users who are at the center of that information .

If you want to earn more or have more fun with Play to Earn, please take a look at the real scene ^^

・ Discord “LGG Discord”
* Click the link, set your email address and password, and you’re ready to join!

Three features not found in other guilds of “LGG”

“LGG” has three features that other guilds do not have.

1. Disseminate high-quality content to both Japanese and English-speaking people
2. Successful case of “overwhelming world number one” in NFT game “Job Tribes”
3. Creating a guild model trusted by NFT game players and investors around the world

Feature 1 is necessary to realize the vision that “Play to Earn will change not only Japan but also the world.”

Therefore, in “LGG”, most of the contents such as articles on this site, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are compatible with Japanese and English.

Feature 2 is that “LGG” is faster than anywhere else, NFT game “Job Tribes” which is operated by a company “DEA” (Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.), LGG started play in the early stage and collected know-how.

Similarly, NFT games other than “Job Tribes” will provide many opportunities to guild members (including Discord participants) by catching and capturing popular games as soon as possible.

Feature 3 is that “LGG” will be a platform for NFT game players and investors (managers) to enjoy Play to Earn with peace of mind.

We will continue to leave an overwhelming track record so that you can think that you can play and invest with confidence in NFT games recommended by LGG.

The ideal game guild that “LGG” thinks

Finally, listen to what “LGG” think of as a game guild.

We believe that games are not just for enjoying games, but for enjoying life.
In other words, not only enjoying the game, but also “how to live through the game” is important .

Therefore, we “LG G” think about the ideal way of the game guild as follows.

What LGG think Game guild is to be
  • Increasing the number of adults trying through the game
  • Connecting adults trying everything and increasing the number
  • Through the adults trying everything, the fun of the challenge will be conveyed to the children.

It’s been a long time, but I hereby declare that we will continue to be adults who challenge ourselves more than anyone else.

Let’s enjoy Play to Earn with us “LGG” and enjoy life! ^^

If you want to get the latest information as soon as possible, please join Discord.

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