What is LGG’s free Discord? Benefits of entering the community!

This page is an introduction page of the Discord community of “LCA GAME GUILD” (hereinafter referred to as LGG), which is the management body of this site.

This site provides more in-depth game strategy information that cannot be reached by “P2E Hacks” and the essential value of being involved in P2E games.

LGG is not just a guild that says “play games and earn money”.

With “Play To Earn” as a trigger, we advocate new ways of earning and living and convey the ideas and processes for realizing what we want to do and what we want to achieve.

“P2E Hacks” and YouTube channels are just the entrance.


What kind of game guild is LGG (LCA GAME GUILD)?

Before we start explaining LGG, let’s start with an explanation of an online school called LIFE CREATE ACADEMY (LCA), which launched this game guild.

The mission is to increase the number of challengers


LCA is a practical community where you can learn and actually start a business by inviting professional guests from various fields such as food, wine, vessels, business, taxation, and economics.

Under the theme of “practical school for adults,” it is important to learn what you do not know and to actually practice and experience it, which will lead to real learning.

Some teams specialize in “stock investment”, some teams specialize in SNS marketing and SEO, and some teams specialize in “Play to Earn” games.

This online community called “LCA” has set up a mission of “increasing the number of adults who take on challenges .”

The reason why the mission is to “increase the number of adults who take on challenges” is that more and more children answer “there is no hope for the future” (* 1).

We think that the reason is that “adults are not trying”, and how can more adults challenge what they like and what they like? Has been seriously considered for over 10 years.

(* 1) From July 2nd year of Reiwa Cabinet Office “Survey on Consciousness of Children and Youth (First Year of Reiwa)”

LGG solves the problem of “money” and “time”

In order for more adults to try what they like, they need to solve both “no money” and “no time” problems.

The advantage of the “P2E” model is that it can support people who can afford to play games due to lack of money by utilizing a mechanism called scholarship.

LGG spreads the concept of “Play to Earn” to Japan through “P2E Hacks”.

  1. Even if you don’t have the resources, you can make money by playing games in your spare time.
  2. If you can afford it, you can make time while making money by having Scalar play the game.
  3. Then, those who have enough money and time will try what they like.

As a result, we will contribute to producing more and more adults who can challenge their favorite things .

Understanding PL / BS to solve time problems

The most valuable way to use “Play to Earn” is not “PL-like usage” but “BS-like entry” .

  • PL: Profit and Loss, simply “income and spending”
  • BS: Balance Sheet, simply put, “assets you have”

I don’t want to talk about difficult accounting.

I would like to share with you the idea of solving the problem of “money and time” in order to “increase the number of adults who take on challenges .”

Let’s understand the equation of money

When I want to make more money, I have only five things to think about: “income,” “expenditure,” “assets,” “yield,” and “time.”

Applying this to the equation gives:

  • Income-Expenditure = Savings
  • Asset = Savings x Yield x Time

At this time, many people tend to focus on “increasing income”, but in reality, the priority should be given.

  1. Minimize cost
  2. Increase savings
  3. Maximize yield

There are three.

3 STEPs that should be prioritized to increase money


There are two options for increasing your monthly savings: increasing your income and reducing your spending.

At this time, many people think “income” first. This applies to salary increases, job changes, and side jobs.

But we must prioritize reducing spending. When business owners start improving their business performance, they always start by reducing unnecessary costs.

This includes reduction of fixed costs, tax measures, and automation of payments (credit point redemption).

There are four major fixed costs: rent, taxes, communication costs, and insurance. You can make a lot of money just by optimizing this.


If you minimize costs, you will accumulate more money each month, even if your profits do not change.

Improving this cash flow is very important for “managing” life.

As the phrase “annual income of 10 million but still poor” implies, even if you have a high income, it is meaningless unless you have a household that actually increases your income.

And the amount of saving brings a great impact on assets.


Real estate is the easiest way to think about yields.

For example, if you have an asset of $86.5 million and convert it to real estate, you will get a yield of about 4-5% in rent income.

In other words, an income of $350,000 – $430,000 yen will be generated every year from the property worth $86.5 million. With all this, it wouldn’t be a problem to live in Japan without luxury.

How can we create a structure where money continues to be generated from this asset (BS)?

This is indispensable for creating “money separated from time” and trying what you like.

Change the way you make money to make time

NFT games are certainly a dream-like concept that the more games you play, the more money you make.

But, on the flip side, it also means that you can’t make money without playing games = you have to spend time playing games to make money .

You can make some time with a “scholarship” where you lend out your own assets (NFT) and earn virtual currency, but it still costs management costs.

Also, if the game trend changes, you will have to build a scholarship in another game.

In other words, it can be said that it works in the same way as the conventional “labor” that “provides labor by using the resource of time”.

We call this “PL-like earning method”.

When I try to create a state where I really try to do what I like as much as I like, if I do a “PL-like way of working”, I will inevitably get caught up in the constraint of “time”.

Is the president of a high-income listed company really able to control 365 days of what he wants to do? That’s not the case, right?

If you really want to spend your time doing what you like, you need to create a state where you can continue to generate enough money to live from your assets (BS) .

This is called “BS-like earning method”.

  • PL-like earning method: It takes time to increase earning
  • BS-like earning method: I can’t take time to increase my earning

“Increasing P / L income” is important, but more important is “increasing B / S assets” .

“Which game will come next?” Is more important than “Which game will you earn?”

The introduction has become longer. The main subject is from here.

What we really want to convey through LGG is not “how to make money in games?” But “what is the next popular game?” It is important to know in advance .

How to increase assets learned from the YGG benchmark


Do you know a game guild called “YGG (Yeild Guild Games)”? A game guild in the Philippines, the shadow of the blockbuster “Axie Infinity”.

This is also a scholarship and has a lot of scalars, but the main profit is not actually a scholarship.

YGG is Before “Axie Infinity” became popular, I had acquired a large number of governance tokens called AXS.


At that time, if you bought 1 million yen, it would be 300 million yen, and if you bought 10 million yen, it would be 3 billion yen.

Combined with the popularity of Axie Infinity, the market capitalization of YGG tokens is over 70 billion yen. (As of December 1, 2021)

According to the report , YGG holds $ 810 million as tokens (YGG, USDC, ETH, AXS, SLP, etc.) as of September 2021.

And we are starting to invest in various games to actively aim for “Where is the next Axie Infinity?”

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. League of Kingdoms
  3. F1 Delta Time
  4. The Sandbox
  5. Star Atlas
  6. llluvium
  7. ZED RUN
  8. Guild of Guardians
  9. Ember Sword
  10. Splinterlands

From now on, no matter how much you own a large amount of AXS or how many scholarships you have, your assets will not increase hundreds of times. However, if there is a game that grows like AXS next time, you can greatly increase your assets.

We, LGG, use this YGG movement as a benchmark to convey this “how to increase BS-like profits” to guild members.

LGG has a strong partnership with DEA company known of “Jobtribes”

Just as YGG has partnered with SKY Mavis of Axie Infinity,” LGG has been in partnership with DEA (Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd) since 2018, (It means that from the very beginning, we believed in the future of the PlayMining economic zone, purchased NFTs, and raised players.)

“Jobtribes” also announced the start of the official scholarship on 2021.12.02. With that expectation, the price of DEP, a token, has skyrocketed.


Many of the members who belong to LGG from the beginning gather at “Job Tribes” at this “1DEP = 0.5 yen”, so many members have 1 million yen to 10 million DEP.

Members who purchased $86,500 worth of NFT at the time of $0.0043 are said to have reached a price close to $130,000 million. Members who owned more than 10 million DEP already have assets of nearly $86.5 million yen.

Also, at the World Championships held in August, seven of the TOP8 are LGG guild members.

Seven of the TOP 8 of the World Championships are LG G members

The total prize money won at this time is 7.1 million DEP, so if you calculate with the price of 5 yen at the time of writing, it will be calculated that 7 people earned $303,000 with LGG.

If this bounces 300 times, like Axie Infinity, there’s still room for another 20 times more. It means that a person who has assets of $86,500 can make hundreds of millions of yen, and a person who has assets of $865,000 can make billions.

This is the content of the “BS-like way of entering” that I would like to convey in LGG.

LGG will help you make “time” as well as your income

Let’s reorganize the difference between “PL-like earning method” and “BS-like earning method”.

  • PL-like earning method: It takes time to increase earning
  • BS-like earning method: I can’t take time to increase my earning
  • How to earn PL-like “in the P2E area”: gameplay, scholarship
  • How to earn BS-like “in the P2E area”: Prepare before the token price rises

What the LGG free community is telling you

LGG’s free Discord currently focuses on “Axie Infinity” strategy information.

In the future, we will disseminate useful information on the “P2E industry”, including holding tournaments from LGG (we will prepare prizes), information on how to capture JobTribes, and the movements of each game company.

You can also interact with top players and YouTuber members.

Even those who are not familiar with the “PL / BS” that I have talked about are welcome.

First of all, we will support you in order from the point of earning with the concept of “P2E”, so please feel free to join us.

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