How to play Axie Infinity on iPhone?

Axie Infinity is the game that you can earn money while playing the game

If possible, there are many people who want to play casually using their smartphones.

However, even if you go to the download page on the official website, you can’t download it successfully …


How can we play the game on an iPhone device?


[Conclusion] Axie cannot (currently) play on iPhone devices

The bottom line is that you can’t play Axie Infinity on your iPhone right now.


① Not officially implemented by Apple

② Beta version can be used, but the capacity is full

These are main reasons.

Not officially implemented by Apple

Currently, if you search the Apple store, there is no Axie Infinity app. (As of 18th Jan 2022)

There is no official guidance, so it is better to wait quietly.

Even if you see it on other app download sites, it is not recommended because if you download it carelessly, you may be deceived and important axes and information may be omitted.

(By the way, Ronin Wallet has a fake app on the Apple store and has already been damaged. Be sure to download it from the official website !!)

Beta version available, but full capacity

In fact, it is possible to use the beta version of Axie from the place called Testflight in the Apple store. As a procedure,

Download Testflight

➡ Go to Axie Infinity’s official website with your browser

➡ Install iOS version

However, you cannot participate because the number of testers has reached the upper limit.

It seems you need to wait till the slots are open.

I can’t play on my iPhone yet, so I recommend another device

After all, you can’t play Axie on your iPhone yet, so we recommend playing it on your Android phone or computer.

Please refer to this article for recommended terminals.

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