What is Axie Bleed? Basic knowledge for bleeding the desired individual

Bleed is to create a new Axie using two Axies.

If you are interested in the word bleed and have searched for it,

・ I just knowing the word bleed but don’t know how to do it
・ I heard that you can make money by bleeding axies on Twitter, so I want to try it myself, but I don’t know what to do.
・ I want to hire someone to do bleeding instead and increase profits, but I don’t know what to teach.
・ I want to make the Axie I want, but what should I think about it?

Isn’t it a problem?

[chat face=”S__256253954.jpg” name=”Mari” align=”left” border=”gray bg=”none” style=”maru”]ブリードについてまだよくわかっていないなら、まずは、ブリードの基本的な考え方を理解しましょう![/chat]

If you do not understand the basic idea

・ About bleeding, I proceed uncertainly and fail.
・ I can’t bleed the Axie I wanted
・ I can’t earn

It will be (crying)

This time to avoid such a situation

・ People who first heard the word bleed
・ People heard that you can make money by bleeding on Twitter, so want to try it themselves

I will explain the basic idea of bleeding toward!

[chat face=”S__256253954.jpg” name=”Mari” align=”left” border=”gray bg=”none” style=”maru”]ただの作業と侮るなかれ!奥深くて面白い世界なので、ぜひ楽しそうだと思ったらブリードを初めてみてください![/chat]


What is bleed?

Bleed is the mating of two Axies to create a new Axie.

Axie born by bleeding inherits the characteristics * of the parent Axie like a human gene.
The characteristics to be inherited are determined by the probability, but I will explain the rules as well!

About the characteristics of Axie

There are 9 types of Class (attribute) of the main body of Axie.

[Attributes and their characteristics]

・ Plant
→ High HP and suitable for front line
・ Aqutic
→ Balanced HP and speed
・ Bird
→ High speed and suitable for attackers
・ Beast
→ High morals, high critical rate, etc.
・ Bug
→ There are many buff / debuff skill parts
・ Reptile
→ High HP and strong poison skill parts
・ Dawn
→ Special class
・ Dusk
→ Special class
・ Mech
→ Special class

About 6 types of parts

Next, I will explain the relationship between the six types of Body Parts and the attributes of the main body.
There are 6 types of Body Parts, except for the special body attributes Dusk, Dawn, and Mech.

[Parts affected by each Body Parts]

・ Eyes: Status and appearance
・ Ear: Status and appearance
・ Back: Ability Card
・ Mouth: Ability Card
・ Corner: Ability Card
・ Tail: Ability Card

[chat face=”S__256253954.jpg” name=”Mari” align=”left” border=”gray bg=”none” style=”maru”]ここで、背びれ・口・角・しっぽによって影響があるAbility Card(アビリティカード)について説明します![/chat]

Each card has various effects, and you can activate specific effects such as attack and health recovery during the battle.

▼ Actual Ability Card

Here’s how to read the Ability Card!

Which skill card you can use depends on which body parts you attach, so it is important to choose carefully.

Why bleed?

Before that, why do everyone bleed? I will also explain about.
The reasons for bleeding vary from person to person, but most of them are.

① To sell Axie to those who want it and earn money
② want to bleed yourself because the Axie you want is not listed in the marketplace *

* Marketplace is a place where you can buy and sell Axie
URL: https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/

Certainly, you can earn money and get the Axie you want.
However, there are some caveats, so let’s start with an understanding!

① To sell Axie to those who want it and earn money

Axie is bought and sold at the marketplace (URL: https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/ ).

After bleeding, it will be sold in this marketplace, and it will be sold in consideration of various costs described later, and the difference will be used to make a profit.

You might ask, “What if it doesn’t sell?”, But you need at least three Axies to play Axie Infinity.
In order to start the game, you need to buy 3 Axies to start, so the demand to buy Axie will be in demand until Axie becomes less popular.

▼ Axie actually sold

One thing to keep in mind is that not 100% of Axies with the characteristics you want to bleed will be born, so if you bleed, you will not be able to earn 100%.
It is important to have enough funds.

② want to bleed yourself because the Axie you want is not listed in the marketplace *

As you get used to it, some people will want to try “Isn’t it strong if you put an Axie with such characteristics in the composition?” Instead of the popular Axie.

In fact, looking at the Axies of the top arenas, there are many cases where the original Axies are used instead of the template configuration.
In the arena, the mainstream is not to use the three Axies in a fixed manner, but to change the composition and fight in various tactics.

However, please note that the card balance may be adjusted when the season * is reached.

What is the season?
A ranking battle in which players compete for the number of points they earn in a system that increases points and loses points when they win in an interpersonal battle.

If you reach the top 1,000 in the season, you will be rewarded!

Precautions when bleeding

Here are some things to keep in mind before bleeding.
If you don’t know it, you may lose it, so check it out before bleeding!

The number of times you can bleed is fixed

It is decided that you can bleed up to 7 times per body .
Please note that if you want to bleed, you will need to purchase a new Axie!

Bleed has the necessary items

【Things necessary】
・ 2 Axies
・ 1AXS
・Gas Fee
・ SLP (depending on the number of bleeds)

You know that you need two Axies because you’re mating Axies.
It is necessary to pay attention to the gas fee and SLP.

The quantity will vary depending on the situation, so prepare in advance based on the following sites and tables before bleeding!

Reference: How to check the gas bill

This site is recommended for gas charges to calculate the required expenses!

Axie Gas Fees (URL: https://axie.live/ )

Reference: SLP required for bleeding

The number of SLPs required for bleeding depends on the number of bleeds.
This SLP will be applied to each bleeding parent Axie.

Source: https://axie.substack.com/p/breedingadjustment

Heredity is determined by probability, so it depends on luck

The six parts and stats are determined by a certain probability.
So I want to bleed this Axie! It depends on your luck.

It is not always possible to bleed the Axie you want at one time, so let’s bleed patiently!

About the inheritance of 6 parts

Each of the six parts consists of three genes.
A rule that has dominant (D) and recessive (R1 and R2) and is inherited with probability.

・ Dominance (D): 37.5%
・Recessive (R1): 9.375%
・Recessive (R2): 3.125%

About class inheritance

Since it has a 50% probability, it inherits the class of either parent Axie.
If you want to be sure to bleed an Axie of a specific attribute, you can bleed 100% by bleeding an Axie of the same attribute!

Bleed simulation website

I explained that heredity is determined by probability, but there are extensions and sites that can simulate bleeding results based on that number.

Let’s simulate in advance so that it doesn’t mean “Oh, did you bleed a completely different Axie than you expected ?!”

Freak’s Axie Extension

Freak’s Axie Extension is a Google extension.

Simply hover over Stats on the marketplace to see genetic information!


With FREAK’S TOOLS, you can simulate what kind of attributes and parts an Axie will be created by entering the Axie ID.

Conclusion: Understand bleed and try it once!

I explained the basic idea of bleeding!
However, even if you understand it, when you actually try it, you often notice that “I didn’t understand it properly!”, So please try bleeding once!

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