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“P2E Hacks” Carefully selected earning games

From the “playing” era to the “earning” era
Now, we will deliver the strategy information of the “most profitable” game.
Would you like to experience “Play to Earn” together?

Game capture by top players

“P2E Hacks” is operated by Japan’s largest game guild “LCA GAME GUILD”.
The strategy information of each game is researched daily by professional gamers belonging to the guild.

As a result, more than 500 Axie Infinity scalars
The average monthly earned SLP is over 6,000.

In addition, at the World Championships in JobTribes PvP Winners
LGG guild members dominated the TOP 1st to 6th place.

Job Tribes World Ranking Tournament / Yellow Vaccines are all LG G members

Among them, shinkei, ajihurai, and Neoneow
A regular member of the PvP championship of “JobTribes”
He is also a top 3 player in the world championships.

shinkei achieved 3 consecutive PvP championships, ajihurai at the world championships
Became the first Grand Champion.

Each has a track record of over 6 million DEP.
The present value of Japanese yen (as of 2021.12.04) is over 30 million yen.

Depending on the value of the DEP, they are the players who make 100 million.

Industry influencers join executive advisors

Zone, who is sending information to people who want to earn money with Axie Infinity,
I participated in “P2E Hacks” as an executive advisor.

Click here for Zone’s Twitter

Zone has more than 6,000 followers
Useful information about Axie Infinity and NFT games
It is sent in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners.

The total number of paid notes sold, which summarizes how to select 3 initial Axies and how to start a scholarship, has exceeded 640 copies.
Some people have made sales of 7 digits or more per month.

Runs a free community

LCA GAME GUILD operates an online community on the game SNS “Discord”.

The latest information on Axie Infinity and Job Tribes is being delivered on Discord in a timely manner.

We accept casual questions and consultations. Let’s capture the game together and earn money while interacting! Click here for Yumi and Aki’s Youtube distribution announcement!

YouTube channel

We are commenting on the game and video of the popular title “Axie Infinity”!

While delivering the arena battles, we are planning to hold communication battles with other players and hold and live individual Japanese tournaments!

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