What are the probability and conditions for the appearance of STEPN’s mystery box? Commentary on the gems inside

As the name suggests, a mysterious box may drop in STEPN just by walking.


Exciting specifications that you do not know until the contents are opened! I definitely want to get it!

How can I get it? condition is? I will explain the acquisition method and contents to you who are worried about.

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What is a mystery box?

Mystery Box (MB) is a loot box that is randomly dropped in Solo mode.

The contents include GST and gems (levels 1 to 3) (explained here), and sometimes nothing is included.

GST is a specification that cannot be obtained from the Mystery Box if you have reached the GST cap (full tank) for one day.

There are four frames per shoe that can hold the mystery box.


You can only have up to 4 boxes at the same time

From STEPN official Twitter

Like sneakers, mystery boxes come in five qualities from Lv1 to Lv5.

When you receive the Mystery Box, you will have to wait before opening it and the countdown will start automatically. When the countdown is over, you will be able to unlock it. The longer you wait for a mystery box, the higher the quality of that mystery box is. I’m excited and can wait!

You can also use GST to skip the waiting stage and open it immediately.

How to get a mystery box?

The way to get the mystery box is to “walk” and the app will pick it up on the way .

However, the official white paper describes how to calculate the probability of dropping items. Let’s take a look.

N = energy value
PSL: Player Sneaker Luck (LUCK value of the shoe)
PSLC: Player Sneaker Luck Coefficient (Gem / Socket, NFT badges)

In addition, the following probabilities are officially said about the quality of the mystery box. There are 4 quality levels.

Y = Resilience value of shoes


Hmm, the formula is a bit hard to understand for me …

In that case, the figure below may be a little easier to understand.

It can be seen that the larger the energy consumption and the LUCK value, the higher the rarity of the mystery box.

Moreover, if you look closely, the lower left is the “No mystery box zone” … the area where the mystery box does not fall!

In other words, the following two points are important for picking up the mystery box. (It cannot be said that there is no probability of dropping even if it is below this number, but it is certainly low)

1. The energy amount is 5 or more + luck states is 5 or more
2. The LUCK value of the shoe is 120 or more
(if you want to walk less 1 energy)


Then, all you have to do is make LUCK with all the points you raised! ??

Some people think that, but those who hold one or two legs will not drop the mystery box.

First, buy 3 or more pairs, increase the amount of energy, and then swing to the LUCK value.

By the way, the table below will help you to find out how good the quality of mystery boxes you can pick up.

Let’s get the mystery box value by the energy value x LUCK to the power of 0.3

If this value does not exceed 10, it will be suspicious to pick up even the Lv1 mystery box in the first place.


By the way, one sneaker can carry up to 4 mystery boxes.

Even if I try to pick up a lot, I don’t get the frame open.


It seems that you can not choose to pick up or not pick up by yourself

If you have a full mystery box and try to pick it up, you will only get results. The message “Your slots are full” is displayed. sad…


Mystery box can’t drop in my account ~~~~! But I want a gem! !!

There is also a way to buy it at the market, so I will continue to explain it below.

What is GEM?

A gem is an item that upgrades the attributes of your shoes.

Gem has 4 types of attributes (same as shoes!).

Yellow: Efficiency
Blue: Luck
Red: Comfort
Purple: Resilience


In the Upgrade tab below the gems, you can burn GST and combine 3 gems of the same level and type to upgrade to a higher level gem (eg. level 1 efficiency gems 3 levels). 1 efficiency gem of 2).


I understand that GEM can be synthesized, but I can’t find the composite screen …

For those who say, there is a possibility that the function to insert GEM has not been released in the first place.

Open the socket to equip GEM

Just getting a GEM will not improve the attributes of your shoes. You need to open the socket.

What is a socket? First of all, let’s go back to the shoe screen ⇩

The octagonal window that surrounds the shoe is the socket. The sneakers have four different sockets that can be matched in the same color as the gem type. (That is, Luck’s gem (blue) cannot be applied to a red socket! )

When your sneaker reaches level 5, 10, 15, 20 each, one socket will be unlocked. The higher the quality of the socket, the higher the attributes of the inserted gem.


Socket or something … something like a corner? Thorn? Why is there?

You are lucky to have a socket with horns! !! The higher the quality of the socket, the greater the number of these corners.

By the way, you can’t tell if there is a corner until you open it. This is also a gacha element. So when you buy shoes on the market, you’re in luck! Or you can judge by looking at the socket that has already been released.


There is a possibility that the user will change in the future, but at this stage

It turned out that it is a condition that users with shoes with energy 5 or more and Luck 5 or more can easily acquire the mystery box.

It may be difficult for users who have one pair, but it should be a shortcut to raise the level of shoes and increase the number of shoes first! Let’s continue today!

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