How to proceed efficiently in the early stages of Jobtribes

Jobtibes, a P2E game rumored to make money. I tried to register, but when I look at the screen, there seems to be a lot of things to do, and how do I proceed most efficiently? I will explain to those who have 3 years of experience of job tribes!

I don’t know how to get started! Please check this article first.

[Super Easy! ] A complete Guide how to start JobTribes What you can learn from this article What is JobTribes?How to earn money in JobTribesHow much you can actually earn with Job TribesHow to start playing JobTr...

First of all, we will grasp the whole of what is from the top page. Click here for the main functions ⇩

The early stages will be advanced in steps.
① Read through the manga
② Advance the main story and improve your stamina
③Proceed with free quests while doing daily quests

When the materials are accumulated …
We will continue to train gods and amulets.


1. Read through the manga!

Let’s start with the manga in the upper right corner of the Free & Daily Quest page!


You can get materials to grow amulets and elixirs to increase stamina just by reading, so let’s move on!

It doesn’t consume stamina, so you can proceed quickly without any restrictions.

2. Let’s proceed the main story!

We will proceed with the main story that depicts the world view of Job Tribes.

There are 7 chapters in total, 10 stages each.

You can get materials just by reading the story, and you can proceed with the prepared deck instead of your own deck, so let’s proceed with it.


You can proceed as if you were reading a manga as before.

Stamina up!

As you progress through the story, you’ll see a screen where you don’t have enough stamina.

When you try to proceed the next story (stage) even though I don’t have enough stamina, I get “Not enough stamina”. This can be remedied with drugs such as elixir.

Stamina recovers 1 every 5 minutes, so if you don’t want to use Elixir, play after a while.

How to collect elixir?

・ Clear Stage 5 of Daily Quest (normal, hard, super hard respectively)
・ Advance the main story
・ Read Job Tribes Manga
・ Earn with a login bonus

Be careful not to overuse this elixir as it will be an important item if you want to break into the top ranks in ranking battles.

Raise your stamina!

As you accumulate free stories, you will accumulate Pale coins to some extent. (You can check how much you collected at the top of the top screen)

You can increase your stamina limit by using Pale coins.

The piggy bank will tell you how many PALE coins you need. (Accessable from the top page)

You can store up to 30LV and 79 stamina.

This stamina is more efficient to play at maximum, so it is recommended to use all Pale coins initially to maximize stamina .

2. Let’s proceed with daily & free quests!

Once you’ve gained stamina and can afford it, proceed with daily and free quests to collect materials.

Daily quests are divided into 1 and 2. In 1 you will get the main sand to grow the amulet, and in 2 you will get the stones needed for the gods.

There are up to 6 chapters in the main story.

There are 10 stages each, normal hard and super hard, and the higher the difficulty level, the more PALE coins and materials you can get as stamina to consume.

First, let’s go to the point where we can proceed while reading the story in normal mode !


By the way, you can speed up or switch to automatic mode by tapping on the upper right of the screen!

The stage that enters the battle screen consumes stamina, so it is recommended that you do not return once you clear it and proceed to the next.

Q & A ① How to win efficiently?

In the card battle of JobTribes, it is indispensable to win efficiently.

✅ Attribute compatibility

✅ Attack speed

✅ Presence or absence of skill attack

Becomes important.

Check attribute compatibility

JobTribes has a total of 6 attributes, and if you are good at it, your attack power will be 1.5 times, and if you are not good at it, it will be halved.

It’s a good idea to check your opponent’s deck composition before fighting and give your deck an advantage.

Focus on speed!

Each amulet has a speed, and this speed determines the order of attacks.

You can advance the battle to your advantage by attacking before the enemy and defeating the enemy.


By the way, the fire, water, and wood attributes tend to be faster than the poisonous mine attributes!

By all means, the enemy moves first and loses! In that case , use support skills !! (Must be done manually)

The support skill button that appears at the bottom right of the battle screen. Recovery and speedup can only be used once during a battle, so I definitely want to take advantage of it! !!

It can only be used once during a battle, so it is recommended to consider the timing.

Skill attack

There are differences in the skills you have depending on the type of amulet.

There are 3 skill attacks in all, but “breaking through the limit” is essential to open all of them …

It is recommended to grow the skills in the 1st and 2nd rows that have an attack as much as possible.

For example, the crab fisherman ⇩ attacks the initial skill (first row) three times at random. The skill in the third row is an oversized attack, so it is a card that you want to actively grow as a card specializing in attacks!

The speed will increase as you level up, while the skill will not change unless you change the amulet.

Rather than defending in the early stages, it is recommended to make a total attack with a card with high attack power and proceed with the story.

Q & A ② What is debt?

At the bottom right of the battle screen, there is something suspicious about “borrowing”.

It is consumed from a certain amount of budget when using the amulet skill, but it is required when this is insufficient.

Actually, I want to use this positively .


Your PALE coins will not decrease and you don’t have to return them, so let’s use them positively!

Furthermore, even if you lose, you don’t have to return it.

It is more efficient to win and receive items than to lose and consume stamina without borrowing.

It is important to note that the amount of PALE coins earned will decrease as you will be deducted directly from the success fee if you borrow money.

If you don’t have an amulet card with the skill to increase the budget in your deck, you will need it in many situations, so don’t worry about it and proceed with the story.

Save sand and raise the level of your character!

As you progress through the free story, your enemies become stronger and you can’t win! You may be in such a situation. That’s because the level of my deck is low! !!

Let’s grow while using the materials collected so far.

The required materials will change depending on the amulet, so check each time.

Please refer to the following articles for the required materials and numbers.

[Job Tribes] How to grow an amulet and the number of items required この記事でわかること How to level up an amuletAbout the items needed to grow an amuletHow to open the upper limit of the levelAmulet training tips 【About tr...

Let’s break through the limit!

Amulets can grow when materials are gathered to some extent. Normally, you can only raise the level up to MAX20, but you can raise the upper limit of the level by doing “God-seeking” and using the same amulet / NFT (or limit breakthrough item).

The required amulet list and level limit are as follows

Stage of breaking through the limitRequired number of amuletsLevel limit
1st time (★)One piece apart from the original amulet20th level → 30th level
Second time (★★)Two pieces apart from the original amulet30th level → 40th level
3rd time (★★★)3 pieces apart from the original amulet40th level → 50th level

Click here for how to break through the limit

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You should aim for a legendary card!

Amulet cards have different abilities depending on their rarity.If you want to train, we recommend cards with overwhelmingly high rarity.

Play steadily and save money!

At Job Tribes, you can earn PALE coins in various ways such as lottery events and ranking battles!

Play steadily to raise the level of your deck

Please refer to the following article for details on how to make money with Job Tribe ⇩

[Super Easy! ] A complete Guide how to start JobTribes What you can learn from this article What is JobTribes?How to earn money in JobTribesHow much you can actually earn with Job TribesHow to start playing JobTr...
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