[All you need to know] How to get a role on Axie’s Discord

Axie Infinty Roll

I think that many people use Discrd to get the latest information on Axie, but if you do not get the role of [role] in the future, you may not be able to get the information you want.

Officially announced
“Soon , people who do not have a role with 3 or more Axies will not be able to chat.

In a few moments, several changes will be made to the Discord to ensure our Discord can scale to meet the needs of our growing community. Most channels will require the Lunacian role (those that own three or more Axies) to be able to chat.

— 2021/10/21 Axie Infinity ー announcements


This role granting system, which started in September, is officially described as [ Phase 1 ].
With the introduction of the [Collab. Land bot] service in the role function, it is expected that some kind of restricted or restricted community will be created in the future.

• Ensure the community is represented by true Axie owners.
• Make it more expensive for scammers to make discord accounts.
• Allow you to claim the Lunacian role if you own at least 3 Axies. There are also special roles based on owning rare Axies.

This announcement is phase one of the Collab. Land launch. In phase one, we are just opening Collab.Land for sign-ups and will not be restricting any channels. If you join and obtain the Lunacian role, you will have access to chat in | general.

— 2021/09/27 Axie Infinity ー announcements

The task of assigning rolls is very easy, so it is recommended that you do it before you forget it.

It will be over in 5 minutes!

This page explains the actual role acquisition procedure with screenshots.

* You will not be asked for a seed phrase for Ronin Wallet or MetaMask!
Not limited to granting rolls, there are many scams that send DMs by pretending to be [Support Center]!
In the world of virtual currency, you can only protect yourself.
Please be careful enough!


How to get a role on Axie’s Discord

A role is a function of Discord, and is like a job title or position that can be assigned to each account by the server owner who subscribes.
The roles defined by Axie Infinty are divided into nine stages in total.

You can get a role on Axie Infinity’s server by doing certain tasks.

From the official Axie Infinty server.

First, use Discord to access the Axie Infinity server.


Slide the left sidebar down a little.

Get role 1


Get role 2

! join
Post a comment.
* It is half-width, even if you copy and paste other people, it is ok.

Get role 3

Click to receive a DM from a service called Collad.Land when the transmission is completed.

Get role 4

Click where it says Click Here in blue letters.

Get role 5

The link is credible, so yeah! Let’s click.

Is it OK for English notation?

Get role 6

When you opened it in a different window, click [CONNECT WITH AXIE].

Get role 7

Work with Axie Infinity on this screen.
Keep RoninWallet logged in and
Top[Login with Ronin Wallet] Click.

Get role 8

This completes the integration with the information contained in your Ronin Wallet.
The role granting work is complete.

Get role 9

How to check the role

You can find out if you have been granted a role by clicking on your account name within Axie Infinity’s server.

* The role is not granted even if you click on a server other than Axie Infinity.

To check, click your name in the comments you posted.

Get role 10


The name where the comment is displayed, not your profile!

9 types of roles

There are a total of 9 types of roles currently assigned to players within Axie Infinity.

Original text

Role Requirements
Newbie Has a Ronin address and marketplace account
Lunacian Own any 3 Axies
Axie Collector Own any 10 Axies
Origin Axie owner Owns at least one Axie with the title Origin
Land Owner Own any plot of land
Verified Mystic Axie Owner Own at least 1 Axie with a mystic body part
Double Mystic Own at least 1 Axie with 2 or more mystic body parts
Triple Mystic Own at least 1 Axie with 3 or more mystic body parts
Quad Mystic Own at least 1 Axie with 4 or more mystic body parts

The upper translations are as follows.

role Necessary items
Newby Have a Ronin address and a marketplace account
Luna Cyan Own 3 or more Axie
Axie collector Own 10 or more Axie
Original Axie owner Own one or more Axie with the original title
Land owner Own the land of Axie Land
Mystic Axie Owner Own one or more Axie with mystic body parts
Double mystic Own 2 or more Axie with mystic body parts
Triple mystic Own 3 or more Axie with mystic body parts
Quad Mystic Own at least 1 Axie with 4 or more mystic body parts
I want to be a Mystic Axie owner!

As I explained at the beginning, there is currently no information about role-related restrictions or closed channels.

It seems that the purpose of granting roles is to suppress the posting of comments by bots.

That concludes the information about the role.

Thank you for reading to the end!

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