[Axie Infinity] How to choose the first 3 bodies | Complete explanation of winning decks


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In this article, I will explain “How to choose the first three bodies”, which is the wall that most people hit when starting Axie Infinity.

If you are reading this article, I’m sure you think

  • “I want to start Axie Infinity, but what kind of Axie should I buy to win? Won’t you lose it? “
  • “I bought an Axie, but I can’t win at all … I wonder if I bought a weak Axie?”
  • The discord in the Axie area says that this Axie is strong, but is it okay to imitate it?

Isn’t it a problem like that?

When I first started Axie Infinity, I bought it without knowing what kind of Axie was strong. And I failed brilliantly (laugh)

There are various perspectives on the criteria for buying an Axie.

  • What is your goal? (Aim at the top of the ranking? Let it be used for scalars?)
  • How much is your budget? (Note that high = not strong)
  • Can you handle Adventure (computer battle)?
  • Is that Axie easy for anyone to handle?

However, one criterion for Axie Infinity beginners to choose!


Choose an Axie that will earn you money .

  • It is a popular composition that frequently appears in the world’s top 100 leaderboard.
  • It’s relatively cheap among the decks that appear in the world’s top 100 leaderboard.
  • It is a deck that can achieve MMR 2,200 (maximum efficiency in earning SLP) or more.
  • Easy to do adventure
  • Easy to handle and can fight with a certain pattern
  • Therefore, it can also be used for scholarships.
  • Just right as an introduction to Axie (not too easy and not too difficult)

On the other hand, if you imitate the composition of a first-class player or swallow Discord’s information, you may not be able to handle it yourself and win.

Therefore, I will tell you about “Points to note when choosing the first deck” and “Recommended 3 body composition” that beginners tend to fall into.

These three bodies can be played by yourself or handed over to Mr. Scalar, and have a very versatile structure.

Also, if you want to think about your own composition and buy it, please take a look at the more detailed “How to choose the first three” note. It explains in detail what parts (skill cards) should be inserted for each Axie class. (For intermediate users)

In Season 20, the previously powerful “Double Anemone” may be nerfed (weakened).
Many other cards have been adjusted, so please take a look at this video.


Why does “how to choose the first three” determine your earnings?

In Axie Infinity how you choose the first three will make a big difference in your earnings .

There are 6 types of Axies (called classes), each with different strengths and characteristics. (To be exact, there are 9 types, but you can ignore them when considering how to select the initial 3 bodies.)

Screenshot 2021-11-17 17.44.37
Features of 6 types of Axie

In addition to these, a total of 6 parts, “eyes, mouth, ears, back, horns, and tail,” determine the skills and stats used by Axie.

Axie Infinity has an endless strategy with this combination of classes and parts, which in itself enhances the fun of the game.

However, it is very complicated for beginner players, and what kind of combination is easy to win? Is confusing.

1. The upper limit of MMR that can be earned depends on the deck composition

Axie Infinity has an index called MMR (Matchmaking Rate). Depending on the level of this rate, the number of SLPs you can get in one game will change.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 17.47.07
Relationship between MMR and SJP earned at the time of victory

This MMR has a direct impact on your bottom line , so maintaining the highest possible rate is the key to monetization .

However, in MMR, there is a zone where you can never go up if the deck composition is bad, no matter how good the player is. How far can MMR go depending on the deck? The potential of is decided to some extent .

[MMR deciding factor] = Deck potential x Player’s arm

Therefore , depending on the first three bodies, the upper limit of the amount of money you can earn will be decided .

2. It’s more fun to have a strong deck!

When choosing the first three, you need to think about a deck structure that you can win in the arena properly .

If you don’t win in the arena, your MMR won’t go up, but it’s simply not fun. In order to continue the game, the game must be fun, right?

This ” whether you can continue to have fun ” is an important factor that is often overlooked.

People who exceed MMR 2,000 basically do not stop after that. But many people stop before reaching that MMR.

3. There is a possibility of scholarship and bleeding

As the game becomes more enjoyable and the MMR exceeds 2,200, you will naturally be interested in more profitable earning methods such as scholarships and bleeds.

The scholarship is like “tell others what you can do and make a copy of yourself.”

Therefore, the more you are confident that you can win in playing, the easier it is to recommend it to scalars and the easier it is to teach playing.


It means that “a deck that you can win = a deck that you can win a scalar “.

Winning decks are of course of great value in the market, so if you can bleed and create a high-demand Axie, that will be directly linked to profits.

In other words, aligning the initial three decks to a structure that allows you to win in the arena will expand your profitability in the future.

4 points to note when playing a deck with a high ranking

Screenshot 2021-11-17 17.53.47
Top ranker decks are open to the public

The royal road to deciding on an initial deck is to pluck all the decks in the top rankings. On a site called “Leaderboard“, you can see how the top 100 players are fighting.

However, care must be taken when beginners imitate this. There are four reasons.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 17.55.21
Precautions when imitating a ranker deck

1. You can’t decide which deck to imitate

Axie Infinity has many people who mainly provide information on Twitter and Youtube, and those people also tell us that “these three Axies are good for the start.

However, the positions are different depending on whether they are “people who are extremely playing,” “people who are doing scholarships,” or “people who are mainly bleeding.”

Depending on the position, the grounds for “what axies are recommended” are different and often not explained in detail, so beginners may not know “who is best for me to follow?”

In addition, the information on the Leaderboard site is not real-time and has a time lag.

Often it’s a deck from the previous season, so it ‘s possible that something doesn’t fit the latest game rules .

2. Budget is expensive

The top decks in the ranking have high axes to win.

Therefore, if you try to imitate the Axie configuration, the purchase cost will be high and you may greatly exceed your budget.

In addition, a high axie is not just a strong axie.

It’s only meaningful if you have a set of 3 bodies and all the parts, so even if you think “I can’t do everything on a budget, but I’ll try to imitate only 2 bodies”, instead of getting similar performance, only low performance comes out. It may not be there.

3. It is easy to overlook small details such as ear and eye parts.

And, in detail, sometimes you don’t notice the parts of your eyes and ears.

Axie’s status depends not only on the mouth, corners, back, and tail that the technique is set on, but also on the attributes of the eye and ear parts.

Top players take into account the details and think about Axie, but it is difficult for beginners to imagine such thoughts.

If you compromise strangely and just buy something close to you, it will be counterproductive.

4. Difficult to master

Axie’s battle needs to be calculated from the infinite number of classes and parts combinations and strategies to think about the deck composition.

Therefore, when you are taught the initial three bodies, it will be difficult to master them unless the playing instruction is set .

Even if you use the same Axie, the winning percentage will vary greatly depending on how you form the formation, how to select the cards, and the timing of the battlefield.

With playing guidance, you can understand the intention of “why are those three?”, And you can respond to changes in the fighting style according to the opponent’s deck, and you can increase the winning percentage.

On the contrary, if you do not understand “how to use” as a set, you will not be able to achieve the same results as the top ranker even if the deck composition is the same.

Be careful when choosing recommended builds on the internet

Famous Axie build collection

Also, on the internet, as a “recommended builds for beginners”,

  • Place the plant on the front-line
  • Place beasts, birds, and aquas in the middle and back lines

I often see these builds are introduced.

The reason of this is to put a plant with high HP in the avant-garde and use it as a tank, and attack opponents with middle and back liners which have high attack power and low HP (called an attacker).

This is certainly a reasonable build, and many people still use it, but there are a few caveats here as well.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 18.08.28
Precautions for Template Axie

Now that you understand the precautions in advance, which Axie should you choose? Let’s move on to the explanation of that idea.

[Basic knowledge] Let’s understand how to determine Axie’s stats and skills

How to determine Axie’s stats

I mentioned earlier that Axie has 9 classes, but each class has different Base Stats (basic ability score).

Bird Bird27433535
Base Stats for each class

・ Heath : Axie’s HP. At level 1, the value of Heath is multiplied by 10.

-Speed : Speed determines turn order. The fastest axies in the battle teams attack first. If the speed is the same, the order will be decided according to the following.

High speed> Low HP> High Skill> High Morale> Low Fighter ID

-Skill : Used for damage calculation when combo (using multiple techniques). * (Card attack power x Skill value) / 500

-Morale : Affects critical rate, the decision to enter last stand, and number of bars on the last stand

Calculation formula: (Final damage-remaining HP) <(HP x Morare / 100)

The values in this table are added to the Body Parts values for each part to determine the final Axie stats.

Bird Bird+3+1
Body Parts Status Bonus

For example, if the Class of Axie itself is “Aquatic” and the Body Parts of each part are all “Aquatic”, the ability value will change by the following calculation.


Axie with matching all body part classes is called Pure.

The three types of Dawn / Dusk / Mech do not have body parts such as back, mouth, horns, and tail, so there is no pure. (Maybe added in the future)

Recent rule changes have added a change that increases combo damage depending on the Skill value, which can make Mech especially popular.

Basic knowledge of Ability Card

Next, I will explain the Ability Card, which changes the techniques that can be used depending on the back, mouth, horns, and tail.

Each card (more than 130 types) has various effects, and you can activate various effects such as attack and health recovery during the battle.

Here’s how to read the Ability Card!

What kind of technique can be used depends on which body parts are attached, so it is important to choose carefully.

Let’s also understand the class bonus

Like the Axie itself, the Ability Card also has a Class.

Depending on which class the Ability Card is, the damage done to the opponent’s Axie will also change.

Therefore, when considering measures for the trendy party composition, which class The point is to choose an Ability Card.

Attack power is increased by + 15% for advantageous classes of Axie itself, and attack power is increased by -15% for disadvantaged classes .

This advantage / disadvantage is calculated between the Class of the Ability Card used and the Class of the other Axie main unit.

Example 1) Class of the other party Axie body: Beast
Class of my Axie body: Aquatic
Class of Ability Card I use: Aquatic
→ Damage + 15%

Example 2) Class of the other party Axie body: Beast
Class of my Axie body: Aquatic
Class of Ability Card I use: Plant
→ Damage-15%


You can judge the class by the color of the band of the Ability Card.

  • Plant → green
  • Aqutic → blue
  • Bird → Pink
  • Beast → Orange
  • Bug → Red
  • Reptile → Purple
  • Dawn → No Ability Card
  • Dusk → No Ability Card
  • Mech → No Ability Card

If you want to know the Ability Card that should be inserted for each class, please refer to this note as well.

What are the characteristics of weak Axie? The importance of choosing

Now that you understand the basic characteristics of Axie, I will explain the points that are easy to fail when choosing Axie.

Since the knowledge of the card is greatly involved, it is also a place that beginners should especially understand!

1. Too much emphasis on cards and biased attributes

If you look at the list of Body Parts, you will see something like “I want to use this card”.

What I want you to remember at this time is the balance of classess

For example, because the speed is fast, you can attack all at once! What do you think would happen if you had this kind of team?

3 birds that focus on attack

→ Yes, you will lose.

Birds have a high attack power, but they are vulnerable to being attacked and can be defeated if 3 or 4 cards are used.


Even in situations where the opponent’s remaining energy is low, there is a high possibility that they will be overthrown if they are attacked.

2. The condition for increasing damage is “insufficient”

Some cards only work under certain conditions.

For example, if you put an Ability Card called CACTUS in Bird.

CACTUS has the effect of “increasing the attack power to 120% when this Axie last attacks”.

Bird is the fastest Speed in all Classes. Therefore, the conditions under which the effect can be activated are considerably limited, which is a very wasteful combination.

3.0 No cost card or energy recovery card adopted

During the battle

  • 1st round = 3 energies
  • 2nd round = 2 energies

Will be given.

Using a card basically consumes energy, so this energy changes when you attack or put up a shield.

In Axie Infinity battles, energy management is an important factor in winning or losing .

If you don’t have a 0 cost or energy recovery card, you will have a round that you can only wait for, and your opponent will see through your behavior pattern.


It’s difficult to win in a slammed state throughout the battle, using too much energy in the first half.

4. You are choosing a card that requires player skills

Axie Infinity also has “cards that require player skills”.

In addition to the basic rules, it is important to determine “when and how many cards to use”.

For example, Terminator, one of the popular Axie.

Terminator Ability Card

“SNAIL SHELL” on the upper left of the image will stun the opponent who destroyed the shield when attacked by the opponent and the shield is destroyed.

In other words, you need to use snail shells and other cards well when you are about to be defeated, and adjust your defense to stun.

In this way, it is very difficult for Terminator to decide when to use a card, so even if it is strong, it may not be possible to use it.


It’s better to prepare another Axie for the scholar.

[Season 19 compatible] The first three recommended are this!

When I understood the basic rules and the characteristics of Axie that I couldn’t win, I think I felt “Which Axie is better after all?”


So, I will explain Axie that I was playing and felt that “this Axie is strong”.

Once again, I will tell you the recommended criteria for beginners.

  • It is a popular composition that frequently appears in the world’s top 100 leaderboard.
  • It’s relatively cheap among the decks that appear in the world’s top 100 leaderboard.
  • It is a deck that can achieve MMR 2,200 (maximum efficiency in earning SLP) or more.
  • Easy to do adventure
  • Easy to handle and can fight with a certain pattern
  • Therefore, it can also be used for scholarships.
  • Just right as an introduction to Axie (not too easy and not too difficult)

I recommend teams that meet this standard.

Double Anemone / Hare Bird is recommended!

Image 10
It is a popular deck called Double Anemone / Hare Bird.

[Recommended first 3 teams]
・ Frontline: Aqua (tank)
・ Middle lane: Aqua (tank)
・ Backline: Bird (attacker)

It is a bird / aqua / aqua configuration that is easy to do adventure.

Since the two Axies are almost the same aqua, the point is that it is easy to use once you remember a specific pattern.

Front line: Aqua ①

( Open Merket Place )

Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.27.32
Aqua ① Body parts
  • Eyes: Gero
  • Ears: Gill
  • Claws: Anemone
  • Mouth: Lam
  • Corner: Anemone
  • Tail: Nimo
Aqua ① ability

▼ Avant-garde: Features of Aqua ①
・ Anemone: Recovery
・ Lam: Attack & High Defense
・ Nimo: Energy recovery

Front line: Aqua②

( Open Merket Place )

Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.20.25
Aqua ② Body parts
  • Eyes: Clear
  • Ears: linking
  • Claws: Anemone
  • Mouth: Piranha
  • Corner: Anemone
  • Tail: Nimo
Aqua ② ability

▼ Avant-garde: Features of Aqua②
・ Anemone: Recovery
・ Piranha: High attack & target change
・ Nimo: Energy recovery

Back line: Bird

( Open Merket Place )

Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.32.51
Bird’s Body parts
  • Eyes: Mavis
  • Ears: Owl
  • Claws: Pigion Post
  • Mouth: Little Owl
  • Corner: Eggshell
  • Tail: Hare
Bird abilities

▼ Rearguard: Characteristics of Bird
・ Little owl: Back attack
・ Eggshell: Change of attack by aroma
・ Pigeon Post: Transfer to debuff
・ Hare: Card replenishment

Arena basic tactics in recommended decks

1. Back attack by attacker

The trick is to defeat the opponent’s attacker early with the bird’s back attack (Little owl). (Little owl: target the enemy with the fastest speed)

Bird is quick to act, so with a combo of Little owl, Eggshell, and Pigeon Post, you can attach the aroma that you have to your opponent, and the subsequent aqua attacks will also be in the backline of your opponent. (Aroma debuff: Target of attack regardless of the placement of the avant-garde and rearguard)

Then, you can defeat the opponent’s troublesome backline attacker at once .

Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.52.29
1. You can change the target to a rearguard attacker with Little owl.
Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.52.51
2. Use Eggshell to add your own aroma
Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.53.50
3. Attach to the other party with Pigeon post

You can also return poison at the Pigeon Post even for poison parties that appear when you exceed MMR2000.

2. Withstand the firepower of the opponent with double anemone

Also, by having two Anemone axies, you can recover 100 HP with one attack.

As long as it is not defeated at once, you can survive by making full use of recovery, so if the opponent attacker can defeat it early, you will be able to survive.

Anemone’s cards can also function as a shield to prevent them from being defeated after reading the damage they receive, even when their HP is full.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.51.30
Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.55.03

Also, Lam’s card has 120% attack power when its HP is 50% or less. The feature is that it can be repeated while producing firepower.

Piranha’s cards always have an attack power of 120, and it’s great to be able to revenge after damaging the Axie behind with a bird’s back attack.

3. Hare covers the lack of firepower

Hare’s card can draw another card so can cover lack of firepower.
It can also produce high firepower for plants, reptiles, and dusks that are incompatible with birds.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 19.56.52

Explanation of teams that are not good at recommended builds

Of course, this build isn’t perfect either, and there are parties that I’m not good at.

1. If you have high firepower & high\ shield Reptile in your opponent

Anemone does not play an active part and ends up unbearably.

Reptile has a class advantage with Aqua and Bird, and it is often impossible to defeat it due to lack of firepower here.

2. Reptile / Dusk with Tri Spikes

Tri Spike Reptile

Tri Spikes’ “Spike Throw” aims at the character with the lowest shield. If 4 pieces are cut at once, one of the 3 axies will die almost instantly.

Thorny Caterpillar’s “Allergic reaction” also deals 130% damage when debuffed, so it goes well with other cards that have a debuffing effect on stuns and speeddowns.

3. Plant, plant, bird deck

In addition to having two plants that are not good at it, the opponent’s bird is often a pure bird (all body parts are bird class).

In the case of pure bird, you can move ahead of this bird, so there are many cases where the opponent’s bird is attacked before the back attack on this bird is complete.

Even if the bird can be defeated, it is an attribute that the plant is not good at, and it often has recovery with high HP, so it is difficult to defeat it.

The explanation for those who want to think about the team and choose it by themselves

Although there are recommended deck configurations, it is not a combination that can win all teams.

As introduced above, there are teams that are good and bad at any builds.

The order in which you draw the cards is different each time, so there is some luck factor.

That’s the fun of Axie Infinity, but it’s easy to understand for beginners, and I will introduce the basic idea when choosing Axie of the classic Beast, Aquatic, Plant.

However, the Ability Card has effects and status adjustments as appropriate, so please keep in mind that this is the characteristic of Axie that is strong in the current environment.

* This article does not deal with hybrids (such as attaching an Aquatic card to Beast).

▼ Ability Card adjustments have been made in the past (partial excerpt)

Source: https://axie.substack.com/p/play-axie-earn-dai-fa7

How to choose Beast

First, I will explain Beast, which is the easiest to understand.

Beast is an attack-type Axie that needs no explanation and is easy to damage Plant, Reptile, and Dusk, which have high durability.

It is a great advantage over Plants, which many people place it on the front line.

On the other hand, for Bird and Aquatic, which have higher speeds, the amount of damage may increase and it will be bumpy. (It dies when it was attacked with 3 cards)

That said, even if you do your best to deal with Bird and Aquatic, which you are not good at, you will not be able to win at Speed, so your efforts will be a watershed.


Axie is the same as human beings, and it is better to develop what you are good at.

It is very important to think that other Axie will complement the parts that you are not good at.

So how easy is it to defeat Plant / Reptile / Dusk when choosing Beast’s Axie? It can be said that you should think about.

From this point of view, the Ability cards that I thought were strong when attached to Beast are as follows.

[table id=67 column_widths=”17.5%|12.5%|70%” responsive=scroll /]

In addition, Beast consumes energy, so it is better to add a combination of “IMP + RONIN” or give other Axie energy recovery.

  • Attack-type Axie, focus on defeating Plant, Reptile, Dusk
  • Bird / Aquatic measures are wasteful
  • Ability card emphasizes attack power
  • You should put an energy recovery role in the party

How to choose Aquatic

Next, I will explain about Aquatic.

Aquatic is the same attack type as Beast, but it has lower firepower at the cost of higher speed and durability than Beast.

As I mentioned earlier , one-on-one with Beast is almost unbeatable .

On the contrary, the durable Plant, Reptile, and Dusk will have a hard time .


If you’re using Aquatic and you’re front line Plant or back line Dusk, you’ll be discouraged.

Like Beast, you can’t beat Bird at Speed, so give up.

What should be focused on is how to take the lead against the opponent’s Aquatic? It can be said that you should think about.

Therefore, Ability cards that have the effect of increasing Speed are often used. Basically, Aquatic often sees configurations that make all Ability cards Aquatic.

[table id=68 column_widths=”17.5%|12.5%|70%” responsive=scroll /]

Also, as I introduced in the recommendation, the so-called “Double Anemone” with two ANEMONEs attached to Aquatic is very powerful because you can recover 100 HP by using one ANEMONE.

  • It’s an offensive Axie, and you should focus on taking the lead against your opponent’s Aquatic.
  • Don’t try to beat Bird at Speed
  • Ability card emphasizes attack power
  • Double anemone is also powerful

How to choose a plant

Next, I will explain about Plant.

Unlike the Axie introduced so far, the Plant is a durable type with a slow speed at the cost of high HP.

Also, depending on the Ability card you choose, you can play a role of tank, energy supply, and recovery, which greatly expands the range of strategies.

It has a great advantage over Aquatic and Bird, but is very weak against Beast .


If your opponent uses a Beast card and you get a critical hit, it is so tragic moment.

The plant has the slowest speed, so it’s better to take advantage of that slowness.

for example,

  • Consume your opponent with highly defensive cards and recovery cards
  • Steal the remaining energy
  • Poison your opponent

You can think of such a strategy.

From the above points of view, the Ability cards that I thought were strong when attached to Aquatic are as follows.

[table id=69 column_widths=”17.5%|12.5%|70%” responsive=scroll /]

“Leaf Bug”, which can recover 1 energy at 0 cost when used in combination with other Plant cards, is also preferred.

  • Durable Axie, focus on disturbing your opponent
  • It is possible to have a wide range of strategies depending on the Ability card you choose
  • Ability card emphasizes defense and durability

Summary: Winning or losing is decided by how to choose Axie!

So far, I have touched on how to choose Axie, which is the first and biggest wall.

You can’t win just by having a high-priced Axie or a strong Ability Card, so which Ability Card to choose when? The idea is also important.

Also, depending on the person

  • People who can earn at least because they don’t have time
  • Those who want to get into the upper ranks in the arena and earn a lot of money
  • Those who want to buy Axie which is easy to handle because it is rented to Scalar

There are various situations.


It’s also fun to find an easy-to-use Axie to see what kind of fighting style suits your playing style.

Please try it out and find your favorite configuration!