Axie Infinty │ akarui’s Manager Balance Report Oct/2021

Axie Infinty Scholarship System
This is Akarui, the author of this article.

I’m doing a lot of work to tell, “I’ve enjoyed Axie Infinty and other blockchain games!” as many people as possible.

I guess there are many people who are interested in scholarships (or managers) at Axie.

I will leave the income and expenditure of October as an article including personal failure and success stories.

I think it’s boring just for money, so “What kind of scholar did I hire?” “What do I actually feel hiring he?”is introduced in this article.

I hope it will be helpful to people who think “I can’t find a good scholar.” “Let’s start a manager from now on”.


How much did I earn in My Accounts this Month?

First , the Akarui’s personal account acquisition SLP was 6365.

MMR is up and down from 1800 to 2100.

You will get 15 SLP if you win in PvP over the rate of MMR.

Simple calculation,
Stamina 20 → As a win rate of half, 10 × 15 = 150 slp
Adventure 50slp
Daily quest 25slp
150 + 50 + 25 = 225 SLP is an daily average,
The ideal SLP is 225 x 31 days →→[6975slp]

But 6365SLP is actual number …

I lost 610 SLP, because I was busy in October and had many days to leave stamina.

If 1SLP is $0.07, it is $42.7.
It’s a waste.

Busy & tired → Sleeping time is prioritized
It is the impression of the 4th month.

When playing the arena, all the opponents have the same composition.
“I’m not excited”
“not fun”
This is my honest feeling.

The best solution is changing myself rather than changing the other person.
But I’m attached to the Axie I bought when I started, so I can’t buy a new one.

“I can’t play AixeInfinity because I’m too busy to buy a new one!”
I’m thinking carefully now because I’m afraid of what will happen.

The biggest problem is that my MMR is around 1800-2100.
Therefore, my scholar has never exceeded MMR 2100.

I see the TOP player on Youtube, Axie Zone, etc.
But we can’t know which Aixe they are using in 2300 and 2500.

It seems that there are a lot of poisonous parties, however the fashion is likely to change every seasons.
So, I can’t decide to buy a new one.

I think something has changed when I report next month.

I got tired of it in the 4th month and started to skip playing.
Earning SLP was 6365.
Scholars can’t leave results beyond me.

Looking Back on Scholarship

I started playing myself in July, and after about two weeks, I started scholarship.

I hired 12 scholars in a hurry, and to say the truth, there are good/bad people.
(Now it is repeatedly decreasing and increasing)

Many managers are worried about choosing a scholar.
I don’t think anyone will be happy if I paste the total number of SLP my scholars earned.
So, I categorized the scholars I am currently hiring and it would help for you to choose scholar, .

Please refer to it when you hire a new scholar from now on.

I’m looking from the official discord server.

Young who like Games and Subculture (18 to 25 years old)

People who like games, anime, and manga in their self-introduction sentences are good point for me.

They play positively and produce more than expected.
So when you hire a new scholar,
“Are there any friends who like games and want to play Axie?”
I have been asked to them.

I will continue to use this method in the future.

These guys know how to win in Axie, so I’ve provided proper Axies to him.
And he is currently playing on MMR1800-2100.

Game (Axie) lovers is recommended because they are comfortable playing every day, and they needn’t to coach.
If you found posters for games and anime in their room, it’s a jackpot!

Responsible Woman (20-30 years old)

“Women tend to play as a job”

I heard such a rumor somewhere, so I’m hiring only two women from Venezuela.
They look responsible because of the context of the interaction and the atmosphere of the selfie.

People with this attribute are not miss.

I’ll tell you in this expression.
Basically, they plays every day, and MMR is 1200-1500.
It’s a not bad.

However, I personally want to raise everyone to over MMR1800.

“How are you?”
“Please tell me if you want another Axie you want.”
“Don’t you hate Axie right now?”
I’d suggest replacing it with a new one if Axie matches that person, but “I’m satisfied with the current situation, so it’s okay!”
Will be refused.

It’s quite possible that you happened to hire a humble person, but for some reason they both refuse to upgrade.

I think it’s better for them to upgrade …

In any case, they won’t complain or keep skipping, so there’s no dissatisfaction or stress on them.
I want to say thank you for playing every day.

We will continue to respond according to their mood.

May Venezuelan women be responsible and humble?
It may be recommended for people who want to play silently.

Unemployed Man affected by COVID (30 years old)

The good thing about scholarships is that we can improve scholar’s poverty problem in some areas.

I heard that many people were forced to lose their jobs due to the COVID, so I hired these people.
“I am in trouble because I am unemployed”
“I have children, so please help me”

It might be a lie, but it may be true.

It doesn’t matter which is true at this time, the category is
“People who are unemployed affected by COVID”

These people are recommended if you are hiring for the first time.

They play Axie without any problems, and they doesn’t need Axie’s skills or arena advice.
And they seem to have enough time to play and have already studied and understood it.

They are so familiar with game that I doubt it’s a multi-account.

(Usually they have no experience with Axie, so it is rare to know from the beginning)

Their result aren’t bad, they play every day, and they responds quickly when I contact them.
However, there are a lot of insane contacts.

I want this Axie!” “I want raise my reward to 50%!”
These requests come regularly.
(My scholar’s reward is 40%)

They’ve said the same thing over and over, and I’ve replied many times with the same lines, but they never stop asking …

I think it’s important to communicate with each other, but the message is more troublesome than I expected.

I can’t tell if it’s a noisy person, but
“I want to play Axie Infinty!” I think that the passion is high for unemployed people , so advice for winning from introduction is unnecessary like the person I hired.

Greedy because they have the amount of energy and time I want to earn.
I get so many messages from them.
There is no problem with playing Axie.
Be careful of multi-accounts

Those whom I hired for “Would you like to hire My Family and Friends?”

While interacting with my scholars,
“Sir, are you looking for a new scholar? I want my family to play Axie too.”

It is a case that I hired as it is in consultation.

It was quite a hassle to find a new scholar, so I decided to hire 5-6 people while thinking “It would helpful for me”…

I do not recommend adoption in this case.

This is because even if you lend the same Axie as the scholar who’s MMR is 1500 or higher, the MMR is quite low (1000 or less) and MMR does not rise even if you coach.

When I saw the photo of scholar when I hired him, I was worried about he looks like “Middle aged man”.
“Can you play games? Strategy is quite important for playing Axie.”
His reply was,
“I like games that think about poker bargaining and chess.”
It was not a bad reply, so I hired it.

If you expect them, your mental health will go down.
So, “Do not expect” might be important.

People who looks like “relatives” don’t skip playing at all, but people who seem to be “friends” tend to skip playing.
And even if they contact me via Discord, they don’t get a reply for two days.
I have the impression that he continues playing only for keeping his daily life.

The good news is that there is little chance of being harassed by cheating or lowering the MMR because of the referrals.

If you do not want a high MMR, I recommend to hire them.
Even if the introducer is good at games, person whom referred is not always play well.

People who suddenly appeal on Twitter

If you’re on a Twitter and tweeting Axie-related contents, you suddenly receive appealing message like “Hire me by replying or DM!”.

I tried to adopt it only once.

I don’t want to hire him again! I had the experience.

People whom I adopted was appealing me “I want to be your scholar” even though I didn’t say “I’m looking for a new scalar!”

From the results, he got fired in two weeks.
The average earned per day was about 30 SLP.

MMR when quitting was 262

From the beginning, I was giving a lecture on how to fight ideally, but he didn’t operate as instructed at all.

Just before I fired him, I asked him to “You should raise MMR to 1000 or higher within a week”.

As a result, he couldn’t achieve the border and he felt that this game was boring and quit scholar without rubbing.
(It is unknown whether MMR262 is the result of playing it seriously or disliked)

Another scholar using same Axie is now running at MMR1900.

When hiring,
“If you want to play so much, is the preparation perfect?”
“You’re open because you’re willing to earn, right?”

I was thinking positively, but now it is completely ignored & blocked.

Don’t hire people appealing to you by DM.
I never want to hire them again.

How about the Balance (Payback)

When you start scholarships, you are wondering how long is the payback period.

I have invested about 2 million yen=$18,000 (including my own Axie)
By October 2021, 500,000 yen=$4,500 was converted into Japanese yen.

The rest is WETH, SLP and Axie, so I think it’s roughly worth 500,000 yen.

In the case of the author, about 50% of initial investment had collected after 3 months

And it is a calculation that I can earn “35,000SLP” for one month if I keep the current scholar.

In the case of 1SLP = 8 yen(=$0.07), you can earn 280,000 yen(=$2,500) in one month (tax is calculated separately).
After 3.5 months, 100% of the initial investment will be collected .

However, since the new season will start in November.
Axie’s balance will be lost and it may not be possible to maintain the current MMR rate.
So, I guess it would be a little further.

For those who are about to start Axie

If I give some advice to those who are starting Axie Infinty,
“Choose Axie Carefully!”
is the everything I want to tell.

METAMASK is,… Ronin Wallet is,…
You can learn if you touching it.
Once you buy an Axie, you have no choice but to continue using it until you buy a new Axie.
So, if you buy a weak Axie, you will find it “boring”.

Even if you want to sell and buy a new one, there is almost no use for the weak Axie.
And you can’t sell it unless it’s super cheap.

Let’s try with a cheap Axie for the time being…

You really shouldn’t do this.

There are quite many people who can help you how to choose an Axie, so we recommend that you make good use of such a place.

Thank you for reading to the end!

In the last, I’m always keeping up with the latest information on Axie Infinity and blockchain games, so follow me on your Twitter account if you’d like.
If you have any questions or requests, please send the message on Twitter and I’ll read it.
Thank you for your cooperation.



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