Axie’s formation and placement concept | How to exceed MMR 2,000

[chat face=”S__256253954.jpg” name=”Mari” align=”left” border=”gray bg=” none=”” style=”maru”]When you buy Axie, the first thing to think about is formation.< br> However, if you do not suppress the characteristics of Axie and arrange it as you like, you will lose![/chat]

Of course, you need to look at the balance of the three Axie parts (cards) and decide where to place them, but I will explain the basic idea!


Basic idea of Axie formation

The target of Axie’s attack is basically the first Axie.
However, if they are placed one above the other, they will attack randomly, so be careful when selecting cards!
I will explain in detail!

Axie’s attack target changes depending on the position

Basically, it attacks the first Axie, but be careful when the Axies are placed one above the other.

As shown in the figure on the right, if the first one is against two (upper and lower), it will attack randomly.
If you don’t select a card after understanding it, you may waste your card and energy! (And vice versa)

[chat face=”S__256253954.jpg” name=”Mari” align=”left” border=”gray bg=” none=”” style=”maru”]That’s why it’s so important to think about formations![/chat]

Basic Axie formation for each attribute

The recommended formations are as follows when divided into avant-garde, middle-guard, and rearguard.

  • Front line
    → Plant
  • Middle lane
    → Beast, Aqua, Reptile
  • Back line
    → Plant, aqua, bird, bug

From here onward, it depends on the parts (cards).

* Consulting

High encounter rate! Arena template formation

Plant Reptile Beast

[Front line]
The back card called PUMPKIN (October Treat) is a high-strength plant called Shield / 110.
You can’t defeat it without using multiple cards, but if you try to “save it because you can’t defeat it …”, you will be deprived of energy by the SERIOUS (Vegetal Bite) card.
The horn is also dealt 120% damage with CACTUS (Prickly Trap), and a decent amount of firepower comes out.

[Middle line]
You can attack with reflect (reflection of damage to the attacker) while defending with INDIAN STAR (Bulkwark) on the back and SCALY SPOON (Tiny Catapult) on the horn.

[Back line]
At the same time as aiming for a kill by issuing a critical strike with RONIN (Single Combat) card, energy is recovered by the number of times the critical strikes happened with IMP (Ivory Stab).
You can recover 4 energies with this beast alone in one round.
Since his physical strength is low, this class tend to position the back line.


Plant aqua dusk

[Front line]
Attack the opponent who attacks by stacking the number of cards with the tail YAM (Gas Unleash) (give poison debuff)

[Middle line]
SHRIMP (Chitin Jump) on the tail defeats the backline, which is easy to place Axie with low physical strength and shield, and changes the battle situation.

[Back line]
Trendy terminator. It is a durable type at the end of the game and makes the enemy poor.
・Stun the opponent who destroyed the shield with SNAIL SHELL (Sticky Goo) on the back, consume card energy, and launch a shield penetration attack.
・ Speed-debuff is given by LAGGINGN (Mystic Rush) of the horn card. It distorts the order of attacks.
・ Shave HP while stunning with TINY TURTLE (Chomp) of the mouth card.
・Aim for a kill by dealing 130% damage to the opponent who is receiving a stand buff with THORNY CATERPILLAR (Allergic Reaction) on the tail card.


Plant aqua aqua

[Front line]
Durable with PUMPKIN (October Treat) of the back card and CARROT (Carrot Hammer) of the tail card.
Earn energy with the mouth card called SERIOUS (Vegetal Bite) and CARROT (Carrot Hammer) to prepare for the attack of the middle line.

[Middle line]
NIMO (Tail Slap), a tail card that can recover energy at 0 cost, and GOLDFISH (Swift Escape), a back card that receives Speed + buff when attacked, take the lead and defeat it.

[Back line]
Attack with the tail KOI (Upstream Swim), get Speed + buff, take the lead and defeat it.

Master Axie’s formation and earn SLP!

Choosing a card is important, but if you make a mistake in the formation, you won’t win!

Let’s arrange the formation firmly and utilize the characteristics and cards of Axie to increase the winning percentage of the battle!

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