[Axie play guide] Poison Party Deck and Countermeasures

When you’re fighting in Axie’s arena, you’ll come across a team that just scatter poison around our axies…

“Poison party”

Poison pa is troublesome because

✔ You can stack as many poisons as you like,

✔ Every time you act on any Axie, you will lose 2 HP per poison.

Because it is a specification.

In this example, the first aqua is every time someone acts once.

4 (number of poisons) x 2 (HP reduced per poison) = 8 HP will be removed.

Also, poison enters at the same time as the attack.

In other words, even if you use a recovery card when the HP of this leading aqua is less than 8, you will not be able to recover the axie. (Attack power for the card can be given to the opponent)

How many times have you been hit by the power of this team …!

This time, I will explain the power (attractiveness?) Of poisonous pas and countermeasures.


Poison Party deck

Poison party formation often consists of these three bodies. (Attention is paid to the parts rather than the colour of Axie!)


First, the plant axie.

The sweet potato on the tail is a mark of the poison card. If you attack it, all allies Axie will be poisoned. However, if you don’t attack, the opponent might use a “serious” card which takes away your energy.

2nd Dusk axie

The rightmost card is really annoying! it gives two poisons to the opponent without using energy. In addition, there are cards that skip the first axie, so it can give poison on the back side.

3rd Dusk axie

The two on the right are the same as the 2nd Axie. Cards that attack with a chain will be demonstrated if other Axies use cards with the same attribute (bug attribute here), so it is strong if other Axies have the same card.

The leftmost card has the role of attacking the fastest opponent.


How to deal with poison party

How can I deal with this poison-spreading party! ??

Extinguish / repel poison

First, make sure you have a card that counteracts the poison or a card that bounces off.

These two are typical.

Bird’s Blackmail … The effect of bouncing your debuff against your opponent

And, Cleanse Scent of the plant … The effect of removing all the debuffs attached to you

If you have either skill card, you can erase the poison, so it’s strong.


All-out attack before dying from poison

Poison decreases with each action of someone, so I don’t want to lose Axie while holding the card.

If you have 4 or 5 poisons, you need to move very carefully, but if you have 1 or 2 poisons, it is recommended to attack first.

Let’s attack with Axie with high attack power cards!


Recover earnestly with a recovery card

The poison party also has a lot of rearguard attacks, so it is also a good idea to dare to kill the attack type Axie (for example, Bird) in the back first and make good use of the recovery Axie.

Recovery cards include plant cards, which tend to be placed at the top, as well as aqua cards and bug cards. (The last Reptile attribute card recovers only when attacking Aqua)



Regarding poison party, it seems that the winning percentage will increase if you remember the characteristics and how to get around when you get poison.

Let’s make good use of it.


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