[Axie Infinity] Must-see for Managers! How to check Scholar’s Multi-accounts and Countermeasures

Multi-account measures Main

[chat face=”IMG_0182.png” name=”Canyou” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]Hello everyone. I’m Canyou, the manager of Axie Infinity.[/chat]

One thing that Axie Infinity managers should be aware of is the scholar’s multi-accounts.

Multi-accounts means that scholar plays with multiple accounts on one device.

Once found, the account and all Axies you rend out to relevant account will no longer be available.(called “BAN”)

It’s a hell for the manager because the SLPs the scholar gets can’t be moved either.

In November 2021, a large-scale BAN festival executed by Axie Infinity management team, and many managers became unusable their Axies.

We have banned 24,000 Axies and 10,000 Ronin accounts.
We will continue to strive to protect the millions of users who are honestly contributing to the community.

[chat face=”IMG_0182.png” name=”Canyou” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]This time, I will tell you how to check such a scary scholar’s multi-accounts and how to deal with it.[/chat]


How to check Multi-Accounts

First of all, I will tell you how to check the multi-accounts.

To check ether your scholar having multi-accounts, you need to check if your scholar have received a reward from another manager.

So, there’re highly possibility that SLP was sent to your scholar’s Ronin Wallet address from another Ronin address.


If you are curious, you can check the transaction history of your scholar’s RoninWallet address regularly!

You can look up your Ronin Wallet transaction history in The Ronin Block Explorer .


It’s easy to use, just enter the Ronin Wallet address you want to look up in the input field and press the “ENTER” key.

ronin block explorer

The transaction history of the corresponding Ronin Wallet address is displayed in the lower part.

It is very suspicious if your scholar has a transaction history where “From” Ronin Wallet address is not yours, or if your scholar has more SLP than you paid.

ronin block explorer

Let’s add the Ronin Wallet address of the SLP sender to Scholar Tracker and check it.

scholar manager

To add an account, click “Add New Account” at the bottom right of the screen.

scholar manager

The account setting screen will be displayed. Enter the required information and click “Track account”.

Sholar Manager
Input items
Scholar nameScholar name
(It doesn’t have to be real name. Used only for display)
Public Ronin address with the ronin: prefixRonin Wallet address your scholar used
Manager percentageManager compensation percentage
Scholar percentageScholar reward percentage

This time it is for confirmation, so I entered the address of the remittance source in “Public Ronin address with the ronin: prefix”, entered “Test” for “Scholar name”, and entered “0” for “Manager percentage”.

If the account at the source address you see has Axie, it’s completely premeditated crime.

scholar manager
Fortunately, I couldn’t find any suspicious points.

But one manager told me that another remittance source account had three Axies and also had an extra SLP.

The manager said that he had fired his scholar before his Axie is banned.

[chat face=”IMG_0182.png” name=”Canyou” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]I don’t think it’s a high probability because your scholar also has a risk, but it’s better to check from time to time.[/chat]

Multi-account Countermeasures

Next, I will tell you abut multi-account countermeasures.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to prevent multi-accounts and the probably of multi-accounts occurring would be not zero even with countermeasures below.

But it’s better to do them.

Tie with a Contract

First of all, it will be a basic, so I think almost all of the manager is already doing it.

・ Submit an ID and a photo of the scholar to verify their identity

・ Ask for your address and real name

In addition, it would be better to tell your scholar about adding clause “claims for damages” to the contract, and “in the case of multi-accounts, we are considering claims for damages”.

You need to make sure to tell scholar before you sign the contract.

Firmly Convey the Disadvantages of Multi-accounts

Next, it is a measure to firmly convey the disadvantages of having a multi-accounts.

If you have multiple accounts,

・ The account will be frozen and the scholar will not be able to play the game

・ I can’t move the SLP or Axie I have in the account

Above will happen, so let’s first carefully explain that there are major disadvantages to each other.

Always Try to Communicate Politely

This is a method of appealing your feelings to your scholar.

Your scholar is also a human being, they will not break the prohibition if we communicate with each other carefully.

You need a carrot as well as stick.

・ Prepare a bonus setting if you do your best

・ Help if you are in trouble with scalars

・ Instead of giving a strange Axie, give an Axie that can win even in the arena to some extent.

Let’s allow them some flexibility.

So far, I have told you how to check scholar’s multi-accounts and how to deal with it.

[chat face=”IMG_0182.png” name=”Canyou” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]I would be grateful if you could tell me if there is something like “There are other ways like this”.[/chat]

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