[Axie Infinty] Manager / Scalar Management Tool Summary

Axie Infinty Management Tool

This article introduces and summarizes the tools that you should definitely use when you become a manager.

  • Manager / scolar tool
  • Scalar lacquer
  • Manager tool

As mentioned above, they are called SLP and battle history (battle log), but they all point to the same thing, and it is a convenient tool that allows you to check the status of your account at a glance.

All tools are of the type that you charge by throwing money, so you can use it completely free of charge.

By linking with your Google account, you can record information based on your Ronin address for several days.

* Past numbers cannot be tracked, so we recommend that you install them as soon as possible.


What is a Manager / scolar tracker?

There are a total of five tools that can manage Axie accounts that are commonly used today.

The usage is the same for all, and when you enter the specified Ronin address, the account information is recorded.

There is a lot of information that can be viewed, such as the number of SLPs engraved on the Ronin address, Axie information, and battle history.

[chat face=”icon-1.png” name=”akarui” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]If you know the Ronin address, you can look into anyone’s information.[/chat]

It’s a little scary to be able to see the information, but please be assured that the game design based on blockchain technology is Axie Infinity, so it is not a problem that “Axie Infinity has a weak security”.

Recommended tracker tool

I will introduce the tools in the order I would like to personally recommend.

Scholar trackers may not display accurate information depending on the state of the server.

We’ve listed them in order of recommendation, but we recommend bookmarking some of them in case the information becomes unavailable.



tool – 1

This is the tool I want to recommend to use the most! You can grasp how far the PVE of each account has progressed and how many SLPs you earn per day.

Since it is managed by Google account, you can see the same information on your smartphone.

▼ I don’t know if the dates are separated by [what time], so I can’t completely grasp whether the daily quest is over, but I can tell at a glance whether I’m playing properly every day.

tool – 2

▼ Since you can grasp the Axie list that summarizes all the registered Ronin addresses, you can also consider whether you can further increase the MMR by changing the combination.

[chat face=”icon-1.png” name=”akarui” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]You can see the level of Axie only in this ezHub![/chat]

tool – 3

▼ Individual acquisition You can guess the motivation because you can see the transition of SLP.

[chat face=”icon-1.png” name=”akarui” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]If it keeps falling, you should say something.[/chat]

tool – 4

▼ You can also see the battle log (battle history).
Only [ezHub] can see the acquired SLP and the opponent’s MMR!

[chat face=”icon-1.png” name=”akarui” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]REPLAY playback of battle is also possible on your smartphone![/chat]

tool – 5

▼ You can see the status in the inventory, so it is very easy to check the Axie.

tool – 6

It is recommended tool because it is multifunctional and you can see detailed information.

The downside is that the SLP price can only be displayed in USDT and THB, so it’s hard to tell how much the manager / scalar reward will be.

However, there is no need to keep track of the SLP price, which changes daily, with a scholar lacquer, so it’s perfectly fine for everyday use.

[chat face=”icon-1.png” name=”akarui” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]Please try it![/chat]


Scholar Tracker Manager


tool – 7

It seems to be a very famous tool that many people use.
It is a satisfying service that gives you a lot of information at a glance and has enough information to manage and analyze scholar information.

Since it is managed by Google account, you can check the same information by logging in with your smartphone.

▼ Slide the account information sideways to find the information you want to know.
[Today’s earned amount, yesterday’s earned amount, MMR, Axie holdings, days when you can claim, SLP in the game, SLP in Ronin, scalar / manager allocation]tool – 8

▼ You can also see the winning percentage by jumping to the account details page.

tool – 9

▼ Earnings by date are also graphed, so you can see the days off at a glance.tool – 11

▼ You can also check the battle log with this tool!
[Watch video]Press to open the Axie Infinty app and play the video.

[chat face=”icon-1.png” name=”akarui” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]You can also check the battle log on your smartphone![/chat]

tool – 12

I don’t see any particular drawbacks, and if I force you to mention it, this tool often doesn’t reflect well when Ronin Wallet isn’t working well.

The screenshot has a white background, but there is also a night mode, so please switch to your preference!


Axie Infinity Scholarship Manager


tool – 13

It’s a very easy-to-read array tool with no wasted information.
It is also possible to switch the SLP to the price of Japanese yen and display it.

Necessary information is condensed and it is very easy to see.

tool – 14

It can be output as an Excel sheet, so it is very easy to remember.

However, since there is no display of the amount of acquisition for each date and the battle log cannot be seen, it is not possible to teach scholars.

It is a tool that I would like to recommend to those who are left alone and managed without interfering with the scholar more than necessary.


Managers & Scholars SLP Tracker


tool – 18

It’s a very simple tracker tool.
It is a tool that can be satisfied to some extent because it can cover the minimum information.
The disadvantage is that you can only see the battle log and you can not see the information of the possessed Axie.tool – 19

The reason I still want to recommend it is that anyone can view it by sharing the URL .

Other Scholar trackers often log in with a Google account, but this tracker tool doesn’t need to.

I think that there are opportunities to come in handy, such as those who are reluctant to link Google accounts and the environment where multiple investors are managers.

[chat face=”icon-1.png” name=”akarui” align=”left” border=”gray” bg=”none” style=”maru”]It seems interesting to share the URL with the scholar and compete![/chat]

It is also a high point that if you know the URL, you can check it on your smartphone as well!

Please remember the existence of this tool.


Axie Infinity Scholar Tracker


tool – 15

This is an older version of the second Scholar Tracker Manager.

The information you can see is almost the same, but the colors and fonts are different, so some people may prefer this.
It’s not closed, so maybe some people are still using it.

tool – 16

The information you can see is basically the same, but the layout is slightly different.

tool – 17

You can clearly see that it is an old version, such as the fact that you can not see the history of PVP, but I will introduce this tool “just in case” such as that other tools can not be used for some reason.



Other scalar trackers I found are:

If you have any other tools you know, please let us know!

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