Top 5 best tools for playing Axie Infinity

Here are some useful tools for beginners to Axie Infinity.


A tool site that can be used when fighting in Axie infinity

Damage calculation site

It is a site that automatically calculates how much damage will be done when Axie attacks.

Select the attribute of Axie to attack and the attribute of the opponent, and enter the attack power according to the contents of the card.

You can check the total amount of damage at Total Damage.


[jin-button-flat visual=”” hover=”down” radius=”50px” color=”#54dcef” url=”https://www.calconic.com/calculator-widgets/axieinfinity-damage-calculator/61377138511e8a0021daa1e3?layouts=true” target=”_self”]Axie damage calculation tool[/jin-button-flat]

The developer is Mr. Kogoro (You can see the details in this note)

Axie Infinity Damage Calculator (JN) | Kogoro | note (*Japanese only)

Energy calculation tool

It is a site that counting the energy of Axie.

Energy used = number of used energy during the tern

Energy gained = number of opponents gained energy (by using cards such as “serious”)

Energy destroyed = the number of opponents lost energy (such as when we used “goda” card for energy destroy)


[jin-button-flat visual=”” hover=”down” radius=”50px” color=”#54dcef” url=”https://axieenergycalculator.com/index.html” target=”_self”]Energy calculation tool[/jin-button-flat]


Websites that can be used when bleeding

Axie’s genetic information confirmation tool

You can check the genetic information of Axie with Google’s extension tool.

By hovering the mouce pointer over the States part, the Axie gene will appear automatically.

D = dominant gene = gene that is easily inherited by bleeding eggs (about 37.5%)

R1 = recessive gene = gene that is difficult to be inherited by bleeding eggs (about 9.38%)

R2 = recessive gene = gene that is difficult to be inherited by bleeding eggs (about 3.13%)


[jin-button-flat visual=”” hover=”down” radius=”50px” color=”#54dcef” url=”https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/freaks-axie-extension/copjnifcecdedocejpaapepagaodgpbh” target=”_self”]Freak’s Axie Extension[/jin-button-flat]


Axie bleed result prediction tool ①

Axie’s bleeding result prediction tool.

The result of Axie you want to bleed will appear with the illustration.

[jin-button-flat visual=”” hover=”down” radius=”50px” color=”#54dcef” url=”https://axie.zone/breeding-simulator” target=”_self”]Click here for Axie Bleed Result Prediction Tool[/jin-button-flat]


Axie’s bleed result prediction tool ②

By entering the ID of the Axie you want to bleed, you can see the probability of which one will be inherited for each part.


[jin-button-flat visual=”” hover=”down” radius=”50px” color=”#54dcef” url=”https://freakitties.github.io/axie/calc.html” target=”_self”]Click here for Axie Bleed Result Prediction Tool[/jin-button-flat]


A website that you can use when you want to buy Axie

A site that is known for the trend of Axie

On this website, you can see the percentage of which attribute Axie is used,

You can see the attributes of Axie, which has a high winning percentage, and you can see which cards are often used.



Let’s enjoy Axie life with useful tools ♪


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