What kind of site is P2E Hacks?

What is P2E Hacks? What kind of team is running it?

“P2E Hacks” is run by a Japanese game guild called “LCA GAME GUILD”.

We thought “We want to spread the concept of” Play to Earn “and the appeal of blockchain games to as many people as possible!”

This is a game walkthrough site created by volunteers from guild members.

“P2E” is an abbreviation for Play to Earn. I named it “P2E Hakcs” because it is a “Play to Earn game hacking site”.

What kind of guild is “LCA GAME GUILD”?

“LCA GAME GUILD” is Japan’s largest blockchain game guild centered on Japanese people.

LCA Game Guild was one of the first to create a game community, seeing the potential of the blockchain game “Play to Earn” concept.

「Play to Earn」って?

Simply put, it’s the concept of making money by playing games.

In previous games, it was natural to spend money to play games. However, by using blockchain technology, it has become possible to earn virtual currency by playing games.

In August 2021, a game from Vietnam called “Axie Infinity” spread explosively in Southeast Asia, mainly in the Philippines, as a “earning game”.

The situation was taken up in the Nikkei newspaper, and it became very big news.

Build your own scholarship

In addition, we have a highly secure scholarship system in place to share the profits earned in the game among guild members.


“Scholarship” is a mechanism in which a player who already owns multiple characters in the game rents out the character to a player who does not own it.

Blockchain games can be expensive to play or to play efficiently.

By taking over this from the position of “manager” and lending it to “scalar”, anyone can start the game with zero initial investment.

The money earned by Scalar is shared with the manager, and a win-win relationship can be established for both parties.

If you are interested, please read the details from this button.

Why did you decide to make “P2E Hacks”?

Next, why did we create this site? we will explain the mission of this site.

We were attracted to this concept because it is likely to “help solve the world’s poverty problem” .

The “P2E” concept may save world poverty

“Axie Infinity,” which became famous for its “Play to Earn” model, makes enough money for Southeast Asians to cover their living expenses just by playing games.

A documentary film shows people who are far from blockchain, from Filipino youths, mothers with many children to the elderly, making money just by playing games on their smartphones.

You can change the subtitles if you click the gear icon.

In fact, Filipino Scalar, who is active in our game guild, gave us a thank-you message such as “I was able to go to the dentist for the first time” and “I was able to feed my family”.

We want to bring the potential of “P2E” to Japan, where income disparities are widening!

In Japan, one in six people is now in relative poverty.

Relative poverty means that living conditions are relatively poorer than the majority of the society to which you belong.

It is also known that the relative poverty in Japan is mostly for elderly households aged 65 and over and single-parent households. In particular, the relative poverty rate of single-parent households is 50.8%, and one out of every two households is in poverty. (* 1)

The poverty rate of children (17 years old or younger) in 2018 was 13.5%, and one in seven children is considered to be poor (* 2). Therefore, the child has to give up going to school and get a job.

Since Japan is more expensive than Southeast Asia, it is still hard to say that you can make money just by playing games, but if the “P2E” model becomes popular in Japan, it should become a great support for households suffering from poverty.

Increasing the income of single-parent households may help children avoid going on to school or giving up on their dreams.

(* 1) Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ” Current status of single-parent families and issues of support measures (p.16)
(* 2) Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ” Status of income of various households (p.6)

Increase the number of adults who take on challenges, and create a world where children long for adults!

Originally, our community has been running the community for more than 10 years with the mission of “increasing the number of adults who take on challenges” .

In order for more adults to try what they like, they need to solve both “no money” and “no time” problems.

The advantage of this “P2E” model is that it can utilize a mechanism called scholarship to support people who can afford it and who cannot play the game due to lack of money.

by this,

  1. Even if you don’t have the resources, you can make money by playing games in your spare time.
  2. If you can afford it, you can make time while making money by having Scalar play the game.
  3. Then, those who have enough money and time will try what they like.

A virtuous cycle will come around. Then , you will be able to produce more and more adults who can challenge what you like .

“P2E Hacks” delivers “the possibility that adults can challenge” all over Japan

I didn’t think this virtuous circle was information that should be kept in the community within our game guild.

By disseminating this “Play to Earn” concept throughout Japan through this site

  • Challenge as many adults as possible to do what they like
  • Expanding the possibilities of as many children as possible

I want to contribute to. This “P2E Hacks” was born from such a feeling.

Strengths that can only be delivered to “P2E Hacks”

Thorough research on games by top players

This guild has a large number of top prizewinners in each game. Top players have confidence in their NFT cards, and the NFTs are traded around the world.




This top player strategy is our strength.

Many players who visit the site with the world’s highest level of strategy can be more profitable.

Develop a strategy that is easy for anyone to win

In addition, we have more than 300 scalars (mainly Japanese), and we have the know-how that has been effective for those scalars.

Therefore, it has a strategy that is easy for more people to win , regardless of individual subjectivity and gameplay sense.

This top player’s strategy is the strength of our “P2E Hacks”.

Unlike other capture sites, we play in a large organization, so

  • The accuracy of blockchain game information where the rules change frequently
  • Objective game strategy information that does not become subjective

And so on.

Information dissemination limited to “the most profitable game now”

From now on, blockchain games are expected to be crowded like bamboo shoots after the rain.

We, “P2E Hakcs,” utilize the guild’s information network in the blockchain game industry to quickly catch the latest trends and sensitively capture the rise and fall of games.

We are constantly researching which games we should enter and which games we should withdraw from, including overseas games.

On our site, we will introduce the latest information on “the most profitable game right now”.Therefore, we will not tell you how to capture all blockchain games.

Excited about the future of living in the Metaverse!

Nowadays, it’s commonplace to communicate through SNS such as LINE, Facebook, and Twitter, right?

This will be done in the metaverse (virtual space) through the game in the near future.

You will really be able to experience a world like Sword Art Online and Summer Wars.

It’s time for everyone to issue virtual currency! ??

From now on, it is expected that everyone will issue personal coins like SNS and will be traded by DeFi.

As you might not imagine from now on, when YouTube was created, for example, not everyone would do it.

However, now it is possible to send on YouTube regardless of whether it is unknown or famous.

With the same feeling, the times when it is natural to live in games will sooner or later come.

From now on, acquire the power to “earn from games”!

The blockchain revolution is said to be as large as or larger than when the Internet first appeared.

And in the future, there is already a society where robots, machines, and AI can take over the work that humans dislike and can live by just playing games.

We at this “major change point of the times” want to send out a new way of life of “earning with games” through this site.