What is the Axie Infinity season? Rate impact and details

If you follow the official information of Axie Infinity, you will often hear the word “season”.

This time, I will thoroughly explain the season of Axie.


What is the Axie Infinity season?

Axie has two seasons.

Season : Focus on competing players to raise MMR * and aim for higher ranking

Off-season : MMR only affects SLP acquisition, not Leaders board

* MMR = Axie infinity player ranking

What is on season?

During the season, being in the top ranks of the MMR will be reflected on the leaders board.

You can also get mAXS by entering the top ranking. For reference, click here for the results of Season 18 ⇩

The unit is mAXIS. 1,000 mAXS = 1 AXS, so

By entering the top, you can get 225AXS =$27662 (1AXS = $123 as of October 10, 2021).

Don’t rush even if the MMR changes suddenly!

The latest top prize winners are published on AXIE ZONE.

Please note that the MMR will be reset once when switching.

Don’t rush even if the MMR changes suddenly!

The season change is about one month. The latest season is like this ↓

Season period
Season 16 March 22nd-April 18th, 2021
off-season April 18th-May 17th, 2021
Season 17 May 17th-June 13th, 2021
off-season June 13th-August 9th, 2021
Season 18 August 9th-September 19th, 2021
off-season September 19th-November 9th, 2021
Season 19 From November 10, 2021 to January 4, 2022
off-season January 4th to 16th, 2022
Season 20 From January 17, 2022

It is expected that season 19 will start soon.

As for each season, everyone will start at 1200MMR all at once.

It will be reset every time, so don’t be surprised if it suddenly reaches 1200 …!

What is the off-season?

In the off-season, simply put, there are no leadersboard prizes ! !!

However, if you fight in PvP, MMR will fluctuate.

In the off-season, the previous MMR will be recorded and returned, so it is important to aim for the highest possible MMR anyway.

(For example, if you finish with MMR1500 in season 17, the next off-season will start at 1500!)


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