How much is the Initial Cost for starting STEPN? Initial Investment Recovery Simulation

What you can know in this article
  • The initial investment for STEPN
  • Recovery for Initial Investment Simulation

Hello, this is a STEPN Girl Aki !
Recently, I’m enjoying STEPN with heel x jogging ☆

Now, the question for newcomers to STEPN is whether the invested money can be recovered.


I couldn’t get started, but I started with Ajihurai, who is familiar with game industry.


Hello, I’m ajihurai!
You want to know about recovering the initial investment, right?
Please leave it to us!


Master Ajihurai, please tell us a lot about this time as well!

The results of recovering initial investment will vary depending on the price and timing of entry, but this article will summarize the basic route.

(1) For 1 pair of sneakers
(2) For 3 pairs of sneakers
these 2 strategies will be introduced in this article.

(1) assumes that you will walk steadily every day, and (2) assumes that you will increase the number of sneakers with minting.

For details on how mint works, see this article.

【最新版】STEPNのMint(ミント)とは?費用と方法を徹底解説! STEPNではミントを行い新たに靴を生み出すことができます。ミントの方法や、

Since this article is tend to focus on money, but the first thing I would like to emphasize is that management team hope that everyone will enjoy walking and earn money .


I also enjoy walking steadily, not just focusing on earning too much ☆

Cryptocurrency has large price fluctuations and can fall below par.
Let’s play within the range of surplus funds.
The calculation in this article is done with 1SOL = $109, 1GST = $4.7 and 1GMT = $3.8


Investment strategy by budget


The best strategy for STEPN depends on how much budget you can prepare.
Before I tell you details, let me show you an overview.

The balance of STEPN depends largely on “the amount of initial investment and how much time you can spend”.

First look at the figure below.

Of course, the larger the initial investment, the greater the return and the risk.


In the worst case, consider that the money you invested can be zero!

If the risk is too high or you don’t have enough money, the option of “not entering STEPN” is also good choice.

Although it has not been implemented yet, management team are planning to develop a sneaker rental function, so you might start STEPN without spending money.


I thought it would be okay if I had 1 pair, so I started with 1 pair.
Immediately after playing it, I wanted 3 pairs of shoes …

If you start with 1 pair of sneakers


If you want to earn money with 1 pair, it is very important which sneakers to choose first.

The details are explained in the following article, but choose the one that suits your speed and has a high status.

If you choose a cheaper one, it will need a long time to recover initial investments.


See this article to find out which sneakers to choose!

STEPN初心者必見!シューズの選び方|稼げるかは靴で決まる こんにちは、STEPN女子Akiです! 歩いて健康になれるだけでなく、お金を稼ぐこともできちゃう!?と巷で瞬く間に広まったSTEPN。 始め方は簡単!STEPNのアプリをダウン...

If you start with 1 pair of common, the initial cost including fees is about $1,250 in total (depending on status ).

[Breakdown of initial cost]
Sneakers: (Common x 1) ・ ・ ・ 11.7SOL
Total 11.7 SOL ($1,250)

How to proceed initial investment recovery with 1 pair of shoes
1: Common sneakers near the lowest price with the higher status as possible
Priority: Efficiency> Resilience> Luck> comfort
2: Walk for 2 stamina (10 minutes) every day, and spend the earned GST to raise the level to 9.
Be sure to repair your sneakers before raising the level to make them 100% durability.
3: GST acquired after leveling up should be changed to USDC diligently.

Purchase sneakers

What I want you to keep in mind here is to prioritize the selection of sneakers with high efficiency.

The higher the efficiency, the more GST you can earn.


Hmmm, I can’t choose because there are so many…
But I wonder if I should purchase this one with high efficiency


Oh… You shouldn’t choose sneakers like this.




These sneakers look high on their status but actually, aren’t a bargain!

If your sneaker level is 1 or higher, there may be sneakers on the market that have already been redeemed for points.

In that case, press the [Base] button and check the initial value of the sneakers.

The maximum is 10 in the case of Common…


Looking this sneaker from this point, I managed to purchase low spec one??

If you choose Common sneakers, a total of 30 points or more is desirable.

But it is a matter of consultation with the market conditions and your wallet.

Also, those with a small number of mint count to be more expensive.

For details on how to choose sneakers, see this article.

STEPN初心者必見!シューズの選び方|稼げるかは靴で決まる こんにちは、STEPN女子Akiです! 歩いて健康になれるだけでなく、お金を稼ぐこともできちゃう!?と巷で瞬く間に広まったSTEPN。 始め方は簡単!STEPNのアプリをダウン...
Raise level with 2 stamina walking

In the case of Common 1 pair, there are 2 energies (10 minutes).
So let’s walk every day ☆

As mentioned above, the GST you can earn depends on your Efficiency.


The higher the level, the higher the Efficiency, so it is recommended that you use all the earned GST to raise the level.

It takes about a day to reach level 5, and it is ideal to stop at levels 9 to 14 and shift to initial investment recovery.

And don’t forget to repair sneakers before you raise level!


The reason for this is that the higher the level, the higher the repair cost …

STEPN(ステップン)のレベル上げ方法と費用まとめ|何レベルが効率的? この記事でわかること STEPNでスニーカー(靴)のレベルを上げる方法レベル上げのメリット/注意点レベル上げに必要な費用まとめどこまでレベルを上げるのが最適なのか?...

The red box below shows the durability of the sneakers.

The smaller the number, the less you can earn.

Since GST is required for repairs, I understand that you want to stingy on repair costs.

But let’s raise the level while repairing as much as possible.

Exchange earned GST to SOL/USDC

When raising levels has settled down to a certain extent, we will move on to recovering initial investment.

This means that GST will only be used for repairs and the rest will be redeemed for USDC .


The USDC is linked to the dollar price, so the price is stable.
If you think SOL will go to the moon, you can convert it to SOL instead of USDC.

For example, if you can earn 10GST a day with walking,

[GST that can be earned in 1 day]
10GST-2GST (repair cost) = 8GST

If GST = $4.7, you can earn about $37.5 a day.

The idea of recovering initial investments is to earn the total of the sneaker price and the fees.

[Recovery of initial investments]
$1,250 (sneaker price + fee) = $37.5 x ★ days
★ Day = about 35 days

Initial investment can be recovered in about 40 days (about 40 days including raising level) !


“How much you can earn when you walk” depends on your sneaker’s ability.
You may try simulating at the following site.

Reference site) https://stepn.guide/

It’s quite easy to use this referral site, because all you have to do is fill each item and tap [OPTIMIZE].

From this image, if you have Common Walker(level6, each initial attributes are 5), optimized each attributes are below.


And the actual daily earnings after subtracting the cost of repairs might be 6.82 GST.

You can’t get mystery boxes because they are not colored.

If you start with 3 pairs of sneakers

For those who start with 3 pairs, you can recover initial investment while increasing the number of sneakers with a system called mint.


Of course, you need money for 3 pairs, so the initial cost will be high.

For details on how mint works, see this article below.

【最新版】STEPNのMint(ミント)とは?費用と方法を徹底解説! STEPNではミントを行い新たに靴を生み出すことができます。ミントの方法や、

[Breakdown of initial cost]
Sneakers: (Common, mint0, for personal x1 + Joggerx2) ・ ・ ・ 13.7SOL x3 = 41.1SOL
Level up: 20GSTx3+10GMT×3 = 60GST+30GMT ・ ・ ・ 3.6SOL
mint cost: 200GSTx3 = 600GST ・ ・ ・ 25.7SOL
Total 70.4 SOL ($7,734)

How to proceed recovering initial investment with 3 pairs
1: Purchase 3 pairs of sneakers (1 main sneaker “A” that you use with mint0, 2 pairs of Jogger “B and C”).
2: While raising all sneakers to level 5, carry out steps 3 and later in parallel.
3: Since mint becomes possible 48 hours after purchasing sneakers, mint sneakers “A” and “B”.
4: Sell children shoebox at the bottom price + α.
5: After 48 hours, mint sneakers “B” and “C”. And 48 hours later again, mint sneakers “B” and “C” then, sell children shoebox.
→ At this point, about 30% to 50% of the initial investment can be recovered.
6: Continue to mint in the same manner as in 3-5.

A Shoebox is like an egg of sneakers and is born by minting 2 pairs of sneakers.


We recommend Jogger for 2 reasons:
(1) Jogger is the most popular and easy to sell
(2) The Shoebox that is born also has a high probability of being a Jogger.

Purchase sneakers

First, purchase 3 pairs of sneakers.


You should purchase 1 pair of mint0 sneaker (preferably jogger) for yourself and 2 pairs of Jogger.

Raise level

To do mint, you need to raise the level of your sneakers to 5.

Supposed it takes 1 day to raise 1 pair to level 5, and it takes about 2 days to raise the level by 2 pairs.


We can’t be minted sneakers after purchasing 48 hours (2 days) , so make good use of this time.

Mint sneaker “A”×”B”

At this point, let’s finally do mint.

For sneakers with 0 mint counts, 200 GST will be charged as the mint cost.

mint cost: 200GST ・ ・ ・ Approximately 8.6SOL


The sneakers used for mint will not disappear, only the [Mint count] will increase.


Certainly, the larger the [Shoe Mint], the higher the cost of mint, right?


That’s right!
If the mint count is greater than 2, the mint cost will increase.

Sell boned shoebox

Then, sell borned Shoebox at a slightly higher price than the bottom price on the market.


It’s hard because you have to open it yourself and sell it cheaply when you get weak sneaker…
It is recommended to sell it in Shoebox, which has a stable price.

You can read more about how to sell sneakers in this article.

【STEPN】スニーカーの売り方を図解!高く売るコツも公開 この記事でわかること STEPNでスニーカー(靴)を売る方法できるだけ高く売るためのコツ こんにちは!STEPN女子ことAkiです!ちょっと前にSTEPN始めました STEPN(ステ...

Although it is a low probability, there is a possibility that Uncommn and Trainer will be born.
It’ really annoying for me…

Mint “B”×”C” and “C”×”A”

Shoebox is produced by combining other sneakers in the same way.

You can sell a total of 3 Shoeboxes.

If it sells at the bottom price, it is about 13 SOL per one, so

13SOL x 3 = 39SOL

If you subtract the profit from mint from the initial cost,
70.4SOL-39SOL = 31.4SOL
is the rest amount.


The remaining 31.4 SOL can be continuously collected by walking / additional mint.
(You can open Shoebox to mint yourself)

If you have 3 pairs of sneakers, you have 4 energy(you can earn 20 minutes) and able to recover the remaining investment by walking.

[Recovery of investment] (GST = $4.7 SOL = $109)
31.4SOL = 20GST (Estimated earning GST-repair fee) × ★ days
$3,437 = $94 x ★ days
★ = 37 days

Initial investment can be recovered in about 37 days including level up!

You can see that period of recovering is the same days as if you started with 1 pair of sneakers.

However, once the initial investment are recovered, it is attractive that the amount of money that can be earned in a day is large.


Recently, the price of GST has risen, so it is difficult to make a profit with mint.

In addition, there is a certain probability that twins and a shoebox with a high rarity will be born.

So, there is a possibility that you can greatly earn with 1 shot.

Choose strategy that suits you!

This time, I told you about the initial cost of STEPN and the simulation of initial investment recovery.

・Earning steadily with 1 pair
→ Initial investment is $1,250, recovery of initial investment is about 40 days, $37.5/day after recovery
・Earning while doing mint with 3 pairs
→ Initial investment is $7,734, recovery of initial investment is about 37 days, $94/day after recovery


Investing is a self-judgment, but you can make money by walking, or you can make money by mint!


Thank you, Master Ajihurai, for this time!
I thought it was just walking, but it’s surprisingly deep and addictive.

The simulation in this article will change depending on the price of SOL and GST, so it is recommended to check the price from time to time.

At LGG, not only the recovery of initial investment but also all information exchange related to STEPN is discussed within Dsicord.

Feel free to ask what you don’t understand, so please join us.


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