[STEPN] How to sell Sneakers? Tips for selling as high price as possible!

[Title] STEPN How to sell
What you can know in this article
  • How to sell sneakers (shoes) in STEPN
  • Tips for selling as high price as possible

Hello! This is Aki, also known as STEPN girl!
I started STEPN a while ago.

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STEPN is explosively popular in Japan and you can earn money on foot.

It is also possible to make a profit by producing shoes by a method called mint.

【最新版】STEPNのMint(ミント)とは?費用と方法を徹底解説! STEPNではミントを行い新たに靴を生み出すことができます。ミントの方法や、

However, I think there are some people who are especially new to this.


I’m glad I did Mint, but I don’t know how to sell it …

Even if you don’t do Mint

  • I want to buy a new sneaker
  • I want to withdrow from the game

It’s time to sell sneakers.

So, in this article, I’ll show you how to sell sneakers in STEPN and how to sell sneakers as high as possible!


If you master how to sell, there is nothing scary!

Cryptocurrency has large price fluctuations and can fall below par.
Let’s play within the range of surplus funds.


How to sell sneakers in STEPN


Now, I will explain the procedure for selling sneakers at STEPN!

Choose sneaker

First, tap the sneaker button at the bottom of the home screen to display the list of owned sneakers.

Then select the sneakers you want to sell from them.


Sneakers you want to sell must be repaired in advance to 100% durability.

Decide selling price

After selecting the sneakers you want to sell, tap the 【sell】 button at the bottom of the screen, then tap 【NEXT】.

You will move to the screen to decide the price, so tap 【CONFIRM】 after entering the price.

If you want to change the price after listing, you need to cancel the sale once.

It became you needn’t cancel your listings in case of discounting.


If you list it with the wrong digit, it will sell instantly and it will cause great financial and psychologic damage …

Confirm your listing

Check the selling price and commission (6% in total) and tap 【CONFIRM】.

If 【Listing successfully】 is displayed, the listing is complete.

Confirm sale

To see if the sale was successful, check the decrease in sneakers on hand and the increase in currency in the wallet.


No notifications come in particular …

Cancel selling or change price(Raising Price)

If you want to change the price, select the sneakers for sale from the list of owned sneakers.

Then you need to tap 【CHANGE】 to cancel the listing.

The buyer will be notified of the price change.


It is a countermeasure against the trick to increase sales by intentionally selling cheaply and immediately raising the price exorbitantly.

Tips for selling sneakers at high prices in STEPN

Now, you know how to sell sneakers and might have the following thoughts:


I want to sell my sneakers as high as possible …

There are some items that cannot be dealt with, such as initial parameters, but there are some tips for selling sneakers at a high price.

Tips for selling sneakers at a high price
・ The initial parameters should be as high as possible.
・ Sell Jogger
・ Mint count should be 0
・ Raise Lv. to 5
・ No points allocated is preferred
→ On the contrary, be careful when buying as beginners
・ Sell at night


I will explain each in turn.

Initial parameters should be high

The first tip depend on luck, but the initial parameters of the sneakers are highly price dependent .

The upper limit of the initial value changes depending on the rarity of the sneaker, and is as follows.

[table id=109 column_widths=”20%|16%|16%|16%|16%|16%” responsive=scroll /]

For example, even COMMON may sell at a high price if each status is close to 10.


On the contrary, let’s refer to these values when buying sneakers!

Sell Jogger

There are three types of sneakers: Walker, Jogger, and Runner, but Jogger is the most popular.


The reason is that it is easy for many people to earn!

The movement speed that you can earn by walking with Jogger is 4 to 10 km / h, and if you walk a little earlier, it is just the right speed for commuting and leaving work.

In the case of Walker, it is necessary to walk slowly and it seems that many people feel stressed.


By the way, I’m earning daily with Jogger while wearing heels.

In order to create Jogger with Mint, it seems that there is a high probability that it will come out with a combination of Jogger x Jogger / Jogger x Trainer.

0 Mint count

Those with a low Mint count (especially 2 or less) have a low Mint cost, so there is a high need for who are making profits with Mint (≈ people who can afford it).

Even if you look at the sneakers on the market, most of the cheap sneakers have a Mint count of 2 or more.

If you compare the prices on the day I wrote the article, you can see that difference between Mint0 and Mint2 are 2.3SOL (≈$296).


It sells to those who have money!

Lv. to 5

In addition to the Mint count, pay attention to the Lv. of the sneakers.

If you check what is on the market, most of them are Lv. 5.

The reason for this is that the recovery of initial investment will be quicker for both those who earn by walking and earning by Mint.

  • GST is required until it is raised to Lv.5
    → The recovery of initial investment will be quicker for those who have taken the strategy of owning one pair.
  • Lv.5 or above is required to Minting
    → Since you can perform Mint without raising the level after purchase, the recovery of initial investment will be quicker.

It only takes 20GST to raise from Lv.1 to 5.
Check the price difference between 20GST and sneakers on the market, and choose the higher one!

Do not allocate points

When you raise the Lv. of sneakers, you will receive points that can be freely distributed to each ability.

This point can be sold at a higher price if the purchaser is allowed to distribute it without allocating it.


If you want to use it yourself, it’s better to improve your ability, but if you plan to sell it from the beginning, be patient!

One thing to note here is that there are cases where some people try to deceive beginners by listing with points allocated .

When choosing sneakers, you should look at the initial status , but beginners often think that higher current status are better.


When I first bought sneakers, I was almost fooled …
(Although I was able to avoid it with the advice of someone who has already started)

STEPN does not allow both sellers and buyers to communicate.

So, it’s the responsibility of both parties, but I still want to keep in mind the transactions that are comfortable for each other.

Selling at night


The trick here is only for my experience, but I feel that it sells higher when listing up at night.

I presume that the reason is probably that people who have finished their work often touch STEPN at night.

Also, their judgment is weakened and it is quite possible that I will buy it even if it is a little expensive after work.


This time, I told you how to sell sneakers, which you will definitely need someday using STEPN.

Roughly speaking, follow the procedure below.

・ Select the sneakers you want to sell
・ Set the price and list
・ Decrease in sneakers / increase in currency
→ Completed sale


Take advantage of the tips for selling your sneakers in this article to make a profit!

LGG’s Discord also publishes a deep report on the STEPN economic zone.

We are also doing game strategies other than STEPN, so please join us.