[STEPN] How to raise the Level and Summary of necessary Costs

What you can know in this article
  • How to raise the level of sneakers (shoes) in STEPN
  • Benefits / disadvantages of leveling up
  • Summary of costs required to raise the level

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STEPN sneakers have the concept of level, and you can earn more by raising its level.


Of course, there are many other effects by leveling up!
However, raising the level needs cost and time.

In this article, we will tell you how to raise the level of sneakers in STEPN and how much it costs.

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What happens if you raise the level of sneakers?

First of all, let me tell you what happens when you raise the level of sneakers.

Benefits of leveling up
・ Strengthening ability
・ Release of socket (a function that can equip a gem that increases the ability)
・ Increase the upper limit of GST that can be earned in one day
・ Possibility of selling at a high price
・ Become able to earn GMT when you reach level 30!
→ Not implemented


It’s insignificant compared to the benefits, but there are also such disadvantages …

Disadvantages of leveling up
・ Repair costs up

How much does it cost to raise the level of sneakers?

Next, we have summarized the cost and time required to reach each level in a table.

Also, we’ll show you the functions released when you reach a certain level.

Leveling time(min)6012018024030036042048054060066072078084090096010201080114012001260132013801440150015601620168017401800
Max GST/Day10152025303540455060708090100110120130140150160170180190200210220230240285unknown
Functions Released0000Open Socket 1
Mint feasible
0000Open Socket 2
Available Rending(not implemented)
0000Open Socket 30000Open Socket 4000000000GMT earning mode

There are some parts that haven’t been implemented yet, but I’m just looking forward to it!
Especially we’ll be able to earn GMT …

How to raise the level of sneakers in STEPN


Then, I will explain the procedure to raise the level of sneakers in STEPN!

Choose sneaker

First of all, select the sneaker you want to raise the level from the list of sneakers you have.

Tap 【Level up】

Tap 【Level up】 displayed on the screen to display the cost and waiting time.

If there is no problem, tap 【CONFIRM】.


The repair cost will increase if you raise the level before repairing!

Just wait

All you have to do is wait!
I can’t keep still this time.

It is possible to shorten the time by paying an additional GST, but we do not recommend it because the recovery initial investment will become slower.

Precautions for leveling up

There are many advantages to raising the level of sneakers, but there are the some points to note when raising the level.

・ Cannot be repaired while raising the level
・ The higher the level, the higher the repair cost.
・ You cannot raise the level of other sneakers at the same time.


In fact, I forgot to repair my sneakers before raise level many times lol

How should we allocate points?

By increasing the level, you can get points that can be freely allocated to each ability.

The points you can get each time you go up one level will change as follows depending on the rarity.

Sneaker RarityAllocatable Points each 1 Level

So, what ability should these points be assigned to?

The rule of right is to assign them to Efficiency and Resilience.


In my experience, it’s better to allocate 3: 1 to Efficiency and Resilience☆

If you want to calculate more precisely, you can also do a simulation on a site called STEPN Guide .

It’s very easy to use because you just need to select each item and tap 【OPTIMIZE】.

If you want to pick up a mystery box and make a profit, a strategy to raise Luck is also effective.

But if you have one pair of Common, the probability of getting a mystery box is quite low .

At level 30, you will be able to choose between GST and GMT as the currency you can earn.

So if you are aiming for GMT, you should raise Comfort.

It is said that you will be able to reset the point allocation by paying the cost in the near future, so it seems better to reset after raising the level to 30 and raise Comfort .

It seems that it is better to grow Comfort-specialize shoes because it is necessary to consume a large amount of GMT to reset point allocation.


It’s annoying because there are various options.

Point allocation procedure

Finally, we will explain the procedure to raise the level and allocate the points obtained.


The procedure is super easy, so don’t worry ☆

Choose sneaker

First, select the sneaker you want to allocate points to.

Tap 【+ Point】

Then tap the green 【+ Point】 button.


The numbers in () are the points that can be assigned.

Allocate points and tap【CONFIRM】

When you finish the point allocation, tap 【CONFIRM】 to complete this procedure.


As I said, it was really easy wasn’t it?


In this article, we have summarized the methods and costs that are important for advancing the STEPN strategy.

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