LGG WhitePaper | Features and investment performance of Japan’s largest NFT game guild


LGG is Japan’s largest NFT game guild

Through the “GameFi” project, we “LG G” will solve poverty and all economic disparities between Japan and the world while enjoying games with users.

We, the guild, select good GameFi projects, take risks, buy NFTs, and provide an environment where everyone can participate in GameFi through scholarships. We will solve the poverty problem.

LGG is also the oldest game guild in Japan that started in 2019, and it is characterized by the fact that more than half of the guild members are Japanese, and it is also one of the largest in Japan.

Another strength is that we have our own media and can approach the Japanese market widely through the analysis site of the GameFi market and the capture site of P2E games.

Another feature is that LGG’s five unique strengths provide overwhelming return on investment.

Five unique strengths of LGG

  1. We have developed our own analysis tools for the GameFi market and have achieved overwhelming profitability by leveraging data-based analysis as our strength.
  2. The report of the analysis and survey results is published free of charge on the company’s media, and it is highly supported by many game users and has a high influence on the Japanese market.
  3. Actively hold guild member training courses, educate how to use Twitter / Discord, excite the game from the beginning, and have the function of expanding the fan community to the Japanese market.
  4. As part of ESG investment, we are providing opportunities for scalar ship to single mothers, and with the support of Japanese politicians, we are working to solve poverty in the world and Japan.
  5. Have a professional gamer training institution and have succeeded in monopolizing the top ranks in high prize money contests

Taking advantage of these strengths, especially in “JobTribes” and “STEPN”, we entered the market immediately after the release, had guild members purchase NFTs, spread the game from the beginning, and have a track record of spreading it to the Japanese market.

Gamers in the Japanese market can buy early NFTs themselves, unlike Southeast Asia.

Therefore, even in STEPN where scholarship is not implemented, we were able to expand to the Japanese market by having them participate as individual users.

Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, it is a unique feature of LGG that has taken root in Japan that the game can be expanded to Japanese people who have high purchasing power of NFTs.

Value that can be provided to the GameFi market

Today, the GameFi industry continues to experiment with successful models, with rapid expansion and contraction of the economy.

Some of them are fraudulent projects like those at the time of ICO.

Situations where new users cannot enjoy the game soundly, such as suffering a large financial loss that is not convincing even if they play the game, or the initial cost is too high to play the game even if they want to do it. Is continuing.

If this continues, it will be negative for the industry as a whole.

So there are NFT game guilds like LGG

  • Select games based on data analysis
  • At the same time reducing user financial loss
  • Providing more users with the opportunity to play games

Is required.

With the above five strengths, LGG will enter the games such as “Axie Infinity”, “Pegaxy”, and “STEPN” where the economic zone actually works and the token price has risen at an early stage, and realize high profitability, GameFi. What are the elements of the game that hits in? We have accumulated the know-how of.

These five strengths of LGG provide various opportunities for game users, game companies, and investors (token holders) involved in GameFi.

For game users : Providing an environment where you can enjoy games with peace of mind

Currently, the environment surrounding GameFi is becoming extremely complicated, and it faces two major challenges.

  1. One is that there is no established model of success in the market and there is a great risk in starting the game.
  2. The other is that the hurdles for new users to start the game are very high due to the setting of MetaMask, the purchase of crypto assets, and the high initial NFT purchase cost.

LGG uses a proprietary analysis tool to analyze the health of the economic zone of various games and provide users with reports on the decision-making axis when choosing a game.

In addition, the guild side takes risks and purchases NFT, and provides a mechanism for users to enjoy it safely with scholarship.

For game companies: Advice on designing popular games and increasing awareness in the Japanese market

LGG has researched and analyzed all game titles using its own analysis tools.

Therefore, we understand “what kind of game is popular” from a third party’s point of view, and can provide useful advice for new game companies entering GameFi.

In addition, we can utilize the power of the community and the media to recognize and distribute the released games to the Japanese market.

At the same time, for great game titles, you can enjoy the game with guild members and promote the healthy growth of the game community.

Whether you have a game that you have already developed or are in the process of developing it, we can provide consulting for the healthy growth of the game economy.

If you have an alpha version of the game, etc., a dedicated analytics team can actually play and provide feedback.

For token holders: Simplify diversified investment in the GameFi industry

Now, the NFT Game Guild is required to discover hit games at an early stage and “become an index fund for GameFi”.

However, it is not easy to hit popular games early.

At LGG, by using the in-house developed “tool that can analyze the entire GameFi market” and “tool that can diagnose the health of the economic zone for each game”,

  • “Where are the growth signals common to hit games?”
  • “Where is the danger signal that the token economic zone will not work?”

Can be measured quantitatively.

With these tools, you can automatically extract games that are getting hotter in the community and games that are growing quantitative indicators such as market capitalization and number of users.

Through the evaluation of a professional game analysis team, we have achieved high profitability by creating a portfolio of games to enter and analyzing the economic zone model every day based on data like a human dock.

With these experiences, we will scrutinize more than 600 GameFi titles and what kind of games will be popular? Can be determined with a higher probability.

Therefore, by holding LGG tokens, investors can indirectly make diversified investments in a number of GameFi title tokens.

In addition to enhancing the index function of GameFi, you can also increase the value of LG G tokens by selling your own media, consulting fees to game companies, entrustment fees for corporate guild management, and so on.

Five unique strengths of LGG

With its unique strengths, LGG solves GameFi’s challenges and contributes to the sound development of the industry.

Challenges for the GameFi industry

As mentioned above, GameFi now has the following challenges.

  • A successful model in GameFi has not been established and there is a great risk in starting the game
  • Users suffer a large loss because there is no decision axis to properly select a project from a large number of GameFi projects.
  • Due to the setting of MetaMask, opening of an exchange account, high initial NFT purchase cost, etc., the hurdles for new users to start the game are very high.
  • The “Fintech” aspect of GameFi is emphasized, and the fun of “Game” itself is not discussed, but only “whether it is profitable or not” is focused on.

The solution provided by LGG

At LGG, professional gamers who are familiar with the GameFi market actually experience the games selected using the in-house developed analysis tool, and after scrutinizing the mechanism of the economic zone, we decide not to enter as a guild.

We are also developing a tool that can independently set KPIs that can understand the economic zone model of each project, analyze it every day, and diagnose whether the game economic zone is in a healthy state.

Based on these analyzes, the guild side selects GameFi projects and provides users with a safe and enjoyable environment with reduced risk.

In addition, through two reports, an evaluation report and a regular report, we will use objective data to share the project decision axis with all game users and contribute to the sound development of the GameFi industry.

In addition, in the games that we enter, the guild side takes risks and purchases NFT, and we provide a mechanism for users to enjoy it safely with scholarship.

1. High profitability of portfolio based on game analysis by in-house developed tools

We have our own developed GameFi market trend extraction tool and analysis tool, and we have achieved overwhelming profitability by taking advantage of analysis based on objective data.

LGG has developed its own tool that enables game analysis based on objective data, quantitatively measures “where is the growth signal common to hit games?”, And plays a role in finding future hit games at an early stage. I am responding.

With these tools, you can automatically find games that are getting hotter in the community, and games that are growing quantitative indicators such as market capitalization and number of users.

  • Domestic and international economic conditions, world affairs
  • Understanding of blockchain technology such as L1 and L2
  • GameFi industry trends and trends
  • Number of hashtags and cache tags on Twitter
  • Frequency that influencers are talking about
  • Market capitalization of crypto asset stocks
  • Increase in the number of users (number of token holders) in each game
  • Number of Twitter followers and Discord participation in each game
  • Career and achievements of management members

We are creating a portfolio of games that should be entered by comprehensively analyzing from such factors.

Taking advantage of this data analysis, we have achieved overwhelming profitability. As a result, it also functions as a “GameFi index fund” for the Game Guild.

Regarding the investment performance of LGG Please see from here .

How to create a good GameFi portfolio

At LGG, we regularly analyze the economic zone model based on data like a human dock, and through the evaluation of a professional game analysis team, we create a portfolio of games to enter.

I will explain the process until the portfolio is created.

STEP1: Automatic detection of the latest trends by the system

Market analysis tool

We have developed a system that can automatically extract the stocks that have made major movements every week from the more than 600 GameFi stocks by collecting the feedback on SNS and the data of the virtual currency market.

The algorithm is set independently based on the market capitalization and the number of token holders, and the strength of each signal is shown in shades so that you can see at a glance “What is the most vigorous brand now?”.

STEP2: Convert the stocks muttered on Twitter into a tag cloud and survey the entire market from a bird’s-eye view.

Hashtags and cache tags are converted into a tag cloud

Create a population of game influencers from each country who are good at finding new game titles so that games that are not listed as GameFi brands can also be analyzed, hashtags and cash tags that are muttered in a specific period of time. Is visualized in the tag cloud.

Clicking on each tag cloud will also display tags related to that stock, helping you to get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening across GameFi.

Through these STEP1 and STEP2, we have succeeded in obtaining information on the project before it became a hot topic without omission.

STEP3: The analysis team objectively analyzes the game

Evaluation of various GameFi titles from the Game side and Finance side

For the games selected in the above two steps, LGG’s professional gamers and data analysis team will analyze both the game side and the finance side and decide whether to incorporate it into the portfolio.

The content of the survey covers a wide range, such as “token design,” “market capitalization,” “daily transaction volume (liquidity),” and “points of differentiation from other games.”

Through these 3 steps, we have accumulated know-how to logically predict what kind of game will hit, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

STEP4: Check the health condition of the economic zone every day like a human dock

A tool that can diagnose the health of the token economic zone

The game project, which has been scrutinized and scrutinized through these STEPs, thoroughly captures the game, sets KPIs that can instantly understand the soundness of the economic zone, and analyzes it so that it can be docked daily.

This diagnostic tool lets you know where each game is a signal that the economic zone is going to fail, allowing you to withdraw your assets as soon as the signs appear.

In addition, we are also making predictions from future events, which will allow us to enter governance tokens such as GMT at the bottom and keep them as long as they are sound.

STEP5: Share analysis results with users in diagnostic reports

Through the above process, the report of the game that has become a hot topic is published for free on the WEB, and it is used as a judgment standard when the game user plays.

With this report, it is possible to make the market aware that “the games reported by LGG are worth playing”.

For reference, please see the STEPN analysis report.

[STEPN] Token Economic Zone Periodic Diagnosis Report (Added on March 27)

2. High influence on the Japanese market through our own media

Analysis and research reports published on our own media through influencers and our own media have gained high support from many game users and have a high influence on the Japanese market.

The GameFi industry is highly volatile, and even if users buy NFTs, they can end up losing money, and some of them are fraudulent projects.

As a game guild, LGG provides easy-to-understand and user-friendly information through various media for the health of the industry and a safe game experience for users.

Through the experience of these analyzes, we also provide consulting to game companies that are newly entering GameFi.

High influence on the Japanese market by our own media

1. Development of report site and capture site

LGG operates two sites for Japanese game users.

The former is a site where you can browse game reports analyzed through the system developed by LGG for free.

A game that is published many times with scrutinized reports based on LGG’s high analytical power gives users a sense of trust.

This can reduce user anxiety and promote their retention in the game.

The latter is important to explain in an easy-to-understand and deep manner the strategy information such as how to start and earn the “Play To Earn” game analyzed by LGG.

By developing two axes, a report site and a capture site, we are increasing the influence on both the environment where light users can start the game with peace of mind and the core users who want to capture the game more effectively.

2. Online community “LG G Discord”

Discord is a fast-growing SNS that has become a hot topic in the WEB3 industry in recent years.

In the GameFi industry

・ Game companies send out update information and token information
・ Players can exchange information with each other
・ Used for guild scholarship management

It is used with a very wide range of usage intentions and is famous as a communication platform.

At LGG’s Discord, a game community is formed centered on Japanese people.

A thread is set up for each game, creating an environment where guild members can talk about the game they are playing and sometimes give advice on playing.

3. Partnership with influencers

Partnership with Japanese GameFi influencers

LGG is actively partnering with influencers for major game titles.

“Zone” and “Tofu” introduced here are influencers who are unknown to Japanese Axie players, and have 7,600 and 5,400 followers, respectively. (As of April 4, 2022)

・ “Zone”: @Zone_Axie
・ “Tofu”: @soy_omamental

They are highly sensitive not only to Axie Infinity but also to popular games such as STEPN, and together with LG G, they are enlivening the Japanese GameFi market.

At LGG, we are actively pursuing partner contracts with influencers of each game, and we can raise the recognition of the game titles in our portfolio in the Japanese market.

In addition, regarding X To Earn titles such as STEPN, we are actively collaborating with influencers in genres that are not related to games to raise awareness of GameFi in the Japanese market.

Providing good feedback to game companies

Utilizing the know-how cultivated through data-based analysis and its high influence on the Japanese market, LGG

  • Advice for Japanese game companies to develop new games in the field of WEB3
  • Advice for overseas game companies to distribute their games to the Japanese market

Can be provided.

In game development, based on the market sentiment of GameFi and the structure of the economic zone,

  • Where should game companies make cash points?
  • Feedback on proper token economic zone design
  • Where do users keep their games going in order to create a long-lasting model? (Balance between profitability and fun of the game)
  • How to form a partnership, gather from tokens and NFT pre-sale, and distribute the game to the Japanese market

Comprehensive consulting in game development is possible.

Whether you have a game that you have already developed or are in the process of developing it, we can provide consulting for the healthy growth of the game economy.

If you have an alpha version of the game, etc., a dedicated analytics team can actually play and provide feedback.

3. Forming a strong fan community through guild member training courses

Held a guild member training course including how to operate Twitter and Discord. It has the function of enlivening the game from the beginning and expanding the fan community to the Japanese market.

Currently, the GameFi industry is driven mainly by the “Finance” aspect = that is, “making money”.

However, in that case, the scheme is “play the game because it is profitable” or “stop playing the game because it is not profitable”.

This leads to a rapid increase and decrease in users, a collapse of the supply and demand balance in the game economy, and a plunge in token prices.

As a result, the game’s economic bloc ends in a short life and cannot maintain its long-term popularity.

In order to create a game that fans will love for a long time like a conventional game title, it is very important for the number of users who are attached to and like the game that the token economic zone is well designed.

Currently, LGG’s Disocrd has more than 7,000 guild members, forming a healthy and loyal gaming community. We are actively encouraging various game communities and spreading them from Twitter.

Create fans to send on Twitter through lectures on Discord

LGG regularly holds Twitter and Discord training courses for all guild members.

  • How to use Twitter and Discord in the GameFi industry
  • How to pick good news for your game and liven up it favorably
  • What kind of involvement is desirable for the gaming community to grow favorably? Education

We are focusing on forming a community for each game using Twitter and Discord.

Reduce Japanese users’ resistance to Discord and English-speaking countries

What I learned from the lecture was that Japanese game users are even reluctant to use the authentication system when starting “Discord”.

Most of the sources of information about Discord are in English, so the main reason is that it makes me intuitively feel “difficult”.

Therefore, even if you set up a Japanese channel on the official channel of the game, there are many people who cannot even authenticate users to watch that channel in the first place.

Many other users are also afraid of spam DMs done through Discord.

At LGG, we are actively working to eliminate such resistance to Discord and English-speaking countries, and to create an environment where users can easily access official information.

Initiatives at STEPN

Most recently, we have given guild members a basic STEPN course to support people who are resistant to crypto assets so that they can work with peace of mind.

As a result, play reports are becoming more active every day in Discord, and even beginners who are new to Discord are actively speaking.

If you understand the content of the game and how to approach it, and if you know that there is an environment where you can ask any questions on Discord, you will naturally be posting with hashtags on Twitter.

LGG is building a mechanism to connect this active education inside Discord to the transmission of information of guild members to the external environment such as Twitter.

Guild-specific planning and implementation of events that increase fans

In addition, at the world competition of “JobTribes” held in late March, after the state of PvP was distributed from the game company, all the participants in the competition were gathered and a behind-the-scenes talk event of the world competition was held on Discord. Deployed.

The event on the day was very exciting, and nearly 1,200 chats were played in the event-only chat in one hour.

Through these efforts, we are encouraging users to feel loyalty and become fans of the game companies and game titles they have partnered with.

4. Providing opportunities for scholarships to solve poverty in the world and Japan

As part of ESG investment, we are providing opportunities for scalar ship to vulnerable single mothers, and with the support of Japanese politicians, we are working to solve poverty in the world and Japan. ..

LGG is also focusing on solving poverty problems and supporting developing countries through the scholarship system.


First, LGG will scrutinize the game project where the economic zone will expand appropriately, and the guild will take the risk and purchase the NFT required for gameplay.

The NFT is provided to game users free of charge, and the profits earned from the game are shared with the user and the guild.

With this mechanism, even people without purchasing power can experience “Play to Earn” without risk, which makes it possible to create employment.

In recent years, there has been an increasing movement to utilize game guilds as an investment destination for corporate ESG.

However, if you make a mistake in the game you provide, there is a risk that you will not get an operational profit and that you will inflict financial loss on the user who provided the scholarship.

There, LGG can act on behalf of the company’s guild management, scrutinize games suitable for scholarships, and provide more people with employment opportunities.

Creating employment for vulnerable groups such as single mothers

By being able to reward scholarships with basic income-like qualities

  • Reduce financial anxiety for people in social distress
  • Providing opportunities to challenge dreams and businesses that you have always wanted to challenge

Will be possible.

Scholarships are not limited to one-off support, but can provide permanent support as long as the game’s economic zone functions, enabling sustainable support.

From an ESG perspective, it is also very important to be able to create these employment opportunities for people who have difficulty working due to special circumstances such as single mothers or people with disabilities.

At LGG, the possibility of such “Play to Earn” was made public for the first time in Japan as a documentary.

In addition, the ward council members who support single mothers also supported us, and the press release received a great deal of feedback.

Koto Ward Assembly Member New Party
Profile of Yurika Mitsuji and support comments

At the age of 23, she became a single mother of childbirth and started a business. First elected in 2015.

He remarried in the same year and became a step family, giving birth to his second child in 2016. My lifework is to prevent abuse, such as sex education, prenatal and postpartum care, LGBTQ, and single-parent support. As a politician who supports single parents, we support LGG’s activities.

A whole new form of support for developing countries

In addition, we have realized a form of support unique to WEB3 through scholarship.

There are many overseas scalars in LGG, but when a large typhoon hit the Philippines in 2021, some of the scalars had their houses completely destroyed.

Therefore, volunteer owners collected donations and sent about 600,000 SLP (US $ 20,000 = about 2.2 million yen) to Scalar’s family and those around them.

Interacting with Mr. Scalar who purchased food with the donations sent and distributed it to neighbors

Since some of the financial support for developing countries so far has been intervened by companies and NPOs between the supporters and the recipients, what kind of intention is the support money to whom and how much? There was a lack of transparency as to whether it was used.

However, by using cryptocurrencies, you can instantly send NFTs and donations directly to your personal wallet, without going through banks or NPOs, across national borders.

This allowed LGG’s Filipino Scholars to quickly procure food with the money and reduce the secondary damage caused by disasters to their families and those in the surrounding area.

This is a unique feature of the game guild community connected by blockchain technology.

Of course, the effect of scholarship is not limited to emergencies.

I usually get messages from overseas scalars, such as “It helps me to earn tuition for graduation” and “I can go to a dentist”.

5. Have a professional gamer training institution and can promote the participation of new users

At LGG, we have a professional gamer training institution and have succeeded in creating a track record of monopolizing the top ranks in high-prize contests.

Role of LGG top gamers

LGG has many top players who know everything about the field of GameFi.

In addition to thoroughly capturing the games that LGG will enter

  • Development of scalar education system
  • Elucidation of effective operation methods for various games

At the forefront of GameFi, it plays a role in transmitting useful information to users.

Therefore, in addition to playing a role in lowering the barriers to entry for new game users, it can also excite the game by demonstrating overwhelming strength in in-game competitions.

In “Job Tribes”, some players have officially recognized their achievements and have become legendary NFT cards with important skills, and they are trading at high prices in the marketplace.

Achievements of LGG Top Gamers

ajihurai ( @ajihurai_DAA ) won the 1st and 2nd Grand Champions in a row at the World Championships where successive PvP champions of “JobTribes” gathered.

shinkei ( @shinkei_pm ) has repeatedly won the number one spot in the world in PvP competitions at JobTribes.

Neoneow ( @ neoneow_P2E ) won the 2nd place in the 1st Championship and the 3rd place in the 2nd Championship after ajihurai. In addition, the Neo no ow Cup is also held as an individual crown competition.

kougane ( @Hosogane_LGG ) is also the representative of the LGG, has won the PvP tournament, and won the 4th place in the second championship.

Achievements in LGG PvP competitions

The LG G members are surrounded by a white frame.

At LGG, by horizontally developing the strategy of the professional gamer to which he belongs, guild members can also leave high-ranking results in the tournament, and they have left overwhelming results.

At the world competition “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” where PvP champions of “Job Tribes” gather,

  • 1st Tournament: Monopolize 1st to 6th and 8th place (held in 2021)
  • 2nd held: 1st place, 3rd to 7th place monopolized (held in 2022)

I have succeeded in doing it.

In addition, at the “Job Tribes” scholarship implementation commemorative world competition, even in the newly started scholarship, 7 of the top 10 scholarships were monopolized by LGG members.

The LGG scalar is surrounded by a white frame.

The guild as a whole has won a total of 30.86 million DEP (equivalent to 154.3 million yen) in prize money.

LGG investment performance

As I mentioned above, LGG is developing a system that does not miss hit games based on data analysis using in-house developed tools in order to “early enter into a game with growth potential”.

At the same time, for great game titles, we have worked with guild members to enjoy the game and promote a healthy growth of the game community.

From here, I will explain how the strengths of LGG were reflected in the investment performance.

Games with a functioning economic zone and increased token value and when to enter

In the field of GameFi today, there are many projects where the token value is high even though the game has not been released.

Most of these are related stocks that have risen in expectations due to the 2021 NFT boom and the change of company name to Meta.

In the future, if the products are not good, the market capitalization of those projects will drop considerably.

In other words, simply investing in a project at an early stage will result in a large deficit and a high risk of asset damage.

Rather than entering a number of projects and having a winning game, we are taking a strategy of entering strategically in the early stages of a game in which the economic zone grows, and a strategy of entering a game company in which the economic zone can grow from the beginning. increase.

The history of titles where the game was actually released, the economic zone model worked, and the token value increased is as follows, and LGG has succeeded in entering all of these early and making a profit. ..

  • May 2019: Entered “Jobtribes” (at the start of beta version)
  • July 2021: Entered “Axie Infinity”
  • January 2022: Entered “Pegaxy”
  • January 2022: Entered “STEPN”

In particular, I think the flow of Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, and STEPN, which is the flow from Axie Infinity that introduced the dual token system and scholarship, is very important.

LGG investment basic strategy

Some of these projects have failed because the economic zone itself did not work well, but LGG’s basic investment strategy is as follows.

  1. Perform analysis using in-house developed tools and select the right project for which the economic zone model works properly.
  2. For game projects that have the potential to grow significantly, support the entire guild, conduct thorough game strategies at the same time, and support the healthy growth of the economic zone.
  3. By using the game economic zone diagnostic tool and performing daily analysis like a human dock, it is possible to accurately grasp the future prediction and whether the current growth is being performed properly.
  4. Governance tokens are linked to economic growth, so keep them from the bottom while showing soundness.
  5. Be quick to detect the signal that the economic zone model will be in a crisis situation, and move to withdrawal in the game when a crisis signal occurs in the growth of the economic zone.

By firmly entering the selected game according to the above strategy, you will accumulate live know-how.

As a result, even with Pegaxy, we are able to achieve optimal profitability, and when it comes to STEPN, we are achieving extremely profitable performance.

Here is how to get involved in these projects, data analysis using in-house developed tools, and investment results made using community power.

Achievements in “Job Tribes”

Achievements in “Axie Infinity”

Achievements in “Pegaxy”

Achievements in “STEPN”

Achievements in “Job Tribes”

  • Total NFT operation: 3 billion yen (600 million DEP)
  • Cumulative PvP prize money: 145.3 million yen (30.86 million DEP)

▼ Scholarship operation results (NFT Quest Season 1)

  • Total operating NFT: 1,248.2 million yen (249,640,000 DEP)
  • Profit: 66.94 million yen (13.39 million DEP)
  • Monthly investment yield: 5.36%

* Calculated using Japanese Yen for Season 1, where the token price was 1DEP = 5 Yen.

Start entry early before the token value rises


DEAPcoin (DEP) used in JobTribes is a stock listed on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange on January 26, 2022.

The record high was 7.8 yen (November 25, 2021), and LGG has entered the market from the timing of the B version release, with 1DEP = 0.5 yen around May 2019.

As a result, the asset value of NFTs held is 15.6 times higher than initially.

Leading the Japanese GameFi market from 2018

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), which handles “Job Tribes”, sympathizes with the mission of “creating a new economy and culture with entertainment and assets in the digital age based on blockchain technology”, and the number of users is small. Since that time, we have been actively purchasing NFTs to boost the economic zone.

DEA was founded in 2018, and Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, was also founded in 2018.

Just as Axie Infinity has partnered with YGG (Yield Guild Games) to expand its economic sphere, LGG has also partnered with DEA to drive the Japanese GameFi market.

As a result, DEAPcoin (DEP) issued by DEA became the first stock to be listed as a “Play to Earn” stock on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange (CEX), which has very strict screening standards.

In this way, at LGG, it is important to form partnerships with game companies from the beginning of development and grow the game economy together in the medium to long term.

Scholarship operation results


In the scholarship that started in December 2021, we centrally managed the NFTs of guild members, operated NFTs worth a total of 1,248.2 million yen, and achieved a monthly yield of 5.36%.

However, most of these NFTs are purchased when the DEP token price is at the bottom of 1DEP = 0.5 yen.

If the token price is calculated as 1DEP = 5 yen, the profit will be 66.94 million yen and the monthly interest will be 5.36%, but the purchase price of NFT is 120 million yen, which is one tenth of this time.

Therefore, the yield is calculated to be close to 50%, which is 10 times higher than the purchase price.

Playing achievements / PvP prize winning achievements

In terms of playing achievements, the guild’s top player, shinkei ( @shinkei_pm ), has repeatedly won the number one spot in the world in PvP competitions at JobTribes.

He is also the operation manager of Pegaxy and the analysis manager of STEPN, and has achieved great performance.

In addition, ajihurai ( @ajihurai_DAA ) is a world championship where PvP winners gather, and of the past two events, both have become grand champions.

In addition, there are many members who have won the PvP tournament, and the guild as a whole has won a total of 30.86 million DEP (equivalent to 154.3 million yen) in prize money.

Click here for information on partner companies.

Achievements in “Axie Infinity”

Axie Infinity Season 18 Achievements
Axie Infinityの実績
  • Number of scalars: 710 (about 50% each for Japanese and overseas scalars)
  • Scalar’s highest earned SLP: 429 SLP / day
  • Average Scalar Acquisition SLP: 230 SLP / day
  • Scalar average MMR: 2,700

* Season 18 achievements

Through scholarship, Axie Infinity has provided many players with scholarship opportunities.

The top players belonging to the LGG mentioned above share the strategy of Axie Infinity, and in season 18, despite the デッキ at the cheapest price range, they get SLP with 2 to 3 times the efficiency of normal players. I succeeded in doing it.

When to enter Axie Infinity

LGG entered “Axie Infinity” in July 2021.

Around that time, Axie Infinity’s explosive blockbuster began.

However, Axie Infinity at that time had a management risk to make a big entry as a guild, so LGG carefully designed the system.

当時のAxie Infinityの経営的なリスク
  1. Risk of fluctuations in earnings due to changes in game rules
  2. Risk of NFT disappearance due to BAN of scalar account
  3. Contract / tax-related risks with scalars
  4. Timing risk

Build a unique mechanism unique to LGG

For these risks, LGG has established the following mechanism and applied risk hedging.

  1. Against rule fluctuation risk: World’s top player shinkei’s frontline strategy information development
  2. For account BAN risk: Avoided by adopting scalar inside LGG mainly for Japanese
  3. For contract / tax-related risks: Invite tax experts to thoroughly understand contracts / legal affairs
  4. Against Timing Risk: Minimize by Analyzing the Game Economic Zone

In the LGG scholarship, the above-mentioned professional gamers researched the most efficient デッキ composition and strategy, and deployed it horizontally to the scalar.

As a result, we have achieved profit efficiency that is twice as high as that of ordinary players at that time.

At that time, the operation of multiple accounts of overseas scalars became popular, and many Japanese managers were at risk of losing Axie (NFT) due to account BAN.

On the other hand, LGG adopted scalars mainly for Japanese people, and overseas scalars were risk hedged by paying close attention when adopting them.

We also invited experts in the blockchain area to minimize tax and legal risks.

Detailed analysis of economic conditions and minimizing timing risk

Especially when it comes to timing risks

  • Is Axie’s supply and user demand moving appropriately?
  • Is the balance between SLP burn and mint appropriate?
  • What is the next most popular game after Axie Infinity?

I was watching carefully.

No matter how much you can capture Axie Infinity, if the economic zone fails, the popularity of the game will slow down, and at the moment when the “more earning” game title becomes popular, the public attention will be drawn to it at once. I was worried that I would be stalled.

As a result, Axie Infinity has caused SLP inflation due to the explosive growth of the economy.


The foundation of LGG was laid by this entry into Axie Infinity.

In particular, I learned the importance of analyzing the economic zone of each game like a human dock.

And the experience at this time will lead to the success in “Pegaxy” and “STEPN” later.

Achievements in “Pegaxy”

Investment performance in Pegaxy (VIS / PGX)

  • Resources: 165,000 dollars (about 19 million yen)
  • Total assets: $ 217,758 (about 25 million yen)
  • Profit: $ 52,737 (about 6 million yen)
  • Yield: 131.9% / month
  • Operation period: 1 month

Daily observation of economic trends using diagnostic tools

Based on the results of Axie Infinity, when entering Pegaxy, create a dedicated diagnostic tool

  1. Number of newly bleeded pega (NFT)
  2. Number of newly purchased pega (NFT)
  3. Changes in floor prices for Pega (NFT)
  4. Price of PGX / VIS
  5. Changes in the number of users

I was operating while checking KPIs such as these in detail every day.

Pegaxy market trend management table

This is because the guild with capital purchased a large amount of NFTs and developed a scholarship, and it was expanding rapidly as an economic zone.

The point was when the balance between supply and demand was lost.

NFT floor prices and token values have fallen since early February

“Pegaxy” was designed to consume more VIS in bleeding, learning from the bleeding cost design failure of “Axie Infinity”.

It was designed so that the utility token VIS would not be oversupplied and inflated.

However, Pegaxy was designed to be highly profitable for bleeding, and the guild invested a large amount of capital, resulting in mass production of NFTs (Pega).

In addition, many users participated in the guild scholarship, new users rarely purchased NFTs, and the number of NFTs purchased did not increase as the number of users increased.

As a result, the supply of newly created pega has exceeded the demand of users, and NFTs have begun to put too much pressure on the marketplace, putting selling pressure on the economy.

  1. Pega supply growth slows
  2. VIS consumed decreases
  3. The number of VIS produced by scholarship continues to increase
  4. VIS supply continues to grow exponentially

This created a negative cycle for the economic zone, and NFT prices and token prices have been declining since the beginning of February.

Achieve high profitability even in highly volatile markets

However, LGG introduced diagnostic tools to check the health of the economic zone every day, like a human dock.

As a result, we succeeded in establishing profits before the token price went up and before the token price went down.

LGG achieved 131.9% operational performance in the month between January and February 2022, despite the extremely volatile and costly VIS market. bottom.

Achievements in “STEPN”

Investment performance of STEPN governance token (GMT) at IEO (calculated at 1GMT = 500 yen) Investment performance at STEPN
  • Resources: 335,600 dollars (about 40 million yen)
  • Total assets: $ 8,053,057 (approx. 9598,400,000 yen)
  • Profit: $ 7,717,447 (approx. 1984,800,000 yen)
  • Yield: 2,399.6%
  • High price: 1GMT = 500 yen
  • Initial price: 1GMT = 15 yen

* Calculated in Japanese yen when the token price is the highest

Like Pegaxy, LGG analyzes market data in detail as it enters STEPN.

The beta release of STEPN was December 20, 2021, but we are entering the market soon after January 2022.

Regarding STEPN, I made a more thorough analysis of the economic zone by making use of my experience at the time of Pegaxy.

Analysis based on the experience of Axie Infinity and Pegaxy

In particular, paying attention to the “mechanism of token consumption” that was a problem in the economic zone design of Axie Infinity and Pegaxy, KPI in detail while experiencing consumer sentiment and consumption mechanism with professional gamers of the guild. I took an analysis.

  • The focus is on everyone’s time to “move” rather than “playing games”, which has traditionally been a scramble for disposable time.
  • Very well designed to consume tokens in-game
  • UIUX was a simple, easy-to-use design that made you feel attached to it.
  • It was a health care app aimed at getting healthy

Since I could read the conviction that it would be a hit numerically, I was able to contribute to the early spread of STEPN in Japan by spreading it to guild members, starting STEPN courses, and creating an environment where I can play while enjoying the game.

Specifically, I checked the KPIs shown below in detail.

Changes in the number of listings and prices for each rarity of sneaker NFT
Comprehensive measurement of the relationship and interlocking between the benchmark NFT and the economic zone

Succeeded in getting a big return at GMT

In this way, I deeply understood that all the data such as the base logic of the economic zone, user psychology, user entry speed, floor NFT inventory transition, etc. are moving soundly, so with STEPN’s governance token Regarding a certain GMT, it can be predicted that it will grow in proportion to the growth of the economic zone, and it is entered as follows.

STEPN’s governance token, GMT, went public on March 9th from the Binance Launchpad.

Binance Launch Pad is an IEO (Initial Public Offering) program that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies at a bargain price before listing on Binance, and is similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) of stocks.

We divided the initial price from about 15 yen to 38 yen in stages, and invested about 40 million yen at an average of 19 yen.

As of April 28, GMT rose to about 500 yen, resulting in unrealized assets of 9598,400,000 yen and unrealized gains of 1984,840,000 yen.

1,919,680 GMT ≒ 959.84 million yen (when 1 GMT = 500 yen)

Contributing to STEPN’s market expansion in Japan

1. Forming a fan community

STEPN has been analyzed in detail in advance, and I was convinced that it would be a big project, so I actively promoted how to start and enjoy STEPN through STEPN courses etc. to all guild members with more than 7,000 people. rice field.

As a result, in Discord, discussions and information sharing on STEPN have become active.

  • Over 1,200 messages daily on Discord
  • More than 2400 messages per week on STEPN related channels

The exchange is taking place

2. Promote the growth of a healthy economic zone

For the outside world, as we have told you, we use our own diagnostic tools to publish STEPN analysis reports every week.

Based on the above objective figures, this report not only conveys the status of STEPN to users in an easy-to-understand manner, but also for users who tend to be profit-first.

  • Sharing the medium- to long-term vision and mission of the game
  • Explaining the management strategy of management from a third-party perspective

By doing so, we are contributing to the increase in the number of users who support the project and continue to play for a long time.

Recognized for these efforts, he is the official STEPN ambassador in Japan.

These two people have also praised the report as a report that STEPN users should see, and an increasing number of users have started STEPN with this report as a trigger.

Here is the latest version of STEPN report.

[STEPN] 4th Economic Zone Periodic Diagnosis Report (issued on April 13)

Three businesses developed by LGG that contribute to token value

In addition to investing in GameFi stocks and operating NFTs, we are developing a business as a game guild, and this sales will be reflected in the value of LG G tokens.

The value of LGG tokens is also affected by sales from the three businesses LGG operates.

  • Outsourcing business of game guild management from Japanese and overseas companies
  • NFT game consulting business
  • In-house media business

The revenue from these businesses is, as I have explained so far.

  1. Perform economic zone diagnosis using an analysis tool developed in-house
  2. Thorough game analysis by professional gamers
  3. Providing these analysis reports to game users free of charge in both Japanese and English
  4. We are developing an analysis report site and a game strategy information site.

By doing so, it can be realized.

1. Guild-operated outsourcing business from Japanese and overseas companies

An attractive scholarship model for ESG investment

Nowadays, more and more companies are introducing NFT game scholarships as part of their ESG investment.

We are working to realize a sustainable revenue model by contributing sponsorship costs and advertising costs as game guild operating costs and preparing scholarship slots.

The scholarship system has the aspect of “creating employment through games,” and employment leads to new consumer behavior, so it can be an attractive initiative for ESG investment.

Specifically, in addition to LGG’s efforts to support single mothers, employment support for people with disabilities, and employment support for hard-working students with special circumstances, soccer clubs can provide NFTs for their players in the game. There are also cases where it can be created and used to revitalize the local economy.

It is expected that this trend will continue to accelerate and diversify.

LGG outsources guild operations from companies.

You can outsource the operation of the game guild to LGG at once.

When a company wants to run a game guild as part of an ESG investment,

  • I don’t know which game to choose to achieve healthy and sustainable revenue
  • Man-hours are required to set the wallet and educate the gameplay.
  • Risk of cryptocurrency disappearance in accounting when paying scalars

You may face problems such as.

LGG can take advantage of the experience of running game guilds in Japan for a long time and can act for the game guilds of these companies.

2. NFT game consulting business

Challenges faced by game companies entering GameFi

As explained above, the GameFi market is still immature and no successful model has been established, so game companies entering GameFi are currently facing the following challenges.

  1. There is a lack of know-how on how to design the token economy to increase the number of users and grow the gaming community soundly.
  2. There is no clear decision-making axis when analyzing the difference between a project where the number of users is steadily increasing and sales are rising, and a project that has not stalled.
  3. I don’t know what kind of UI / UX will be easier for game users to use, such as creating a wallet, linking with MetaMask, and swapping tokens.
  4. The “Fintech” aspect of GameFi is emphasized, and the focus is on whether it is profitable or not, and the fan community that is attached to the game cannot be properly nurtured.
  5. When entering the new industry of GameFi, it is unclear how to avoid the risk of repulsion from existing game fans and the legal risk of Japan.

What we can provide for the challenges of game companies

For these issues,

  1. Knowledge that has investigated and analyzed all game titles using an analysis tool developed independently
  2. Achievement of achieving high investment profitability by understanding “what kind of game is popular” from a third party’s perspective
  3. Experience that has promoted the healthy growth of the game community by distributing information to guild members and websites free of charge and enjoying the game together.
  4. Achievements in using the power of the community and media to recognize and distribute released games to the Japanese market

We can provide useful advice for new game companies entering GameFi.

Whether you have a game that you have already developed or are in the process of developing it, LGG can provide consulting on how to expand the economic zone from token design.

If you have an alpha version of the game, we can actually play it and provide you with feedback.

Three consulting plans for game companies

LGG provides consulting to game companies that develop new NFT games.

The following three consulting menus are available.

  1. A course that gives advice on the game business on WEB3 individually at the spot
  2. A consulting course from designing the token economic zone to marketing in the NFT game market
  3. A course that starts from a private sale of tokens like VC and is deeply involved in recognition in the Japanese market and expansion of the game community

In particular, we are focusing most on the third course, and we are also in the process of negotiations with overseas game companies through partnerships with Blockchain space and Breeder DAO .

Therefore, it is possible to meet the demands of companies that want to expand not only in the Japanese market but also globally.

3. In-house media business

There is also media revenue from the aforementioned report sites and capture sites.

Affiliate advertising, pure advertising, sales of in-house products and services, sales of digital contents, etc. are the main sources of revenue.

Market value of report site

The game analysis and diagnostic reports published by LGG provide users with a decision-making axis for game selection so that they can work on games with peace of mind in the highly volatile GameFi market.

In addition to games, “X to Earn” apps, which are an extension of everyday life such as STEPN, are now emerging.

In the future, these applications will be the gateway to WEB3 and will bring revenues like basic income to users.

Since the “X to Earn” app can be an infrastructure for everyone, not just game users, there is a report site where you can view the good and bad of the application after analyzing it from the soundness of the economic zone. , It will be a site that many people visit.

Market value of capture site

Users who are interested in a particular game app on a report site will naturally want to know how to operate that app efficiently and effectively.

The capture site provides commentary articles that answer those user needs in detail.

In order to differentiate ourselves from other websites, we are creating content by focusing on the game titles that we have decided to incorporate into our portfolio as a game guild.

In addition, we will utilize the perspective of the economic zone cultivated by analysis tools to create content based on deeper insights and provide added value that other media cannot provide.

In order to create commentary content for applications that are linked to daily life, it will become a site that users visit regularly and easily become a fan.

Synergistic effect of reports and capture articles

By combining these two contents, it can exert influence not only for game users but also for game companies.

Companies that see these sites will ask LGG for consulting, which will enable them to spread great products to the world.

  1. Many game users view LGG analysis reports and walkthrough articles
  2. Gain credibility for game titles with deep LGG
  3. Increase the success rate of your project by consulting with game companies
  4. Together with guild members, spread the game and raise awareness
  5. From the standpoint of being in consulting, we can provide more useful analysis reports and strategy articles.

By creating a virtuous cycle like this, we can increase LGG sales.

About LGG tokens

The value of LGG tokens is proportional to the performance of our game portfolio.

With tools and teams that allow you to choose good games, you can properly grow the economic zone of partnered game titles and provide incentives for those who participated in LGG and obtained tokens to retain in the medium to long term. Give.

With the growth of the GameFi industry, you can achieve the highest profitability through LGG’s analytical power, PR in your own media, etc., so you can buy LGG tokens like you buy a GameFi index fund.

1: Equipped with analysis tools and diagnostic tools that can reproduce the connoisseurs of high-quality game projects, and maximize monetization by nurturing the game economic zone itself together.

2: Profit can be generated in the company’s media through high-value analysis reports, survey reports, and capture information.

3: With analytical power, data analysis, and game economic zone diagnosis by professional gamers, you can generate profits as an advisor to game companies that will enter the GameFi market in the future.

Token distribution

The total supply is 1 billion and will be distributed to the following stakeholders.

[Allocation] Total number of issues: 1 billion

  • Private sale: 16.3% (163 million copies)
  • Launch putt: 7% (70 million sheets)
  • Team: 14.2% (142 million copies)
  • Advisor: 2.5% (25 million sheets)
  • Liquidity reward: 10% (100 million sheets) (as an incentive to provide liquidity to DEX)
  • Reward to initial users: 4% (40 million copies)
  • Treasury: 20% (300 million sheets)
  • Community reward: 26% (260 million)

[Capital raising]

  1. Private sale: 163 million (16.3%)
    Private sale price: 0.03USD = 3.5 yen
    Amount to be raised: 4.89 million US = about 600 million
  2. Launch pad: 70 million (7.0%)
    Launch pad price: $ 0.06 = 7 yen
    Amount to be raised: 4.2 million US = about 500 million

Lockup schedule

We have lockups to coordinate stakeholder incentives.

The lockups for each category are as follows.

  • Private sale: Make it possible to sell gradually over 4 years from 1 year later
  • Team: Make it possible to sell gradually over 5 years from 1 year later
  • Advisor: Make it possible to sell in stages from 1 year to 5 years
  • Reward to initial users: Make it possible to sell in stages from 6 months to 3 years
  • Liquidity reward: 10% (100 million sheets)
  • Treasury: 20% (300 million sheets)
  • Community reward: 26% (260 million)

About security

With the mission of encouraging the growth of healthy GameFi in the future and delivering the benefits of GameFi to many people, LGG will pay the utmost attention to security.

The tokens issued by LGG use a proven library and are considered as much as possible for vulnerabilities.

In addition, the tokens held by LGG are managed by the cold wallet, and management will be carried out so that activation cannot be performed without the approval of multiple people.

LGG is also aiming to revitalize games using SNS for community members, but in order to promote healthy growth, we regularly hold training courses for members and strive to improve literacy.

We believe that smooth and sound communication contributes to the growth of sound GameFi and develops into a game title that is supported by many users.

Partnership companies

LGG currently has strategic partnerships with the following companies:

  • Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (JobTribes)
  • Blockchain Space
  • Breeder DAO

As for the partnership with DEA, as mentioned above, we are solidifying LGG’s foundation in the Japanese GameFi market.

Blockchain Space and Breeder DAO are active platformers in the overseas GameFi market.

Partnerships with overseas companies provide an environment where you can access information on the global GameFi market, which you cannot understand just by being in the Japanese market.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (JobTribes)

After the big hit of Axie Infinity, the economic zone did not continue and SLP, which is one of the tokens, has dropped significantly.

But Axie Infinity has spent three years building a solid gaming community before it hits.

As a result, fans are still waiting for their resurgence, even if SLP wants to go down and become less profitable.

It was a game guild called YGG that supported the formation of that community.

LGG has also formed a partnership since 2019, sympathizing with DEA’s mission of “creating a new culture and future economy with the power of entertainment and technology” of DEA, which develops “JobTribes”.

DEA has a track record of listing its tokens on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) for the first time as a GameFi brand.

I have owned NFTs since 1DEP = 0.5 yen, and have taken the initiative in capturing games since the time when the number of users was small.

As a result, LGG guild members maintain high loyalty to JobTribes and DEA.

Blockchain Space

LGG is the first Japanese game guild to sign an official partnership agreement with Blockchain Space (BSPC) and has been recognized as one of the top guilds in the world.

BSPC is a global project (DAO) that provides tools and infrastructure to support game guild operations.

Currently, around 11,000 game guilds and 1.2 million game players are using BSPC’s services around the world.

What is the world’s top guild?

Among the more than 100,000 game guilds currently in existence, BSPC has announced “the most influential game guild” as the world’s top guild.

Among the world’s top guilds are Yiled Guild Games (YGG), Merit Circle (MC), Unix Guild, etc., which are also known as the world’s three major game guilds.

LGG has been recognized as the market leader of the Japanese GameFi market, along with the world’s top guilds, for its strengths and efforts as described above.

Breeder DAO

BreederDAO is a “professional manufacturer” of digital assets used in blockchain games and the Metaverse, such as Axie Infinity.

A token sale jointly conducted by a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) and Delphi Digital (Delphi Digital) has raised $ 10 million in Series A funding.

Breeder DAO produces NFTs for blockchain games such as “Axie Infinity”, “Crabada” and “Pegaxy”.

In addition, we have invested a lot in emerging blockchain games, and LGG can quickly obtain information on leading overseas games from Breeder DAO.

Founding member

Tsuneki Hosogane (Founder & CEO)

Successful business in various business formats as an entrepreneur / investor. The owner of Japan’s largest NFT game guild “LG G” and online school “LCA” with 1,000 members. It also invests in game companies and telecommunications businesses.

・ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hosogane_LGG
・ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koki.hosogane
Noto Yasui (Blockchain Lawyer)

A lawyer specializing in blockchain. Areas of responsibility are IT, blockchain, NFT, and DeFi. He is also the CLO (Chief Legal Officer) of JPYC Co. , Ltd.

・ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KorehitoYasui

・ Bengo4.com: https://www.bengo4.com/tokyo/a_13103/l_136958/
shinkei (Head of Game Strategy)

P2E game capture manager. Won the title of “Axie Infinity” JP tournament best 16, “jobtribes” first PvP champion (4 titles in total).

・ Twitter: https://twitter.com/shinkei_pm
ajihurai (Scholarship Manager)

Scholarship management manager. Winner of the 1st World Championship of Jobtribes Championship. As the first NFT game leader in Japan, he will appear on TV programs.

・ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajihurai_DAA
Tamagaya (Public Relations)

Principal of a foreign-affiliated consulting company. At LGG, he is engaged in partnerships with game companies and game guilds, and public relations.

・ Twitter: https://twitter.com/akitamaya_p2e