[Axie Infinity] How to Identify Good Scholars?

How to hire a good scalar
Hello everyone. I’m “Canyou”, the manager of Axie Infinity.

In this article, I will tell you about the characteristics of good scholars and how to ascertain them.

If you match with an unfortunate scholar,

  • Even with the promise of “play games every day,” they don’t play games depending on the day.
  • Even if I send a message, they do not reply due to lack of communication.
  • If they are not able to win the interpersonal battle, they immediately says “Please replace my party with a stronger Axie.”
  • Axie is banned due to Scholar’s multi-account. (Axie prohibits multi-accounts where one player plays games with multiple accounts, the account force tp be suspended if it’s found out.)

As a result, the amount of money you can earn will be low.

Also, you will need an additional purchase of a replacement Axie, which will reduce profitability.

So it’s very important to study Axie yourself and hire a good scholar to keep earning.

This time, as is the case with my own experience as a manager, I also include interviews about the trial and error of fellow managers.


Characteristics of well-earning Scholar

Now, let me sahare you the characteristics of scholar who is earning money.

People with MAX Urgency

The number of people losing their jobs is increasing due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus all over the world.

Also, there are many people who say that their parents have lost their jobs. Such people are desperate to make money.


Because of their desperation, they are very serious about the game.

And as a result, so many people study for themselves so that they can win the battle and earn money.

Of course, not everyone can make money because of the problem of game sense, but it is good that the passion is strong.

In fact, I’ve hired a scholar whom I turned down many times, but his enthusiasm made my mind change, so I decided to hire him. Now, he’s earning the most.

If you want to hire someone, you can earn more seriously by first presenting the conditions strictly and taking the step to makIf you want to hire someone, take the step of making them ready by offering them strict conditions at the beginning, and they will earn more seriously.

However, since such people are greedy for money, there are always requests such as “Increase the reward ratio” or “I can’t win with this, so I want you to change Axie.”

DM Reply is Quick

This is what many people have told me while listening to various stories.

People who can work well response quickly.

It’s all about this.

Most of the people who get replies at a good tempo when negotiating terms and contracts can make a lot of money.

The characteristics of people who can work well is common in any world.


This is also often said as a feature.

So-called geeky person.

I don’t know if it’s because he is particular about things or like games, but people with these attributes might be a good scholar.


Many people have good grades because they actively look up information and play games.

Especially those who write that they like games, anime, and manga in self-introduction sentences will make a lot of money.


There are many managers who nod when I hear various things about this.

I have the impression that there are many people who do their best for the sake of their children .

The one of my scholars whom I hired continued to work hard was a mom with children.

However, this kind of person does not try harder than necessary, probably because she has a job at home.

“Would you like to replace the stronger Axie because you could make more money?”

However, it may be refused.

If you want to keep hiring for a long time, you may try seeking such a people.

How can I hire a Good Scholar?

So I will tell you how to hire people with the characteristics shared so far.

Get an Introduction from a Scholar who has already Noteworthy Achievements

In a way that many people practice and produce results is,

Get an introduction from an existing scholar who has hired and is producing results


The referrer is also responsible for the referral, and the referred person cannot do anything strange.

Also, if they know each other, they can teach each other the game and can level up together.

However, it was not good to “my friend want to play game” as a real experience. In that case, they will often be late in contacting me, or you will be in a wishy-washy state.

Suggest Strict Conditions

This is important in measuring the seriousness of the candidate.

First of all, let’s suggest strict conditions that candidate is likely to reach.

If they still want to play Axie Infinity, it’s worth considering.


If you do so, they will be conscious that they are being watched severely, and not be able to skip playing/do anything strange.

On the other hand, if you set a lower goal, their results will be lower according to your goal.

Check why they want to Play and their Goals

This is also necessary to measure the seriousness of the candidate.

Why do you do it? How much do you want to earn?

People who have their purpose clearly and explain it well often do it anyway.

On the contrary, people who is self-assertive often say, “I want to earn as much as I can!”

You can also measure the degree of urgency here, so be sure to check it.

Prepare and confirm the questions in advance.

If you can’t get a clear answer from them, there is a high possibility that you will not be able to communicate even during the subsequent operation.

Check Game Experience and Score

It’s a way to hire someone who has a proven track record in gamers .

Basically, I will select mainly those who write their favorite games and achievements in the application text.

If you like strategic card games and have good achievements, he is likely to be fit.

Make sure if they have a PC

This is the method that limited to those who have a PC as well as a smartphone .


If they have a PC, they can continue playing with their PC in case their smartphone is stolen or broken.

And you can guess that their home’s internet connection is well maintained.

Also, you can share game screen and the site necessary for playing Axie with the scholar to tell them how to win.

From these two points, it is recommended to add it as a scholar application condition.

Dangerous Multi-account Countermeasures

In addition, one of the things that Axie Infinity managers should be aware of is the scholar multi-account.

Multi-account is when scholar plays with multiple accounts on one device, all Axies you rend to them will banned.

It’s a hell for the manager because the SLPs they get can’t be moved either.

I will tell you about the countermeasures here.

Tie with a Contract

First of all, the basic is to conclude a contract.

First, let’s do the following two points to clarify that “you can contact them if something goes wrong”.

  • Have them submit their ID and a photo of them to verify
  • Confirm their address and real name

In addition, you should add a clause about “claims for damages” to the contract and “in the case of multi-account, I’m considering claims for damages.”

It would be better to tell them directry.

Firmly tell the Disadvantages of Multi-account

Next countermeasure is to firmly tell the disadvantages of having a multi-account.

If they have multiple accounts,

  • The account will be banned and the scholar never play the game
  • You will not be able to pay rewards because manager will not be able to move the SLP or Axie in that account

Things above will happen, so let’s explain carefully that there are huge disadvantages to each other.

Always Try to Communicate politely

This is a method of appealing to the feelings of the scholar.

Your scholar is also a human being, they will not break the prohibition if we communicate with each other carefully.

You need a carrot as well as stick.

  • Prepare a bonus setting if they do their best
  • Help if they are in trouble
  • Give Axie which can win to some extent even in the arena

The scholar will also be involved in wrongdoing if it is only strict, so let’s allow them some flexibility.

In the Last

So far, I have shared the characteristics of good scholars and the selection method.

But unfortunately, it is impossible to identify 100% of good scholars by trial and error.

However, it is possible to sort out the minimum bad scholars with the contents mentioned above.

We are manager hire with the minimum rules and hurdles, dismiss the bad scholar, hire a new person and try it, and continue to hire a good scholar with a bonus etc.

My fellow managers are saying same that repeating trial and error bring you closer to success.

Also, since the scholar is also a human being, they will do their best seriously if you respond sincerely.

“Good morning” “Thank you”

Is an essential communication.

It’s not natural for you to playing game, but it’s important to say thank you for their hard work.

Also, I often receive a message that “I want you to add a stronger Axie”, but I am telling them “I don’t have the money to invest now. I’m thinking of buying a new Axie if I can money back. And I want you to do your best as it is.”.

If you explain your situation firmly, they won’t say anything more. I think this is important.

This is the end of the characteristics of good scholars and how to hire them.

I would be grateful if you could DM me if there is something better way. I will reflect it in this article.

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