[Axie Strategy] Basic knowledge to understand debuff and damage

In this article, I will give you basic information about the damage and shield required when actually fighting.

What you can find in this article?

  1. Meaning of Axie’s buff and debuff
  2. Types of attacks
  3. Damage calculation method
People who can’t beat the other person well should feel this article is very helpful!

When playing Axie, something is displayed on Axie’s head! ?? You may come across such a scene.

This often leads to mistakes in Axie’s attack and scraps of HP …
This abnormal condition is called debuff . (On the contrary, it is called a buff to catch it in a good way such as speeding up)

This time, let’s remember these debuffs and use them for battle.

Buff list name Contents
  Attack Up
(Attack power UP)
Axie with the mark
Increases next attack by 20%
  Morale Up
(Moral UP)
Axie with the mark
Increase morals by 20%
* Critical hits are more likely to occur
  Speed Up
(Speed up)
Axie with the mark
Increase speed by 20%
* You can speed up and change the order of attacks.
List of debuffs name Contents
It depends on Axie himself who used the skill,
You can change your target to yourself until the next round
  Attack Down
(Attack power down)
Axie with this mark
20% reduction in attack power
* Reduce the speed and change the order of attacks
Can be late
Last stand (last surviving state)
Can’t be
While the mark is on
the Axie miss all attacks
* Fears are overlapped, but the number is not displayed, so count them. It disappears by 1 for each action.
 If Axie with this mark shields, it will take double damage.
 Can’t make a critical attack
 Axies with this mark will receive a critical attack when attacked
  Morale Down
(Moral down)
 Axie with this mark
20% reduction in morals
* Critical is hard to come out
 Axie with this mark
2 HP reduction for each action
* By overlapping, the amount of HP reduction will double.
Poison 2 reduces 4 HP
 Axie with this mark
Ignore the shield and get attacked
  Speed Down
(Speed down)
 Axie with this mark
20% reduction in speed
The attack order of Axies with this mark comes after the original order (other ally Axies are attacked first)
Axie’s next attack with this mark will always fail, ignoring the shield and being attacked.
Attack once, disappear once done

Types of attacks

Axie does more than just make the attacks that appear on the card.

It is characterized by the effects of the card, skills, and how to receive attacks.
First, let’s check the type.


Missing an attack.

It happens when a debuff stun or fear is attached.


When attacked, return tens of percent of the damage received to the opponent.

Applies to Axies who have an INDIAN STAR card

Critical attack

Axies with higher morals are more likely to occur, so beasts are especially likely to occur.

The calculation method was released from Season 19, and the higher the morale of Axie, the higher the critical attack power !

sqrt (morale) * 10 + Morale * 0.4-18

the last Stand

If HP is killed at the last minute, it may survive as the last stand.
In the case of + in the following formula, it can be the last stand ⇩

(Final hit damage-remaining HP) <(remaining HP x moral / 100)

It disappears when the action is performed for the number of last stands.
(Since there are two bars on the dusk in the photo, they disappear in two turns)

* However, it disappears once when it is attacked.

Let’s calculate the damage!

There are three things to keep in mind when calculating damage. This will change the damage.

  1. Compatibility bonus (compatibility between attacker and defender)
  2. Attribute bonus (compatibility between the attributes of the main unit and the attributes of the card used)
  3. Combo bonus (use one or two or more)
  4. Chain bonus (two or more Axies use the same attribute card)

① Compatibility bonus

There is a compatibility bonus depending on the class (attribute) of the main body.
It has a trilemma relationship, and the attack power is increased by + 15% for advantageous attributes and -15% for disadvantaged attributes .

Axie CLASS compatibility

② Attribute bonus

If you use a card with the same attributes as the main body, it will have a + 10% effect.
(It is reflected in both attack power and defense power)

For example, this plant.

PUMPKIN Chiu If you try using the same plant card … 10% more defense!

Calculation formula =

110 (PUMPKIN) x 110% = 121

Combo bonus

If one Axie uses one card, the effect is -7%, and if two or more cards are stacked, the effect is ± 0%.

In order to increase the attack power, it is recommended to cut with 2 or more as much as possible.

Calculation formula (updated in season 19)

= Skill * 0.55-12.5

This is related to the compatibility of the attributes with the attacking opponent.

① If you are good at attributes ➡ 30% increase

② In case of the same attribute ➡ 15% increase

③ For attributes that you are not good at ➡ ± 0

I will calculate like this.

It looks pretty complicated, but it’s necessary to get used to it because it’s almost remembered when you use the same Axie.

There is also a site that calculates automatically, so I think you can use it ☺

Damage calculation tool

By the way, some cards are effective only in combos, so you need to check them.

Card name (example) Contents

Combining 2 or more cards (3 or more in total)
Critical (only for this card)

Gain 1 energy when comboed with Plant cards

When comboed with 2 or more cards (3 in total)
Target enemies with the lowest shield

Steals 1 energy from your opponent when comboed with other cards

With 2 cards (3 in total)
Stun to the enemy when combined

If you want to know other cards that can be activated under the condition of combo, please refer to this article as well.

一発検索】アキシーインフィニティ 全カード総まとめ|強さ・バフデバフ・コンボ情報 アクシーインフィニティでアリーナバトル中、攻撃を受けた後に「あ~、そういえば、そんなアビリティカードだったな・・・」「悔しい思いをすることってありますよね。 ...

Chain bonus

If two or more Axies use cards with the same attributes in the same round, they will form a chain and the effect will increase and activate.

The previous plant. If there is only one, the same PUMPKIN should be 121, but since other Axies also use cards with the same attributes, the attack power has increased to 121 ➡ 127.

Check that some cards require a chain to activate the effect.

Part name Explanation of the effect

When used in a chain
Add 20% shield to this Axie

When chained with other Plant cards
Damage increased by 20%

Poison the attack target when attacking with a chain

Poison the attack target when attacking with a chain

When chained with another Junge card
Inflicts 120% damage

If you want to know other cards that can be activated under the condition of the chain, please refer to this article as well.

一発検索】アキシーインフィニティ 全カード総まとめ|強さ・バフデバフ・コンボ情報 アクシーインフィニティでアリーナバトル中、攻撃を受けた後に「あ~、そういえば、そんなアビリティカードだったな・・・」「悔しい思いをすることってありますよね。 ...


The point of Axie is that just cutting the card does not give the attack / defense power according to the numerical value of the card.

Let’s definitely defeat the opponent while considering the compatibility and how many sheets to cut!

Judge whether you got debuffed by the mark on Axie’s head!

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