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Manager Real (Success and Failure)-Main
Hello everyone. I’m Canyou, the manager of Axie Infinity.

I’ll introduce my success and failure stories of managers in this article.

And I also interviewed some managers success and failure stories.

I notice that it’s often different from rumors I’ve heard about.

I hope that you will get to know the actual situation of the manager by knowing the actual cases.


Manager’s Success Story

First of all, I will introduce the success story.

I can earn Income without Working.

The first thing I felt to be a Axie Infinity manager was,

Easy ♪

That’s all.

I rarely do anything in my daily life, I just respond sincerely to the occasional message like “I want you to raise my reward”.

So, if you hire 9 scholars, you will get monthly income for 2 apartments rooms in Tokyo. (I’m talking about pre-tax)

Whether you’re working or taking a nap, scholar will do his best to play the game.


My honest impression is that there really is such a way to earn income.

Axie Infinity’s investment is discussed in an another article, so if you’re curious about the details, check out this article.

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Catch a Rise-wave in SLP and realize at a High Price!

I was able to realize at the right time.

SLP rates fluctuate day by day.

It can fluctuate greatly on a minute-by-minute basis, and the amount of money you have will change depending on the timing.

I get SLP as a reward for the manager, but it is difficult to realize it when I watch the change of the SLP rate.

Those whom I interviewed was able to secure profit at a high rate just after the rate had risen.


Since it is a reward in a virtual currency called SLP, how much you can earn is greatly depending on the rate.

In particular, many people pay their rewards at the end of the month, so the gas fee for remittance fees rises and the SLP rate tends to decrease at that timing.

The timing of securing your profit is quite important.

Manager’s Failure Story

Next, I will introduce the story of failure.

Disturbed in the Cryptocurrency Market

When I just started, the SLP price was high, but …

Profit of Axie Infinity is greatly influenced by the SLP and ETH (Ethereum) price.

Especially, it’s quite important when to start.

The SLP price is $0.03, which is an unthinkable high rate for those who started around July 2021.


ETH was also a low rate of about $2,000.


At that time, even the template Axie cost was $360 ~ $550, so total cost is $1,100 ~ $1,700 to prepare three Axies.

Now the price of the same Axie has dropped from 1/2 to 1/3, and you can get 3 strong Axies for $630 ~ $900.

Those whom I interviewed said that the total price of 3 Axies was about $1,300 at that time, and now it’s dropped to $450.

The asset value of Axies (NFTs) is constantly changing, so it may rise or fall.

Well, it’s okay because Axie is supposed to earn and collect SLP in the game without selling it. The price changes depending on the trend, so I can’t estimate future’s price.
It is necessary to have a mental health that does not bother you when the rate fluctuates.

Game Rule Change

I couldn’t earn more than I expected.

From August 2021, the minimum SLP that can be earned just by playing a normal game is 75.

Initially, it was possible to earn at least 150 SLP a day, but the SLP rate fell as everyone rushed to the game and the amount of SLP cash increased sharply.

The rules have been changed.

I simulated that anyone can earn 150 SLP a day if they play the game properly. So, the income and expenditure will collapse significantly due to the SLP we can earn is halved.

There were many people who hired a large number of scholars with cheap Axies because even cheap and weak Axies could earn money if they continued playing games, but now it is becoming difficult to earn easily.

In this case, how to find a profitable scholar becomes important.

The Contract Terms could have been more bullish!

The reward ratio should have been more bullish…

Those whom I interviewed said that his contract with scholar set the reward ratio as Manager 5: Scholar 5.

It is a pattern that Japanese people tend to think, “Isn’t it necessary to conclude an equal contract?”, And the compensation ratio is also equal.

You will buy 3 Axies with the initial investment, and the manager side is taking a considerable risk, so I think that the reward may be too large.

Also, there are so many people in the world who want to play Axie Infinity and there are not enough managers.

So, you can look for another person if you are not satisfied with current reward.

I felt it was Japanese-like thinking, but manager should have severe business perspective.

Scholar do not Play Constantly

After about 3 months, one of my scholars started to slacking off.

It’s an example of scholar skipping the game when this manager thought he can’t get in touch with his scholar.

Scholar will play the game for us without doing anything, so I think the problem was that I just set the minimum quota and left him alone.

At first, the scholar played everyday because game is interesting.

But we get tied of fighting only similar opponents after few weeks passed.

I heard that skipping day was one day a week, but it increased to two or three days.

And finally, his scholar started to say, “I couldn’t play game because of illness” or “My family suddenly got sick.”.

Every time I had to laugh that how many family you have prone to sick.

Those whom I interviewed said that they decided to set the quota to the limit from this happening and let scholar report every day.

It seems that some people also have other benefits such as “pay a bonus if you continue for a long time” and “increase the reward ratio if you earn more than a certain amount”.

Everything needs a carrot and stick.

So far, I have introduced the episodes I heard from other managers.

Being a manager of Axie Infinity is not always a good thing, isn’t it? To answer this question, a current manager talks about the realities of being a manager.If you have other interesting episodes, it would be grateful if you could send me a DM.


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